“The Invisible Leash”: The Patty Hearst Case and the Crazy Things Victims Do

In April 1974, about two months afterwards they kidnapped Patty Hearst, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) appear a photo of Hearst as affirmation that she was no best a kidnap victim but a accommodating affiliate of their group. In the photo, Hearst is pictured abandoned (no alternative associates of the Symbionese Liberation Army are evident). She stands off centered in the photo (to the left) in advanced of the Symbionese Liberation Army’s symbol, a seven-headed cobra (“Symbionese Liberation Army”). Her attitude is aggressive: her legs are afar as if she is anchored and accessible to shoot; her gun is acicular (not at the viewer, but off to the viewer’s right); and her feel is on the trigger. The gun itself is a austere weapon, a carbine. And Hearst’s accoutrements is angry and revolutionary: she wears pants, tight, military-type clothing, and a beanie of the aforementioned array beat by advocate Che Guevera, in the acclaimed photo of him airtight by Alberta Korda (“Che Guevara”). Moreover, the accomplishments blush in the photo of Hearst is red, a blush that suggests abandon and aggression. In the lower appropriate bend of the photo, addition apparatus gun rests adjoin the wall, alone the high allocation of the gun is arresting (its barrel), and it’s pointing upward, against the top of the photo. While this photo is meant to characterize Hearst as a accommodating affiliate of the SLA, it isn’t absolutely successful. That is, it suggests a added circuitous truth: that bodies sometimes comedy roles that do not absolutely call them and in which they are not at home. A abutting attending at the photo reveals that Patty Hearst, admitting she assumes the attitude of a guerrilla, is annihilation but that. Her boring is not directed berserk at the viewer; instead, she looks to the side, transforming herself into the commodity of the boring rather than actuality the gazer. This is in aciculate adverse to Korda’s acclaimed photo of Che Guevara, whose hat appearance Hearst has adopted. In his photo, Guevara faces the admirers absolutely and audaciously (“Che Guevara”). Hearst’s aspect may be audacious, but the administration of her boring reveals submission. Alternative capacity in the photo additionally advance that she is beneath than at home in her role as advancing warrior. Her gun, for example, is acicular to the ancillary - aloof as is her gaze. She’s not aggressive the eyewitness with the gun; she’s advertisement herself to the viewer. Plus, admitting none of the SLA associates are present in the photo with Hearst, the unmanned, bulging gun in the lower appropriate bend of the photo draws the eye and reminds the eyewitness that aloof off date lurks a threat. With her glance to the side, Hearst seems about focused on this threat. Indeed, a quick attending at her eyes reveals aphotic circles beneath them. Her aperture is bankrupt and drawn. These are indicators that she may be uncomfortable, alike fatigued in her new role. In fact, the photo, forth with an audio advice from Hearst on which she alleged her ancestor a “corporate liar” and explained that she was abutting the SLA and demography a new name (“SLA: Tania”), acquired her fiance and her parents to “[speculate] that Hearst had been brainwashed or coerced. ” They did not accept that the Patty Hearst they were seeing and audition was the “real” Patty Hearst (“SLA: Patty Hearst). And, indeed, Patty Hearst, granddaughter of bi-weekly administrator William Randolph Hearst, seems to accept afflicted over the advance of her kidnapping. Compare, for example, two of her communiques with her parents. The aboriginal was accustomed February 12, alone 9 canicule afterwards armed apache kidnapped her from her fiance’s accommodation on the night of February 4, 1974 (“Radically”). In this communique, she says: Mom, Dad, I’m OK. I’m with a action assemblage that’s armed with automated weapons. And these bodies aren’t aloof a agglomeration of nuts. They’ve been absolutely honest with me but they’re altogether accommodating to die for what they’re doing. And I appetite to get out of actuality but the alone way I’m activity to is if we do it their way. And I aloof achievement that you’ll do what they say Dad and aloof do it quickly. And I beggarly I achievement that this puts you a little bit at affluence and that you apperceive that I really, absolutely am alright. I aloof achievement I can get aback to everybody absolutely soon. (“The Patty Hearst Tapes”) Actuality Hearst focuses about absolutely on her own situation, cogent her parents who has taken her and what her parents charge to do to chargeless her. She mentions that her captors are austere but says actual little about their political agenda. She sounds, in fact, actual abundant like one ability apprehend a kidnapped, 19-year-old to sound. By day 59 of Hearst’s captivity, her communiques acknowledge that her focus has afflicted from herself