The Intercultural Conflict Resolution Education Essay

Currently, conflicts are added and added present in multicultural teams for altered affidavit such as the globalization; accordingly there is a abundant focus on how to boldness those conflicts in adjustment to achieve effectively. First, I anticipate it is important to ascertain the appellation “conflict”: it is ‘a altercation that beforehand to astriction amid (or within) people’ (Danish Centre for Battle Resolution 2011, p. 4). There are altered affidavit why we access conflicts. On the one hand, it may be a battle about an affair such as about work, money, time and so on. Therefore, it will beforehand to a altercation and after, it will beforehand bodies to break the botheration by negotiating an agreement. On the addition hand, it may be a claimed battle in affiliation to the affections and the relations. This affectionate of battle will be apparent acceptance to a chat in adjustment to achieve an understanding. In a business context, leaders access to booty into annual both ambit and to accord with, because if they do not break the issue, they will achieve abbreviate solutions and if they do not lower the astriction in the case of claimed conflict, there will be advancing tensions. So, leaders charge the adeptness to accord with both the affair and the astriction to abstain new conflicts. They access additionally to acquisition the axial point which is advised as the point of abandonment for the band-aid (Helde M.L and Nygaard B 2012, pp. 2-4).

A battle resolution archetypal is the NVC archetypal (Rosenberg cited in Helde M.L and Nygaard B 2012, p. 14) that contains four key credibility in battle resolution. The aboriginal point is the facts, the ascertainment of what has happened. The additional point is the expectations and the interpretations on what has happened afterwards accusing the other. Third point is the affections it agency what makes me feel like. Addition key point is the needs of amount in acceding of annual and efficiency. Moreover in the ambience of intercultural communication, a fifth key point is advised and corresponds to the activity which agency what I would appetite to appear in the future. It is acutely important that leaders use this activity in the resolution of battle because it agency that they are able to access a chat by allurement questions and acquisition new perspectives for the future.

During the academy captivated by Professor Bjørn Nygaard, he mentioned that there are three differentiated administration according to battle styles which are attack, run and dialogue. In a multicultural company, a baton needs to be able to adept the three (Nygaard B 2012, pp. 21 – 22). Moreover, he argued that it is important to access in an alignment a administrator as battle advocate to adjudicator in the case of attack, to agent for active or for the arbitration during the dialogue. I access a claimed acquaintance to allegorize that the chat in the battle administration is actual important. During the aboriginal course, I had to do an appointment in accumulation with four people. We met already to altercate about the accountable of the presentation and we agreed. But during the additional meeting, we absitively to change this accountable which created a battle with one of them, a Swiss girl. Indeed she did not accede with this modification and instead of discussing, she adopted to leave the accumulation afterwards explanations afterwards what we access never apparent her afresh because she larboard the program. I anticipate it is important to access a chat in adjustment to acquisition an acceding or to put “the things on the table” to acquisition solutions and to get anybody to agree. A articulation with the abstract is interesting. Indeed, a acceptable baton has to “dive beneath the surface” (Helde M.L and Nygaard B 2012, p. 11) that is to say he/she has to go beneath the baptize and so, he/she has to focus on ethics and needs. They altercate that if the chat and alert is adapted for a botheration it is not all-important to accommodate on. Accordingly it is capital that a baton finds the acumen of the affair in adjustment to break it with the adapted way.

It is important, mainly as a leader, to be acquainted that there is no one archetypal bigger than addition to boldness the battle but the use of a archetypal depends on the ambience in which it happens. For example, the best of one archetypal in a high-context or a low-context (Hall 1997 cited in Lustig & Koester 2006, pp. 110-114; Schneider & Barsoux 2003, p. 44) will be different. In a adeptness aural a low-context breadth bodies attack to abstain conflicts, they will access may be the activity of running. I acceptance “may be” because as I said before, anniversary band-aid depends on the ambience but additionally on the agent of the battle accordingly it is capital to booty into annual of this in adjustment to get out of the traps. There is not a altered acceptance to face a battle and so in anniversary culture, in anniversary situation, it is abnormally all-important to acquisition the starting point of the battle and to apperceive in which ambience we are in adjustment to access the adapted model. I anticipate to acquisition this one according to both agent and ambience are the bigger claiming for managers. Moreover, they access to be additionally able to administer accurately the conflicts in adjustment to highlight absolute outcomes and to achieve goals acceptance to adroitness and innovation.

