The Micromax Mobile Phone

[pic] X560 User Chiral INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this Micromax adaptable phone. To admission the best achievement of your phone, amuse apprehend this user chiral carefully. Table of Capacity 1Safety4 1. 1 Safety Precautions4 2Introduction5 2. 1Phone and Accessories5 2. 2To Lock/Unlock6 2. 3Your Phone6 2. 4About your phone6 2. 5About SIM Agenda and the Battery6 2. 6To about-face ON and OFF7 3Phonebook7 3. 1To Add a contact7 3. 2To Appearance a contact7 3. 3To Anxiety a contact7 3. 4To Adapt a contact7 3. 5To Annul a contact8 3. 6To Archetype a acquaintance to buzz memory8 3. 7To Move a contact8 3. 8Send a contact8 . 9Add to Blacklist8 3. 10Caller groups8 3. 11Phonebook settings8 4Calling9 4. 1Call waiting9 4. 2Call Barring9 4. 3Call divert9 5Call Logs10 5. 1Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls10 6Messages10 6. 1Write SMS10 6. 2SMS Inbox10 6. 3SMS Draftbox11 6. 4SMS Outbox11 6. 5Sent items11 6. 6Archive12 6. 7Delete Messages12 6. 8Templates12 6. 9Message settings12 6. 10EMAIL12 6. 11Broadcast Message13 7Phone & Anxiety Settings14 7. 1Customized Accepted Settings/Phone Settings/ Affiliation Settings14 8User Profiles15 8. 1User Contour Setup15 9Entertainment16 9. 1Camera16 9. 2Image Viewer16 . 3Video Recorder16 9. 4Video Player17 9. 5Music Player17 9. 6Photo editor17 9. 7Sound Recorder18 9. 8Slide show18 9. 9FM Radio18 10Fun & Games18 10. 1Games18 11Bluetooth18 11. 1To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity19 11. 2To Search/Inquire Audio Device19 11. 3To Chase My (new) device19 11. 4Active Device19 11. 5Settings19 12Organizer19 13File Manager20 14WAP & JAVA Services21 14. 1WAP Browser21 14. 2WAP Setup21 14. 3Java21 15STK22 15. 1STK Services22 16Inputting Text22 17Phone Suite22 18Maintenance23 19Taking Care of your Device24 20After Services25 Safety 1. 1 Safety Precautions Please apprehend through the afterward briefings carefully, and act in accordance with these rules, so as to anticipate causing any crisis or actionable any law. Safe active 1) Do not use the buzz while driving. Back you accept to use the phone, amuse use the claimed hands-free kit. 2) Amuse put the buzz cautiously in the buzz stand. Do not put it assimilate any commuter bench or any abode from which it may abatement bottomward in case of vehicular blow or emergency braking. About-face off during a flight: Flight is afflicted by arrest acquired by the phone. It is actionable to use a buzz on the airplane. Amuse about-face off your buzz during a flight. Turn off the buzz back aural an breadth breadth advertisement takes place: Be abiding to carefully beam the accompanying laws and statutes by axis off the buzz back you are within, or in the around of, an breadth breadth advertisement takes place. About-face off the buzz back any alarming appurtenances are in vicinity: Amuse about-face off your buzz back you are abutting to a gas base or in the around of any abode breadth ammunition and actinic preparations, or any alternative alarming appurtenances are stored. In hospital: Amuse obey the accompanying rules or bylaws of the hospital back application your buzz in a hospital. Be abiding to about-face off your buzz back abreast any medical equipment. Your use of any wireless chiral equipment, across-the-board of the phone, will baffle with any medical accessories that is not adequate fully, and alternative cyberbanking accessories items, too. Should you accept any catechism in this regard, amuse argue a accompanying physician or medical accessories supplier. Interference: Anniversary and every phone’s achievement may be afflicted due to radio interference. Professional service: The buzz allegation be installed or repaired by no alternative cadre than professionals. You are acceptable to ache a huge accident back you install or adjustment this buzz by yourself, which additionally goes adjoin the assurance rules. Fittings and battery: You shall use the accessories and array accustomed by the buzz architect only. Application crooked accessories may alter the assurance of the device. Emergency call: You may admission a blast cardinal (112, etc. ) to ask for emergency advice afterwards authoritative abiding that the buzz has been angry on and is in the annual status. Columnist the Accelerate Key to anxiety out. Disclaimer: Micromax will not buck any albatross for any incompliance with the aloft mentioned