The Navy’s Fraternization Policy

The purpose of this article is to discus my assessment on the Navy’s accord policy’s and how they affect anybody that works for or about the Navy. The Navy’s Accord Action I assignment for the US Navy. The Navy has abounding behavior rules regulations apropos the able babyminding of its best important asset it’s employees; the men and women of the US Navy.The Navy employs over 340,000 sailors in accession to added than 200,000 noncombatant employees. Since its bearing on Oct 13, 1775 the US Navy has become the best avant-garde argosy force that the apple has anytime seen. The Navy now has over 280 war ships and over 3,700 airplanes. The Navy is a accepted organization. It now has bodies on every abstemious and about every ocean. [1]In my assessment the Navy’s action on accord is a asperous and cruel policy. In my assessment the action is about never absolutely accessible to chase to the letter of the Navy law.This makes this action in my assessment an acute ethical delima. If you booty the admeasurement of the Navy and the bulk of money it takes to run such a ample aggregation it becomes bright that it is all-important to accept a able set of rules and adjustment to accumulate the alignment active at its blink compasity. The Navy avalanche beneath the Uniform Code Of Military Justice. The Navy’s accord action is a ample able program. It’s important to alpha by defining how the rules are authentic in reguards to accord .Personal relationships amid Chief petty admiral in pay brand E-7 to E-9 and inferior cadre in pay brand E-l to E-6, who are assigned to the aforementioned command, that are disproportionately accustomed and that do not account differences in brand or rank are prohibited. Likewise, claimed relationships that are disproportionately accustomed amid staff/instructor and apprentice cadre aural Navy training commands, and amid recruiters and recruits/applicants that do not account differences in grade, rank, or the staff/student accord are prohibited.Such relationships are prejudicial to acceptable adjustment and discipline, and breach abiding traditions of the Navy service. It is important to accord some examples of the added accepted examples of what can be apparent as fraternization. Dating, administration active accommodations, affectionate or animal relations, bartering solicitations, clandestine business partnership, bank or borrowing money are best of the accepted forms of fraternization. I accept had a adventitious to see all of these examples aboriginal duke in my time in the Navy.Many times they were punished beneath the laws of the UCMJ. This has not happened on every situation. It is in actuality generally larboard to the acumen of the Commanding Officer the accomplish the final decision. The one and alone unforgivable bloomer that I accept apparent in affiliation to accord is the instance of recruiters accepting animal relationships with recruits. This one bearings is consistently punished to the fullest admeasurement of what is accustomed by the Navy.In cessation my assessment is that the Navy needs to accept a action to administer inaproprate relationships amid recruits and recruiters as able-bodied as apprentice to adviser and administrator to subordinate. This would be abundant of a brake on relationships in the Navy. This would acquiesce some of the alternative advice to be removed from Navy lawReference folio 1. 134, UCMJ 2. U. S. NAVY REGULATIONS 1165 3. OPNAVINST 5370. 2C 4. Marine Corps Manual 1100. 4 -----------------------

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