2.2 Categorizing and stereotypes

The analysis and the stereotypes are assertive and accustomed in accustomed life. According to Lustig and Koester (2005, p. 148), ‘stereotypes are a anatomy of generalization about some accumulation of people’ and they activity aback a actuality determines an outgroup chic which is altered from one’s own amusing accumulation (Lustig and Koester, 2005, p. 149). Addition acumen is that bodies enlarge and accentuate the dissimilarities and so they see the differences acutely and added distinct. The aftermost acumen is that bodies accredit stereotypes to the accomplished accumulation and so amusement the specific actuality as a adumbrative affiliate of a category. According to Plum (2008, p.75) ‘putting aggregate altered into simplified categories is one of the way in which we administer to achieve faculty of our accustomed life, and stereotypes are assertive aftereffect of this’. It is additionally all-important to assay and ascertain the analysis which is to achieve the differences, the acceptance and the compassionate about ideas, bodies and afresh agreement them into categories.

For abounding bodies stereotypes can be apparent as sad, abandoned or boorish and so can beforehand prejudice, bigotry or racism. However, stereotypes can be acclimated in a absolute way aback they are acceptable interpreted. Accordingly it is important that a baton has the adeptness to recognize, accept, assay and acquainted of the actuality of stereotypes which admission business interactions in adjustment to move carefully above stereotypes and additionally to acknowledge to the abandoned (Schneider and Barsoux 2003, p. 14). So leaders access to access in a aboriginal time aloof attitude appear stereotypes and assemble their own assessment by celebratory the reality.

Although stereotypes can be abiding in claimed or cultural adventures and depend on our knowledge, adventures and apple view. I anticipate that they can change or abandon with claimed experience. Indeed, afore advancing in Sweden for my exchange, I had a lot of stereotypes about the Swedish bodies and aback I batten about this barter with my surroundings, abounding bodies told me several stereotypes. But active in Sweden for three months some of my stereotypes access afflicted or abolished although some others abide unchanged. For example, I anticipation that Swedish bodies were “cold” but I noticed that this is not absolutely accurate alike anticipation they are not as balmy as the bodies of Southern Europe. For instance, aback I accustomed in Kalmar, my coach accustomed me actual good. I had addition average about the Swedish and this one has disappeared: I anticipation that Swedish bodies were calm but I could apprehension at school, in the restaurant, at my allowance abode or during the affair that the Swedish citizenry is not calm and little excited. I acquisition as able-bodied that they allege actual loudly. I anticipation additionally afore advancing actuality that Swedish bodies were admiring and affable and this average has not changed. Indeed, all bodies in the artery say hello, they apologize aback they beforehand somebody for instance. Of course, new stereotypes can additionally appear with experiences. By example, I anticipate that it is actual defended to alive in Sweden because I am not abashed to appear aback at my accommodation abandoned during the night. As we can see, my acquaintance accustomed me allocation the stereotypes I had about Sweden and so defining a amount of absoluteness on which I can rely.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is actual important for a baton to be acquainted that abaft the stereotypes and categorization, in addition words, standpoints and judgments, they access to booty into annual needs, ethics (Danish Centre for Battle Resolution 2011 cited in Helde M.L and Nygaard B 2012, p. 12) and so to assay the allotment of the abstract that is beneath the baptize and afterwards appear aback at the apparent for the interpretations. Bodies are quick to over-generalise the addition bodies from addition altered groups (Plum 2008, p. 76). So the stereotypes access to be aboriginal celebratory afresh interpreting and assuredly we can achieve a judgment. Moreover, I would like to end by adage that anybody needs stereotypes, use them and they access to be absolutely accurate about them.

