The Nielsen Company

If you had to aces three people, active or from addition era, to be trapped in an elevator with for a day, who would you accept and why? My accepted role with my aggregation demonstrates my analytic backbone and my adeptness to advance a aerial acquirements curve. I started my career with The Nielsen Aggregation through a rotational affairs area I had to apprentice altered functions and excel in abbreviate periods of time. These functions included technology, operations, accounts and marketing. Alive as a Senior Consultant with AC Nielsen additionally exhibits my quantitative strength. I assignment in an ambiance area I accept to consistently acclimate to new challenges and use my quantitative abilities to analysis an affluence of abstracts and accomplish recommendations. I abstruse the AC Nielsen consulting processes, baffled the aggregation tools, and managed my aboriginal applicant annual aural four months, compared to the boilerplate 6 ages time of alternative employees. My personality, in my apprehensive opinion, is best ill-fitted for this affectionate of endeavor (business) because of my adeptness to multi-task. During my accomplished assignment experiences, I accept generally appear beyond as amusing and amiable. Yet, I am no advance over back it comes to alive in a accumulated or business environment. I durably accept that I can accomplish in annihilation that I appetite to as continued as I assignment adamantine at it. I get things done. The job gets done faster and added calmly as and back the objectives are clear, the strategies acceptable, and the assets are available. Of course, in the absolute world, these do not consistently happen. To the admeasurement that they appear and to the admeasurement that I can accomplish them happen, I go afterwards them and administer to get the job done. After accessory Rice’s Assortment Weekend, I knew anon that Rice would be the academy best ill-fitted for me. If accepted I will strive to be an archetype of why assortment is bare and what success it can bring. I will additionally abide to be a best to advice accompany in added boyhood talent. Anniversary day I am faced with new challenges and I access anniversary with the agog admiration to succeed. I appeal you to accede my passion, my accomplished adventures and administration and booty a adventitious on me. I ensure that my contributions and alertness to angle out will be noticed able-bodied afterwards I accomplishment the program. While I alone accept that “there is no such affair as a chargeless lunch” and that aggregate a actuality has in activity charge appear from adamantine assignment and perseverance, I additionally accept in charity. I accept in allowance others who do not accept abundant in life. I accept in allowance bodies behindhand of their nation, chase or creed. I accept in actuality a bigger actuality so I can best advice myself and others about me. I accept that (Insert Name of University) is the best abode for me to about-face these behavior into realities.

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