guidelines or abnormal acceptance of the adaptable phone. Micromax keeps the appropriate to accomplish modifications to any of the agreeable actuality in this user adviser afterwards accessible advertisement in advance. The agreeable of this chiral may alter from the absolute agreeable displayed in the adaptable phone. In such a case, the closing shall govern. Introduction 1 Buzz and Accessories Accessible the packing box of the buzz and analysis that you accept the Phone, Accepted Charger, Accepted Battery, USB cable, Earphone, Annual Guide, Software CD, Leather accessory and Assurance Card. 2 To Lock/Unlock To alleviate your buzz (if auto keypad is enabled), columnist the baby button on the top ancillary of the phone. Or to alleviate the buzz accelerate up on the bulletin displayed on the screen. 4 Your Buzz [pic][pic] 5 About your buzz Micromax X560 is a complete Blow phone. The capital affectation of your buzz is disconnected into 2 screens, accelerate your feel beyond the buzz to change to the alternative awning to appearance added features. You can additionally change wallpapers by artlessly sliding your feel beyond the awning and accept from a advanced ambit of absorbing wallpapers. 6 About SIM Agenda and the Array Amuse abundance the cards out of children’s reach. The agenda and the contacts are accessible to accident due to abrading or bending. Therefore, be accurate back using, inserting or removing the cards. Be abiding to about-face off the buzz afore you admit or abolish the array or the card, otherwise, the buzz may be damaged. Tips: The array figure [pic] displayed on the awning indicates that the array ability is low. Amuse allegation the battery. Amuse allegation the array afore you use the anew purchased phone. We advance you allegation the array for 4 hours continuously for the aboriginal time. Charging back the buzz is in the ON approach will not admission the accustomed dialing and answering, but this needs to absorb power, appropriately the time of charging will increase. We advance you recharge the array back the ability is acclimated up so as to prolong the activity of the battery. 7 To about-face ON and OFF To about-face ON: Long columnist End key back the buzz is in the OFF mode. If the buzz lock has been activated, you allegation to admission the 4-digit countersign to unlock. (The preset alleviate cipher is 0000. ) If the SIM agenda has been amid in the phone, and the accompanying PIN cipher aegis is activated, you allegation to admission the 4-8 chiffre countersign to unlock. Warning: If you admission three amiss PIN codes in a row, the SIM agenda will be bound and you allegation to admission the PUK cipher to unlock. Both the PIN cipher and PUK cipher are provided by the arrangement operator. To about-face OFF: In the standby mode, columnist the key on the top ancillary of the buzz to ability on and off. Phonebook You can abundance names and buzz numbers in the anamnesis of the buzz or SIM card. Agenda > Phonebook 1 To Add a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>New Or in idle, tap on the calling figure to admission buzz numbers and save a contact. 2 To Appearance a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>View In the acquaintance annual of the Phonebook, baddest to appearance the appropriate name agenda 3 To Anxiety a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>Call View the acquaintance cardinal to accomplish calls 4 To Adapt a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>edit Allows you to adapt a acquaintance 5 To Annul a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>Delete Allows you to annul a acquaintance 6 To Archetype a acquaintance to buzz anamnesis Menu>Phonebook>Options>Copy Archetype the acquaintance to the buzz anamnesis 7 To Move a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>Move Move a acquaintance from the buzz to the SIM anamnesis or vice-versa 8 Accelerate a acquaintance Menu>Phonebook>Options>Send acquaintance Allows you to accelerate a acquaintance via message, MMS, email or Bluetooth 9 Add to Blacklist Menu>Phonebook>Options>Add to banish Add the acquaintance to the banish 10 Accession groups Agenda > Phonebook > Options>Caller groups To appearance the ‘caller groups’ binder tap on the fourth key above- to baddest the accumulation to be set in the preset groups mentioned in the phone. Like- Friends, family, colleagues, others and more. 11 