to the SLA’s cause. Mom, Dad. Tell the poor and afflicted bodies of this nation what the accumulated accompaniment is about to do. Warn Black and poor bodies that they are about to be murdered bottomward to the aftermost man, woman, and child. Tell the bodies that the activity crisis is annihilation added than a agency to get accessible approval for a massive affairs to body nuclear ability plants all over the nation. The bulletin goes on in this attitude and culminates with the following: “I accept called to break and fight. I accept been accustomed the name Tania afterwards a associate who fought alongside Che in Bolivia. It is in the spirit of Tania that I say, ‘Patria o Muerte, Venceremos’” (“The Patty Hearst Tapes”). The Latin byword agency “Fatherland or death: We shall overcome” (Cox), and it suggests Hearst’s transformation from almsman to warrior. Clearly Hearst had changed, and afterwards she was bent on video camera annexation a coffer with the SLA alone a few months afterwards she’d been kidnapped (Ramsland), Americans bent up in the adventure were larboard to agitation whether a being is consistently amenable for his or her own actions. In an commodity appear in the National Review during Hearst’s 1976 trial, one analyst gave specific articulation to the questions abounding bodies were allurement themselves: Back accustomed the opportunity, why didn’t Hearst “reassert her own individuality and [try] to escape? And, alike added succinctly, the analyst asks: “Is Hearst guilty? ” (“What Is Guilt? ” 258). Hearst was eventually bedevilled to 7 years in bastille for allowance the SLA with their bent activities (including coffer robberies), but President Carter had her appear afterwards alone 22 months (Chua-Eoan), and, in 2001, President Clinton pardoned her (“Radically”), wiping her almanac clean. President Clinton’s absolution suggests that Hearst was not amenable for what she did. It suggests that beneath specific conditions, a being can behave in means for which she charge not be captivated responsible. In a nutshell, it suggests that those who accept endured alarming adventures (victims) are not necessarily answerable for what they do. And, indeed, by best accounts, Hearst’s acquaintance was traumatic. During the aboriginal several weeks of her bondage (prior to her accord in the aboriginal of several coffer robberies), she was (according to her own accounts) kept in a aphotic closet. She was “sexually assaulted” (“Truth” 201). She was told that her parents were “insects” and that she was a affiliate of a chic of bodies that was “sucking blood” from the commoners. When her ancestor visited San Quentin (as allotment of a bribe appeal fabricated by the SLA), and he appear that the altitude of the prisoners there was fine, Hearst’s captors reportedly told her that her active altitude (in the cramped, aphotic closet) were agnate to those of the San Quentin prisoners. The booty home bulletin for Hearst was that her “tiny cell, dried air, and black walls were [considered by her ancestor to be] an adequate ambiance for his daughter. ” Her captors led her to feel added alienated from her old activity and from her ancestors (“Tania’s World”). Subject to astringent trauma, a being may not behave rationally or in befitting with what ability be expected. For example, in 2007, back badge begin and absolved Shawn Hornbeck, a boy who had been abducted 4 years beforehand (when he was alone 12), one of the questions that alike again was: why didn’t he run? During at atomic the aftermost two or three of his years of captivity, his captor (Michael Devlin) accustomed Shawn a amazing bulk of freedom. Shawn went to school, rode his bike, and had assorted opportunities to address his bearings to authorities, but he didn’t (Tresniowski, Grout, and Finan). Shawn’s advocate speculates that an “invisible leash” kept Shawn from active (qtd. in Tresniowski, Grout, and Finan). And C. Robert Cloninger, a medical doctor at the Sanson Center for Well-Being in St. Louis, indicates that victims may “[bond] with their abductors” in adjustment to “feel safe”: Once you’ve amorphous to analyze with your captor, you don’t accept to abhorrence them anymore, because you’re in accord with them…We see this in earnest situations, area the affecting academician abbreviate circuits the rational brain. (qtd. in Tresniowski, Grout, and Finan) It was this aforementioned “invisible leash” that fabricated Hearst do the acutely crazy things she did: rob banks, adumbrate from the law, abide with the SLA. A abutting attending at her history and a accurate attending at the now abominable SLA photo of Hearst acknowledge the truth: she may accept affected to be Tania, but that was a acting role, affected beneath acute affairs to assure herself. Her transformation from “an apolitical affluent girl” to a “gun-toting radical” (“Radically”) tells us added about the contest that she was bent up in than about who she was.

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