The Kostelic Family

When it was aphotic Ivica and Janica were training on the amphitheater stands active up and bottomward the stairs. ==>Ante said that the contest were meant to abate their fear, which was acute to their approaching career in sports. ==>Ante said to their acquaintance back the accouchement were young. “If they let me assignment man, if they aloof let me work, I’m cogent you I will accomplish them into Olympic champions. ” ==>Ante went annular cogent everybody how accomplished and fast Ivica was. =>Ante was assassin as a drillmaster at Zagreb ski club in the eighties, but was anon kicked out for training his adolescent added than everybody else. He was again appointed the fettle coach. ==>When Ante alpha his new job he said to kostelic “Look Ivo, I came actuality to actualize apple champions. ” The lath of Zagreb didn’t accept Ivica and Janica would be a apple champions. ==>Kosteli rose the affection of dry practices bound and afraid the lath with his acclaimed abstraction of acceptable after technology. Ante afraid the lath with his abstraction of acceptable after tech. He claimed he didn’t charge walkie-talkie, or poles, or drills. He had it all in his head. ==>Kostelic anon broadcast the cardinal of snow practices from one hundred to one hundred fifty or alike one hundred sixty. He did this because he capital Ivica to do as abundant training as accessible but for the others they got too annoyed too quickly. So every year he had to action adjoin the parents because they approved to get him accursed at the end of every battling season. =>The accouchement were fabricated to assignment harder again ever. Sometimes Ante would alike accomplish one of them dig a aperture in the snow and put their“hot” arch in it for a few seconds. ==>Ante accomplished his own son Ivica and larboard Janica on the ancillary to watch and play. “What are you activity to do with the girl? ” Drinkovic asked Kostelic once. “She’ll be a ballerina or a tennis player. ”“Are you out of your mind? Don’t you see her motor abilities? ”“But I don’t accept abundant money for two kids…”

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