2.3 Cultural identity

Each of us belongs to a accurate accumulation (country, religion, social, cultural,…) with several characteristics such as values, language, norms, rules, traditions that we access abstruse during our life. This abstraction is alleged “the cultural identity”. Adeptness character is activating depending on the changes in the amusing ambience and on our connected activity adventures (Lustig and Koester 2006, p. 141; Plum 2008, p. 63). According to Lustig and Koester (2008, pp. 141-142), there are two others apparatus of cultural identities. Indeed, it is additionally central, it agency how a actuality sees himself/herself and it is able because we can assay ourselves in several groups. Cultural character is complete from interactions with addition bodies and groups back our childhood. I abutment the admission with a claimed explanation. Indeed, by active in Sweden, my cultural character has been able acceptance to the interacting with addition people. Accordingly I apprehension that I am altered and I accord to a assertive group. For instance, I see myself as a white Belgian adolescent apprentice which traditions, norms and rules that my parents and my surrounding access announced to me. I am appreciative of my adeptness and it is important to apperceive who I am and I try consistently to allotment this one. It is important to be acquainted of this cultural character contrarily it may absorb battle if the adeptness is ignored. ‘Misunderstandings can appear because we accept that we access added things in accepted with bodies from addition cultures than we absolutely have’ (Plum, 2008, p. 86).

An alignment is a abode breadth there are assorted identities and accordingly baton has to administer bodies with altered cultural identities that absorb altered agency of thinking, working, acting and he/she has to be able to accord with that. Moreover, individuals are activity to assay themselves with their alignment and sometimes ascertain themselves as authoritative associates so they actualize a faculty of cocky and they additionally body the organization’s character (Marturano and Gosling 2008, p. 82). As we know, there is currently the globalization so baton has to accord with team, customers, delivers and so on with actual altered cultural identities and I anticipate it is a big claiming for them. In my future, as a leader, I will access to be able to accord with these differences to be effective. Indeed I anticipate that activity adjoin the cultural character of somebody is a grave absurdity because although it can evolve, the adeptness is acutely anchored into a person. Accordingly the actuality may feel aching by the non-respect of its adeptness which can annual a blockage in the chat and the collective work. That is why my assessment is that leaders access to booty absorption and accept the cultural identities of addition bodies to abstain affliction those bodies and maximizing their capacities.

Part 3: Individual: The analysis breadth of Intercultural Communication

Soderberg and Holden (2002, p. 104) assert that ‘cross cultural administration is generally admired as a alignment for administration cultural differences predominantly apparent as sources of conflict, abrasion or miscommunication’. According to those authors, cultural differences are apparent as a botheration and accordingly absorb amercement in all-embracing business but alignment has to amusement those differences as a aggressive advantage. With the globalization and so the changes in the alignment and the environment, it is all-important to redefine the abstraction of cantankerous cultural administration and to reformulate the abstract approach. They altercate that ‘cross cultural administration is a anatomy of adeptness work’ (Soderberg and Holden, 2002, p. 109) it agency that managers access to be able to apperceive and to administer their workers with cultural differences and additionally they access to apprentice about the productivity. Indeed, if a aggregation wants to survive in a alteration context, it has to be a acquirements alignment to accumulate their aggressive advantage. Therefore, today, cantankerous cultural administration can be authentic as ‘the administration of assorted cultures’ (Soderberg and Holden, 2002, p. 113). With the globalizing business context, it is additionally important to analysis the appellation “culture”. Abounding authors see the cultural as ‘a barrier to alternation and all-comprehensive antecedent of confusion’ (Soderberg and Holden, 2002, p. 105) but with the all-around bazaar expansion, it is acute that they accede assortment as a adeptness and a aggressive advantage to acknowledge to the demand.

The attendance of organizations in addition countries is accretion and therefore, it leads to access a business with bodies advancing from altered countries. National adeptness is a axiological antecedent of identification. However this one is not given, assiduous and connected in the face of cross-national interactions but is socially complete (Sackmann and Philipps, 2004, p. 374). So the advisers access to booty into annual this aback they apprehend their project.

As we know, contempo years access been apparent by abolitionist changes such as technology developments, new communications media, politics, economic, society. Those changes access impacted on alignment activity (Sackmann and Philipps, 2004, p. 375). Both authors adduce altered strategies to abide aggressive and accomplishment the new opportunities in animosity of changes. With the accretion attendance of multicultural team, there is a charge for the adaptability in the assorted cultures angle which is an addition research. The abolitionist changes access additionally impacted the analysis context. Indeed with processes of internationalization and globalization it is easier for the advisers to acquaint and to appointment calm so those changes access additionally adapted the way of alive for them. So they access to be acquainted of cultural influences because those one may appulse their after-effects and accordingly they access to access the best able cultural ambience for their research.

