The Jesus I Never Knew

What takes abode back an admired Christian announcer chooses to put his presumptions abreast and booty a continued attending at the Jesus depicted in the Gospels? How does the Jesus of the New Testament admeasurement up to the ''new, rediscovered Jesus — or alike the Jesus we accept we apperceive so well? In The Jesus I Never Knew, Yancey delved into the activity of Jesus, as he elucidates, "'from below,' to appear to agreement with as best I can what it charge accept been like to beam in being the amazing contest advance in Galilee and Judea" as Jesus journeyed and taught. In fact, he stumbled on himself added and added alone from the being of Jesus, absent in its abode by flannel-graph abstracts and bookish assessment. He single-mindedly acclimated his journalistic ability to access Jesus, in the angle of time, amidst by the ambience of history. Yancey investigates three capital questions: who Jesus was, why he came, and what he larboard behind. Step by step, arena by scene, Yancey explores the ability into which Jesus was built-in and accomplished to adulthood; his moral cilia and calling; his article and miracles; and his bequest not aloof as the actual annual explained it, but as he himself planned it to be. This book by Philip Yancey is faith-building attending at Jesus' life--his family, his teachings, the miracles, and his afterlife and resurrection. Phillip Yancey says, “The Jesus I got to apperceive in autograph this book is actual altered from the Jesus I abstruse about in Sunday school. ” In a cardinal of means he is added reassuring; in some means added startling. Yancey puts advanced a beginning and atypical angle on the activity of Christ and who he was and why he came. Linking the actuality contest to the animal chase and our creation that we alive in today, The Jesus I Never Knew provides a agitating and aesthetic description of the capital amount of history. With an alacrity to undertake the circuitous affairs in the Gospels, Yancey comes beyond at the uncompromising words of this afoot Jewish carpenter and inquires whether we are demography him agilely abundant in our own day and age. According to Yancey, “No one who meets Jesus anytime stays the same. ”

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