Phonebook settings Agenda > Phonebook > Options>Phonebook settings • Accept phonebook view- Accept a area to save your contacts in • Acceleration dial- Accept numbers from your acquaintance annual and put them beneath the acceleration punch annual • My number- Appearance your cardinal vCard version- Appearance the vCard adaptation • Extra numbers- Appearance SIM1, SIM2 or SOS numbers • Phonebook backup- Allows you to acceptation & consign contacts to and from the phonebook. • Anamnesis status-View the acclimated and accessible buzz & SIM anamnesis • Archetype contacts- Allows you to archetype a acquaintance from the buzz to SIM anamnesis and vice-versa • Move contacts- Allows you to move a acquaintance from the buzz to SIM anamnesis and vice-versa • Annul all contacts- Annul all the contacts from SIM or buzz anamnesis Calling Note: Once you appear a anxiety your buzz will affectation a alternation of functions from you to accept from. For example- Mute, Accelerate message, Authority anxiety and more. Accept anyone affection to backpack out the adapted functions. 1 Anxiety cat-and-mouse Agenda > Settings > Anxiety settings>Call Cat-and-mouse This action allows you to put the accepted anxiety on authority and again acknowledgment a additional one. If, during a call, a new anxiety comes in, you will apprehend a appropriate active complete and the awning will affectation the cardinal of the new admission call, which indicates that a third-party anxiety is advancing in and cat-and-mouse for to answer. 2 Anxiety Barring Agenda > Settings > Anxiety settings >Call Barring The action is a GSM arrangement annual and can bind approachable and admission calls selectively. If you allegation to change the settings of Bind Calls, amuse acquaintance your arrangement abettor to admission the countersign for aperture this service. 3 Anxiety alter Agenda > Settings > Anxiety settings> Anxiety alter With the Anxiety Alter action (needs arrangement support), you may alter admission calls to accession adaptable buzz or a absolute band telephone, but not to any extensions of a anchored telephone. Anxiety Logs 1 Missed calls/dialed calls/received calls/blocked calls Press the keys displayed on top of the awning to view> All calls/Dialed calls / Accustomed calls/ Missed calls You may baddest View: Appearance the adapted admission Call: Anxiety the adapted admission Save to Phonebook: to save the cardinal to the Phonebook Edit: to adapt the cardinal to punch or save to the phonebook. Accelerate message: To abode SMS/MMS to accelerate to the number. Delete: To annul the entry. Annul All: Annul all the registered admission in one go. Anxiety timer: Appearance the anxiety timers for the last/received/dialed calls or displace Anxiety cost: Appearance the anxiety costs Letters 1 Abode SMS Menu > Letters > Abode SMS/MMS Abode the agreeable of the SMS Accelerate to: Add acquaintance cardinal Ascribe Method: baddest Smart abc/Numeric etc Add picture: Add a adapted annual in the bulletin you appetite to accelerate as an MMS Add sound: Add a adapted complete in the bulletin you appetite to accelerate as an MMS Add video: Add a adapted video in the bulletin you appetite to accelerate as an MMS Add subject: Add a adapted accountable in the MMS bulletin Accelerate Options: Allows you to add a accelerate ‘before/after in the accepted mms. Swtich to MMS: Allows you to about-face from SMS to MMS, manually. Advanced: Admit argument template/Insert attachment/contact number/insert acquaintance name (embellish the characters of text)/ Admit bookmark. Save: Save the mms/sms Details: Appearance the capacity of the MMS/SMS 2 SMS Inbox Agenda > Letters > Inbox To apprehend a message, move to the admission and columnist OK Back annual a SMS, you can baddest Options > View: Allows you to appearance the SMS received. Reply: Reply to the bulletin received. Anxiety sender: Anxiety on the cardinal from which the SMS was received. Forward: Forward the admission to others. Delete: Annul the message. Annul all: Annul all the letters from the Inbox. Save to Phonebook: Allows you to save the cardinal from which the sms was accustomed to the phonebook. Mark as read: Mark the accustomed SMS as ‘read’ ? Advanced: Archetype to phone/SIM: Archetype the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Archetype all: Archetype all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or archetype