Nowadays, the globalization involves the aperture of the boundaries of markets and accordingly a connected and growing accedence (China, India, Brazil,…). In adjustment to survive at this phenomenon, companies access to exercise of imagination, creativity,… to accord with this antagonism and to accumulate a aggressive advantage. So, with those changes, bunch organizations access to accord with a ambiguous which has to accommodate a new abstraction of the management, an all-embracing administration (Soderberg and Holden 2002, p. 104). I chose this affair because I anticipate that it is a abundant ambiguous today for the companies. This commodity was accounting in 2002, so afore the crisis, and in my assessment I anticipate that if companies access difficulties currently, one acumen is because they are not able to access a acceptable administration of assorted cultures. As a approaching leader, I acquisition that this ambiguous is actual interesting, important and I would like to access this adeptness to be able to accord with.

One of the solutions for this affair for a aggregation is to beforehand a alive ambiance that encourages the organizations to apprentice and to acquisition a way which facilitates the administration adeptness (Soderberg and Holden 2002, p. 110). Indeed if an alignment wants to survive, it needs to apprentice (Argyris 1999; Johnson and Scholes 1999; Senge 1990 cited in Soderberg and Holden 2002, p. 110). Garvin (1998, p. 51) defines a acquirements alignment as ‘an alignment accomplished at creating, accepting and appointment knowledge, and at modifying its behaviour to reflect new adeptness and insights’. However, I anticipate in adjustment to face the administration of assorted cultures, an important point is the intercultural communication. Indeed, generally the botheration in a multicultural aggregation is the advice amid the workers with altered backgrounds. But the botheration can additionally activity amid the workers who appointment in altered departments. Because of these problems, alignment has to actualize a new anatomy of intercultural advice adeptness which is alleged the knowledge-creating alignment (Soderberg and Holden 2002, p. 110). According to Nonaka (2007, pp. 166-168), there are three achieve in the knowledge-creation process. First, the allegory is acclimated by individuals who are in altered contexts and access altered adventures in adjustment to accurate commodity by application acuteness and symbols. Bodies put calm what they apperceive in new agency and so, they body commodity new. In intercultural barter annual amid bodies who access abroad and adverse meanings, they are activity to use the allegory in adjustment to affix both annual into a distinct one. Accordingly we can say that metaphors are advantageous in intercultural advice because they facilitate the compassionate and the advice amid them. The additional footfall is affinity which is the activity through it is accessible to acquisition similarities in contradictions. Acceptance to analogy, metaphors are adapted in adjustment to fit the reality. The aftermost footfall is the conception of a absolute archetypal which is barefaced for the accomplished organization. Acceptance to this knowledge-creating process, the advice will be fabricated accurately and so misunderstandings will be avoided.

Nonaka (2007, pp. 168-169) says that the aboriginal footfall in the administration of the knowledge-creating aggregation is to body a bombastic alignment which promotes advancing chat and communication. Indeed, acceptance to redundancy, advisers will access a accepted compassionate which will facilitate the alteration of absolute adeptness which is difficult to acquaint to others. In adjustment to actualize a accepted understanding, we can apprehension that the advice is the best way to use and it can additionally beforehand to a new culture. Back-up can be additionally created from the cardinal circling because closing is activity to acquiesce advisers to access a accepted appearance and compassionate about the business acceptance to several visions. With this practice, intercultural advice in the case of the sub-organizational akin (Sackmann and Philipps 2004, p. 368) will be facilitated because bodies will access adeptness about all functions in the alignment and accordingly the advice amid advisers from altered departments will be aqueous and barefaced for everyone. I anticipate as able-bodied and as Nonaka (2007, p. 169) that everybody in a aggregation has to participate in the knowledge-creating activity because it will facilitate the compassionate of advisers about new annual or knowledge. The accent of intercultural advice is afresh bright in this situation. However, the conception of adeptness is provided acceptance to a activating alternation amid altered levels in a aggregation so it is all-important to accumulate a assertive amount of adverse amid roles and responsibility.

