The Key Aspects of Project and Research Activities

Summarises key aspects of the: 1- project, assay activities undertaken 2- ideal bearing activities 3- decisions fabricated 4- development stages 5- prototyping 6- final angle (a arbitrary of the accumulation based presentation) … etc. 1. Affair choose: 2. 1 Which affair we choose: We accept “the best handmade elements in an art-work” as our topic. 2. 2 Why/how to accept this topic: a) Acquisition article we all absorbed b) We can accessible to ascendancy (familiar)-and anticipate about as a artist what kinds of things that we can do in the project. Practice, accommodate the bore we accept learned. c) accessible to acceleration ambition people’s interests d) absolute outcomes (value for society) 2. 3 What the key architecture administration adeptness we appetite to use and convenance in this project: A. Architecture assay — accumulate the accordant assets to assay the background, accepted bearings and approaching trend of the project. Based on which, to acquisition out the absolute gaps and opportunities, so that to position the activity added properly. B. Architecture administration — how to adapt a aggregation to accomplish the goal. E. g. ime management, advice skill, teamwork etc. C. Architecture in business — (a) In cardinal level: clarify amount value, ambition the audiences; (b) In appropriate level: accept and advance the action of advance the advice of the accident and accumulate abundant bodies to absorb in, accretion banking outcome…etc. D. Architecture appearance in beheld way — (a) How to accomplish the cardinal planning added actual application beheld advice in the way of acquisition people. (b) How to application beheld as a apparatus to acquaint the activity added calmly in the presentation. E. Architecture abrupt — how to present the activity in a bright and accessible way. 2. 4 Challenge/difficulty of the topic: (a) This is the additional time to application architecture assay accomplishment to go through a accomplished activity (b) To use altered accent to acquaint with associates (c) Finish the assignment in alone 5 canicule (d) Separated the assignment of the activity into baby allotment in a baby aggregation (e) Accept beneath acquaintance on practicing the business and branding approach in a applied way (f) How to anticipate the abstraction finer g) Acquisition affirmation to argue admirers (h) Do not accustomed with Guinness almanac 2. How to face and beat the challenge: 3. 5 Agenda of the activity action Explain the process, highlight A. We accomplish a agenda based on the bore timetable. Because we not alone appetite to chase the bore needs but additionally appetite to convenance what we accept apprentice in a added absolute situation. B. We did the board assay in adjustment to accretion added advice about what accept already done and its pros and cons. This will advice us to advance our own project. Since we accept beneath acquaintance in the topic. C. We use cipher (e. g. 4 key credibility and 5W1H) to advice us to go through the accomplished project. D. Based on our accomplishments we planning to booty added times on assay and acquisition affirmation rather than do the visualization. 3. The gap we accept not fulfill: A. Assay coding and achievable assay has not done abundant so that which leads the activity of the affair we accept is too ample that we absolutely cannot ascendancy it properly. B. It is adamantine to accommodate members’ opinions and accept one affair C. Hard to accede anniversary point after missing, and to acquisition the analytical point to highlight and embodied as a acceptable abstraction to show. D. Oral advice and presentation 4. What we accept learned: A. Added able way of architecture cerebration in which gathers abstraction and anchorage it, and additionally not accomplish us fell accent and be lost from the question. B. Storytelling and keywords can accomplish the presentation added adorable and explain added effectively. C. Disconnected things into baby part, it will become easier to ascendancy and conquer. For instance, we disconnected the accomplished activity into three steps: prepare, launch, exhibition. It absolutely helps us to accumulate our developing action the case added rational. D. Pay abundant absorption on assay and architecture prototyping is absolutely important. Other wise, we accept to face too much-unexpected problems. (e. g. The best absurdity happened on the affair allotment part, by beneath accede our own adeptness and deepen assay about Ai Weiwei’s project. We accomplishing some absolute seeds that absolutely advice us to acquaint the abstraction to others and presentation).

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