all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or move all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. SMS Draftbox Agenda > Letters > Drafts View: Allows you to appearance the SMS received. Send: Accelerate the bulletin adored in drafts Edit: Allows you to adapt the SMS received. Delete: Annul the message. Annul all: Annul all the letters from the Inbox. Advanced ? Archetype to phone/SIM: Archetype the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Archetype all: Archetype all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or archetype all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. Move all: Move all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or move all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. 4 SMS Outbox SMS that accept been beatific and adored are stored in Outbox. Agenda > Letters > Outbox SMS that accept been beatific and adored are stored in Outbox. To apprehend a message, move to the admission and columnist OK Back annual an SMS, you can baddest Options > View: Appearance the bulletin adored in outbox Resend: Baddest how to send. Edit: Adapt the message. Delete: Annul the message. Annul all: Annul all the letters from the Inbox. Advanced Archetype to phone/SIM: Archetype the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Archetype all: Archetype all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or archetype all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or move all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. 5 Beatific items Menu>Messages>Sent items Appearance the letters beatific by you to alternative numbers Agenda > Letters > Beatific letters View: Appearance beatific messages. Forward: Forward the beatific letters Delete: Annul a bulletin in the beatific items binder Annul All: Annul all letters in the beatific items binder Advanced ? Archetype to phone/SIM: Archetype the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Move to phone/SIM: Move the SMS stored in SIM/phone to the phone/SIM. ? Archetype all: Archetype all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or archetype all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. ? Move all: Move all the letters stored in SIM to the buzz memory, or move all the letters stored in the buzz anamnesis to SIM. 6 Annal Menu>Messages>Archive Allows you to save letters accustomed in your inbox into this annal folder. 7 Annul Letters Menu>Messages>Delete letters Annul letters from the afterward folders: Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Beatific messages, Archive, All letters 8 Templates Menu>Messages>Templates>SMS Templates/MMS Templates The buzz has preset frequently acclimated phrases which may be called and added to the argument back you are alteration SMS. Preset phrases may be modified. 9 Bulletin settings Menu>Messages>Messages settings SMS Settings Menu>Messages>Message settings>SMS settings Contour settings- • Voicemail server • Accepted settings- Set to accept Delivery reports, Reply path, Save Beatific message. • Anamnesis cachet • Preferred accumulator MMS Settings Menu>Messages>Message settings>MMS settings • Profiles- Baddest a contour from the accessible arrangement profiles. • Accepted setting- Baddest to compose, send, retrieve or appearance the anamnesis status. 10 EMAIL E-Mail Afore use, you allegation to set the e-mail in the “E-mail accounts” menu. Via this menu, you can accept and accelerate e-mail. ¦ Accelerate and Receive: You can send/receive the e-mail from the defined mailbox. Abode Email: You can adapt e-mails. ¦ Inbox: You can see the accustomed e-mails. ¦ Outbox: You can see the beatific e-mails. ¦ Sent: You can appearance accelerate e-mails. ¦ Drafts: You can see the drafts in the defined mailbox. ¦ Bright mailbox: You can bright the e-mails in the defined mailbox, including inbox, outbox, beatific e-mail advancement and drafts, or bright all e-mails. ¦ Annul apparent emails: You can change the cachet of all e-mails to deleting status. ¦ Email accounts: You can set up you new account. ¦ Templates: you can pre-edit some accepted phrases, which is acceptable for quick editing. Admission Server: You can set the server ambit for the accustomed e-mails, including Admission server, Admission port, user name and countersign etc. o Signature: You can set it On or Off and adapt the signature. The aboriginal footfall in application email on your adaptable buzz is to ascertain your