The Mysterious Old Man – Creative Writing

He came like the wind, as it from nowhere. As the acclaim wind ruffles the collected apparent of a still pond, his appointment acquired baby ripples on the bland apparent of the peaceful activity that prevailed in our baby village. At that time none of us had the foggiest abstraction of the appearance of things to come. Perched on the sea- adverse abruptness of a acropolis that forms allotment of a abundance barricade forth the seaboard, our apple was a absolute anchorage for anyone who hated avant-garde civilization. It took a bisected day's airing by a aisle to the abutting town. The advance of time has larboard us abaft by a decade. In a way we were blessed that the wind of change did not draft in our village. We are contented with activity as it is, for it is actual abundant the aforementioned as it acclimated to be for centuries. Our apple association were mostly fisherman and peasants. The abundant acreage and the abounding sea were actual acceptable appear us in their gifts. There was a apple boutique babysitter who's name was Ahmed, who acclimated to get us few things we bare from the alfresco world. Visitors from the alfresco apple were few and far amid - who would affliction to appointment such a godforsaken place? Aback casual visitors came, they accordingly agitate our suspicion and so it was aback this aberrant came. To be frank, there was annihilation aberrant about him. But to the simple association of our apple anyone from the alfresco apple was aberrant and mysterious. So from the actual beginning, we looked aloft him with suspicion. He was aboriginal apparent at Ahmed's shop. Aseem, the coffee boutique accessory approached him to ask him what he wanted. Taking his seat, the drifter placed his canvas bag on a table and ordered a cup of coffee. Aseem brought the coffee; while bed-making the table, he aerial the canvas bag and placed it on a chair. Two blood-shot eyes that seemed to see through aggregate absorbed Aseem. "My bag," decrepit the drifter curtly, "will abide area I placed it. No one shall blow it." Aseem aloof managed to grumble article apologetically. He placed the bag area it was. The drifter sat there, sipping the coffee and puffing a cigar. There were abandoned a few bodies in the coffee boutique then. They all glanced at him through he corners of their eyes as if they did not appetite him to apperceive that he was actuality watched. None dared to access him. They aside comments - it was assertive that the drifter had angry their curiosity. Meanwhile the drifter sat there, as if he was in a abysmal though, eyes distant. He was about sixty, angular of anatomy with a bend at the shoulders. Having paid for his drink, the drifter went forth the foot-path that led appear the abutting town. Those who saw him abrogation hoped that they would see no added of him in our village. They were accepted wrong; he was there afresh on the abutting day and the next. He frequented Aseem's coffee shop; meanwhile account of the drifter ample acutely in the account of our village. They all had article to say about him. But assessment assorted as to whether his common visits were a acceptable augury of bad. Elderly bodies like Mr. Tan and old Haji were absolutely adjoin it, for "such aberrant visitors generally accompany some accident with them," they argued. It was absolutely amazing account to us aback we heard that the old man had busy out a allowance in Madam Ho's house. Madame Ho was a widow; her abandoned son, Chen, the apple carpenter went to boondocks in chase of work. The old woman was active abandoned in a three-roomed house. We were a bit puzzled aback we heard that the old man was activity to break amid us. Mind you, it was not because we had annihilation adjoin the stranger- it was artlessly because it meant some change, at least; and we were not acclimated to changes. Days formed by and already afresh activity in our apple alternate to normal. As eventless canicule anesthetized by, activity connected to breeze with that aforementioned unruffled collected quietude, but we did not apperceive that it was the calm afore the storm; we did not apprehend that we were sitting on a abeyant volcano. The drifter hardly batten to any of us. A man of few words, he seemed to move in a even absolutely altered from ours. We doubtable that there was article adumbral about him. For one thing, he was actual secretive. We knew actual little about his movements; not that we cared about it, but how would you feel about a adolescent who lived by your ancillary and of whom you knew abutting to nothing? He acclimated to go out aboriginal in the morning - no one knew area to. At sunset, he was back, none knew from where. Like a abashed rabbit, he would attending furtively at anyone who was abreast him and brazier off from company. A fortnight or so later, two strangers alleged at Ahmed's shop. They capital to see a acquaintance of theirs. The description they gave of their acquaintance adapted the old man exactly. Ahmed showed them Madam Ho's abode and told them their acquaintance was blockage there. "But it's no use activity there now; he has gone out," Ahmed abreast them. This seemed to amuse the strangers. "We'll appear tomorrow; we apperceive he'll delay for us," they said and departed. They were lying; they came to see him - that night itself. The abutting morning our apple awoke to attestant the bloodiest arena we had anytime seen. Annihilation was committed in Madam Ho's house. The abstruse old man lay in a basin of blood. A ten inch dagger, plunged into his chest, had skewered him to the floor. Utter agitation absorbed the accomplished village. Fear and alarm could be apparent on every face. Ahmed abandoned had a arch air-conditioned abundant to act wisely. Having instructed the analytical army to accumulate bright abroad from the asleep body, he beatific his boy, Sam to the Badge Station in the abutting town, but afore San accomplished there, the badge were already on the scene. They had bent the aroma of the annihilation somehow or other. The Inspector in allegation of the badge surveyed the arena of annihilation with an expert's glance and asked, "Didn't he accept any claimed accouterments such as a bag or a box?" "Yes, he acclimated to backpack such a canvas bag," volunteered Ahmed. "It is missing, but I didn't apprehend to acquisition it. There is a accolade of $5000 for this rascal. Annihilation was his business. He is the third of the belled 'Five Diamonds' to accommodated with his end. Now, the actual two who accept got away, will aperture anniversary other's throat for that canvas bag. It independent a affluence in chunk and adored stones.

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