email account’s settings so that your adaptable buzz knows which server to acquaintance and to login application the actual credentials. TO CONFIGURE A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT: Go to: • Email >Email accounts> Options >New Account> Start to actualize annual >Email abode >Options >Next > Baddest email agreement (‘POP3’ or ‘IMAP- as per the annual settings). Abutting >Select Abstracts annual (as per the SIM connection) > Admission Server (edit email admission server as per the annual accepted settings). • Abutting > Approachable Server (edit email approachable server as per the annual accepted settings) >User Name > Countersign > Annual Name > Options > Done (email annual is created) • Go to- Created email annual >Options > Adapt (user can adapt email annual settings if required) • Beforehand Settings > Approachable Sever > Approachable Anchorage (Input actual approachable anchorage according to the email configuration). Beforehand Settings > Admission Server > Admission Anchorage (Input actual admission anchorage according to the email configuration) • Go to- Configured email annual > Options > Actuate Your email annual is now created! 11 Advertisement Bulletin Agenda > Letters > Advertisement Bulletin The buzz supports Advertisement Message. It is accurate by GSM network. Advertisement letters are single-way letters beatific to the users of the arrangement operators by the bulletin annual center. For the capacity and approach bureaucracy of advertisement messages, argue your arrangement operator. Buzz & Anxiety Settings Customized Accepted Settings/Phone Settings/ Affiliation Settings |Functions |Description | |Set time and date |Menu > Settings > Buzz settings > Time and date | |Schedule ability on/off |Menu > Settings > Buzz settings > Schedule ability on/off | | |To attenuate and accredit status; to activate/deactivate, about-face on/off, and time in turn. |Select accent |Menu > Settings > Buzz settings > Accent | |Set Affectation bureaucracy |Menu > Settings > Buzz settings gt; Affectation Bureaucracy > Wallpaper/Screen saver/Show date and | | |time/LCD backlight/ Appearance buyer cardinal | |Set Greeting argument |Menu > Settings > Buzz settings > Greeting Argument | |Auto amend of date and time On/Off |Menu > Settings > Buzz settings > Auto amend of date and time | |Set Accession ID |Menu > Settings > Anxiety settings > SIM1/2 anxiety settings>Caller ID | |Set Anxiety cat-and-mouse |Menu > Settings > Anxiety settings > SIM1-2 anxiety settings>Call waiting | |Set anxiety Alter |Menu > Settings > Anxiety settings > SIM1-2 anxiety settings> Anxiety Alter Tip: You can baddest | | |Cancel all alter to abolish all the alter settings. | |Set Anxiety Barring |Menu > Settings > Anxiety settings > SIM1-2 anxiety settings> Anxiety Barring. Bind Calls is | | |a GSM arrangement service. Amuse acquaintance your arrangement abettor to admission the countersign for | | |opening this service. |Set the Banish |Menu > Settings > Anxiety settings > Beforehand settings>Blacklist | |Reject by SMS |Menu > Settings > Anxiety settings > Beforehand settings>Reject by SMS | | |Reject a anxiety by SMS | |Select arrangement |Menu > Settings > Arrangement settings >SIM 1-2 arrangement settings | | |New Search: The buzz will baddest a new arrangement automatically. | | |Select Network: The buzz will chase and affectation the annual of accepted networks for you to | | |select the adapted one, afterwards which, the buzz will try to log in the called network. | | |If the called arrangement is registered successfully, it will alert so. | |Set advice of GPRS Affiliation |Menu > Connectivity> Abstracts account>GPRS/GSM Abstracts | |WIFI Menu>WIFI | | |Enable the WiFi affiliation in your buzz to accretion admission to internet at any WiFi enabled | | |location | |Restore branch absence |Menu > Settings > Restore branch settings | | |Tip: You allegation to admission the buzz countersign back you appetite to restore branch default. The | | |preset buzz countersign is 0000. Amuse buck your countersign in mind. Incase you balloon it, | | |contact the bounded banker or an accustomed annual center. | User Profiles 1 User Contour Bureaucracy Functions |Description | |Activate the contour approach |Menu > Settings> User profiles > Adapted mode>Options > Actuate | |Set the ringtone for admission calls |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Accent setup> SIM1-2 Admission anxiety | |Set the ringtone for letters |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Accent setup> SIM1-2 bulletin accent | |Set the ringtone for key pad accent |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Accent setup> Keypad accent | |Adjust the aggregate of Arena Accent / Key |Menu > Settings > User profiles >Customize> Aggregate | |Tone | | |Set Active Blazon of campanology |Menu> Settings > User profiles> Customize >Alert blazon | |Set the arena blazon |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Arena blazon | |Set the Extra Accent |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Extra accent | |Set the acknowledgment approach |Menu > Settings > User profiles > Customize> Acknowledgment approach | Entertainment 1 Camera Agenda > Camera Tap on the awning to appearance assorted functions. From Settings accept from a annual of functions beneath to backpack out the adapted assignment Photos: Appearance the images clicked. Camera settings: Set EV, Banding, adjournment timer, bang sound, adverse and cont. shot, Angel settings: Set the admeasurement and affection of photos. White balance: Set White Balance. Arena mode: Set arena mode. Effect settings: Set the appropriate furnishings of photos, such as Grayscale, Sepia, Sepia Green and Colour Invert. Storage: Baddest buzz or anamnesis card. Restore default: Restore absence settings. 2 Angel Eyewitness Agenda > Angel eyewitness On the Angel eyewitness annual screen, accessible the angel and baddest Options> View: Appearance the accent photo. Edit: Adapt the angel Browse style: Baddest the appearance of viewing. Send: Accelerate the photo by MMS or Bluetooth, Email Use as: Set the accent photo as wallpaper, awning saver, or the photo accession ID of a Phonebook entry. Rename: Rename the accent file. Delete: Annul the accent file. Annul all files: Annul all the files from the list. Sort by: Sort the files in the list. Storage: Baddest buzz or anamnesis card. 3 Video Recorder Menu>Video Recorder Choose from a annual of functions beneath to backpack out the adapted task- Camcorder settings: set White Balance, EV, Night Approach and Banding. Video settings: Set video settings as per your claim White balance: Set white antithesis Video settings: Set the Video Quality, Book admeasurement limit, Rec time limit, and almanac audio. Effect settings: Set the appropriate effects, such as Grayscale, Sepia, and Sepia Green etc. Restore default: Restore absence settings. 4 Video Amateur Agenda > Video amateur On the video amateur annual screen, baddest Options > Send: Accelerate the video by MMS or Bluetooth. Rename: Rename the accent file. Delete: Annul the accent file. Annul all files: Annul all the files from the list. Sort by: Sort the files in the list. Streaming URL: Allows you to browse sites like Youtube, Google. This affection is a arrangement barnacle service. Profile: Accept and activae a adapted profile. Storage: Baddest buzz or anamnesis card. YouTube You can now watch videos on your buzz on the accepted YouTube site. Menu>Video Player>Streaming URL>Predefined>YouTube Note: This annual is arrangement dependant. Amuse get in blow with your arrangement abettor for the adapted settings. 5 Music Amateur Agenda > Music To add songs in your buzz either add them from the buzz anamnesis or baddest the anamnesis agenda by activity to - Music player>Settings>Player settings> Pre playlist (Phone/Memory card) Playlists: Allows you to accomplish a playlist and add songs in it either from the buzz anamnesis or the anamnesis card. All tracks: Allows you to appearance all the advance Afresh played: Appearance a annual of the afresh played songs Best played: Appearance the best played songs. Afresh added: Appearance the annual of afresh added songs Artists: Add the artisan name Albums: Add the anthology name Genres: Add a genre/type to your songs Brace list: Brace the playlist Nxp Equalizer: Add complete furnishings to your songs. Accept from a cardinal of agitative furnishings like: bassbooster, Classical, Dance, Flat, Folk, Heavymetal, Hiphop, Jazz, Piano, Pop, Rock, Spokenworkd, Symphony, Theater, Treblebooster, Latin, Vocalbooster, Bassreducer, Treblereduces & Normal. Settings: • Amateur settings • Affectation settings • Complete furnishings 6 Photo editor Menu> Photo editor Allows you to resize the images stored in your buzz 7 Complete Recorder Agenda > Complete recorder On the Complete Recorder annual screen, you can select: Play: Comedy the recorded complete Append: Add a complete Rename: Rename the accent recording. Delete: Annul the accent recording. Annul all files: Annul all the recordings from the list. Use as: Accelerate the accent almanac to the ringtone annual for profiles. Send: Accelerate the accent almanac by MMS, Bluetooth or Email. 8 Accelerate appearance Menu> Accelerate appearance Allows you to appearance images as a accelerate show. 9 FM Radio Menu > FM radio To chase channels- Options> >Auto chase To save the approach list- Baddest one or all channels and add them to the approach list. To change channels- Long columnist on the ‘>’ key to change to the abutting approach Fun & Amateur 1 Amateur Agenda > Amateur Your buzz has abounding preloaded agitative amateur in it. Accept the bold you ambition to comedy and cantankerous assorted levels to set the ultimate accomplished score. Bluetooth You can affix wirelessly to alternative accordant accessory with Bluetooth technology. Accordant accessories may accommodate computers, adaptable phones. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to accelerate images, music and complete clips, video clips, and notes. Since accessories with Bluetooth wireless technology acquaint application radio waves, your accessory and the alternative accessories allegation to be aural a ambit of 10 meters from anniversary other, but the affiliation may be accountable to arrest or could face obstruction from being such as bank or from alternative cyberbanking devices. Use the wireless technology of Bluetooth to be able to absorb array abundance of electric charge. If you are belted by article back application Bluetooth technology, argue your bounded Micromax support/service station. 1 To Activate/Deactivate Bluetooth Connectivity Agenda > Connectivity>Bluetooth > Power(On/Off) 2 To Search/Inquire Audio Accessory Agenda > Connectivity> Bluetooth > Inquiry audio accessory Tip: Amuse actuate the Bluetooth first. To Chase My (new) accessory Agenda > Connectivity> Bluetooth > My accessory > Inquiry new accessory Tip: Amuse actuate the Bluetooth first. 4 Active Accessory Agenda > Connectivity> Bluetooth > Active Accessory Tip: Amuse actuate the Bluetooth first. 5 Settings Agenda > Connectivity>Bluetooth > Settings Appearance the afterward options to change/edit the Bluetooth settings- Visibility- About-face ON/OFF to affectation your Bluetooth accessory visbility Accessory name- Adapt your Bluetooth accessory affectation name Accept folder- Appearance items accustomed via Bluetooth in the phone/SIM anamnesis Accessory information- Appearance capacity about your Bluetooth device. Organizer Functions |Description | |View the agenda |Menu > Agenda | |Notes |Menu > Addendum | |Tasks |Menu > Tasks | |Set the anxiety |Menu > Anxiety > Adapt | |World alarm |Menu > Applications>World alarm | |Calculator |Menu > Calculator | |Unit advocate |Menu > Applications>Currency advocate | |Text clairvoyant |Menu > Applications>Text clairvoyant | File Administrator Back a USB cable is connected, you can use the buzz as a USB accumulation storage. |Functions |Description | |View folders |Menu > Book manager> Options > Open> Appearance folders in buzz or SIM anamnesis | |Format |Menu > Book administrator > Options > Format | WAP & JAVA Casework 1 WAP Browser Agenda > Connectivity > WAP You allegation to accomplish the accordant settings in WAP Bureaucracy afore you use the WAP browser to cream the web. When the WAP browser is activated, if a homepage is set in WAP Setup, the buzz will articulation the website adumbrated by the homepage; otherwise, you may admission a website and the buzz will affix to it. Back surfing the web, baddest Options > Refresh: To brace the web page. Homepage: To articulation the homepage. Ascribe URL: ascribe a website address. Add Bookmark: Add to bookmark. Set Homepage: set the URL as homepage. Forward/Backward: To about-face to the abutting /previous page. Advance: Appearance URL info, Bookmark, Save item. Exit: To avenue the browser. 2 WAP Bureaucracy WAP settings are appropriate for surfing the web with WAP. Follow the accomplish beneath to set up a WAP account: • Connectivity > Abstracts Annual > GPRS > Add annual > Add annual name/ APN/ Username & countersign > Save. Again go to: Agenda >Connectivity > WAP >Settings > Profiles > Add new > Annual Name/ Homepage/ Abstracts Annual (select the ahead created abstracts account) > Baddest affiliation blazon (HTTP/WAP- Indise HTTP & WAP ener the actual proxy abode & anchorage > Done > Save the annual >Go to the created annual & activate. Agenda > Connectivity> WAP> Settings>Profile You can set the following: Account: To baddest from the GPRS affiliation list. Affiliation type: To set WAP or HTTP affiliation mode. Home page: To set the abode of the homepage. The buzz has a absence and you can adapt it. 3 Java Agenda > Applications>Java You can install Java applications to enhance the multimedia function. It additionally allows you to affix to Snaptu, Nimbuzz and Operamini as well. Java settings Agenda > Connectivity>JAVA settings STK 1 STK Services If your SIM agenda supports STK, you may use the agnate value-added services. Inputting Argument You can admission argument in English and digit. Buzz Suite Affix your buzz and PC via the USB cable> Baddest COM Anchorage PhoneSuite provides assorted functionalities for users to administer the abstracts in their adaptable buzz calmly on a PC. It will acquaint with adaptable buzz via consecutive advice or Bluetooth. • Phonebook is acclimated to administer the contacts advice amid the adaptable buzz and the PC folder. In accession to adding, alteration and deleting contacts, users can get a advancement of the phonebook database on the PC binder • Bulletin helps users to read, adapt nd accelerate SMS/EMS letters anon from PC. Besides, you can actualize claimed folders to assort all letters on the PC side. • Settings: contains the system-related settings and bulletin absence settings. Users additionally can set whether they appetite to acceptation acquaintance annual from alternative software or not here. • Images: is acclimated to draw images of assorted book types, and carriage the images amid the PC and adaptable phone. It additionally provides clip, mirror and circle functions to ability user's expectation. • Melody: provides a easier way to compose your own melody through the agents clear interface. It additionally provides the functions to carriage the melodies amid PC and adaptable phone. MMS Message: helps users to read, adapt MMS letters anon from PC. Users additionally can carriage MMS letters amid PC and adaptable phone. • Book Administrator provides a affable interface for users to administer their files amid the PC and the adaptable phone. Functionalities of "copy", "paste", "delete", "rename" and "new folder" are provided in the out tool. Besides, Book Administrator additionally supports bounded java accession from PC side. Maintenance Use a dry bendable bolt to apple-pie accepted dirt. Do not use a adamantine cloth, benzene or thinner to apple-pie the phone, otherwise, the apparent of the buzz will be aching or could alike aftereffect in the crumbling of color. Taking Care of your Accessory Your accessory is a artefact of above architecture and adroitness and should be handled with care: The afterward suggestions will advice you assure your phone: • Always accumulate the baby genitalia of the buzz abroad from children. • Accumulate the accessory dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all types of liquids or damp can accommodate minerals that will blight cyberbanking circuits. If your accessory does get wet, abolish the battery, and acquiesce the accessory to dry absolutely afore replacing it. • Do not use or abundance the accessory in dusty, bedraggled areas. Its affective genitalia and cyberbanking apparatus can be damaged. • Do not abundance the accessory in aerial or algid temperature. Aerial temperatures can abbreviate the activity of cyberbanking accessories and accident batteries. Do not attack to accessible the accessory alternative than as instructed in this guide. • Do not drop, knock, or agitate the device. Rough administration can breach centralized ambit boards and accomplished mechanics. • Do not use acrid chemicals, charwoman solvents, or able detergents to apple-pie the device. Alone use a soft, clean, dry bolt to apple-pie the apparent of the device. • Do not acrylic the device. Acrylic can clog the affective genitalia and anticipate able operation. • Use chargers central Afterwards Casework For details, see the Afterwards Annual Adviser supplied with the phone. [pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic][pic]

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