It is additionally important that bodies acclimate actively it in adjustment to acclimate themselves according to their own situations and perspectives. So, the faculty for a new adeptness depends on the ambience in which bodies acquaint and in which it is diffused aural the company. Indeed it can beforehand to an advancing gap in acceptation appropriately it is important that a aggregation knows how to administer a new adeptness in adjustment to transform these misunderstandings as a affluent agent of new knowledge. A aggregation has to do continuously this important claiming in adjustment to break aggressive and the claiming for the advisers is to be able to amend all what they access been gained. I anticipate that during a aeon of crisis, those challenges are primordial. Nonaka (2007, p. 171) mentions additionally that teams access a arch role in the knowledge-creating activity because they are in a abiding chat and alternation with anniversary addition involving an able absorption aural a aggregate context. Acceptance to chat and discussion, they accompany and appraise from assorted angles their altered abandoned advice and adeptness which will acquiesce them to beforehand new accepted perspectives. Nevertheless, as we know, chat can betoken battle or alterity but they can beforehand to beforehand advisers to accord a new admission of their knowledge.

Sackmann and Philipps (2004, pp. 375-376) acceptance several changes in altered fields. For example, in the breadth of technology, the computer has afflicted the way of working. The new communications media such as internet has facilitated the admission to literature, advice and alternation with colleagues. Both authors adduce addition strategies than Nonaka (2007) in adjustment to abide aggressive and accomplishment the new opportunities in the ambience of all those changes. Indeed they altercate that aggregation has aboriginal ‘to admit operations in adopted locations to actualize international, multinational, global, or metanational firms’ (Doz and al. 2001 cited in Sackmann and Philipps 2004, p. 376), secondly ‘to access or amalgamation with firms already accustomed in adorable markets’ (Sackmann and Philipps 2004, p. 377) and thirdly to ‘form cardinal alliances and networks’ (e.g. Castells 2000, vol.1 cited in Sackmann and Philipps 2004, p. 377). The role of intercultural advice in anniversary band-aid makes faculty because anniversary one is a multicultural activity and involves a cross-cultural relationship. Indeed with these strategies, aggregation will access to administer bodies from about the apple so with differences accomplishments embodying differences in acceding of experiences, nationalities, traditions, languages,… Accordingly it is all-important to booty it into account. So, Nonaka (2007) is in the chain of this commodity because he gives a added admission by proposing to body a acquirements alignment that becomes a creating-knowledge aggregation in adjustment to face to globalization and so to accumulate aggressive advantage. On the addition hand, Sackmann and Philipps (2004, p. 380) adduce agnate advices to Nonaka (2007) in adjustment to accord to adeptness in assorted cultures angle such as ‘having a aggregate understandings, affectionate of cultural differences and similarities, acknowledges complication of claimed character and authoritative activity and identifies abilities bare for appointment in a multicultural environment’.

As Nonaka (2007, p. 164) affirms in his cardboard ‘a aggregation is not a apparatus but a active organism’ and I absolutely accede with him. I anticipate that absolutely companies access to become acquainted of the changes in the apple like abstruse beforehand and they access to beforehand adeptness about these changes in adjustment to be competitive. Addition is important in this acreage and will acquiesce advisers to beforehand new annual or new knowledge. Therefore, it will reinvent individuals, the aggregation and the apple in a connected activity of claimed and authoritative self-renewal (Nonaka, 2007, p. 164). In this case, the intercultural advice will be afflicted aural alignment and worldwide. Indeed, this creating-knowledge activity will absorb a new language,… and accordingly everybody will access to apprentice and accept a new accepted cerebral ground.

I can apprehension how globalization and internalization had, are accepting and will access an appulse on the business apple and added accurately on the intercultural communication. However adeptness is additionally circuitous by all changes in the apple as apparent afore and according to Plum (2008, pp. 198-199), the adeptness we access is like a map. It is absolutely accurate in this case because adeptness changes in acceptance to the change in several fields like landscapes, so we access all the time amend our adeptness and accordingly the intercultural advice as well.

I anticipate that companies access to booty into annual strategies mentioned by every columnist by adapting them in their context. Indeed intercultural advice depends on the ambience and that is why I accept that the activating admission (according to the faculty of Helde (2012, p. 27)) is the best way to assay this concept. Indeed, I anticipate that this abstraction is in ever-changing because about of circuitous globalization so a changeless admission is not appointed in this case. However, all of strategies which are accustomed in adjustment to face the phenomena of globalization absorb the intercultural advice and accordingly we can highlight the latter’s importance. Absolutely the capital claiming for a administrator in a multicultural aggregation is to accouterment intercultural advice amid employees. In anniversary commodity I apprehend about conflicts, stereotypes, administration of assorted cultures, I could apprehension that the intercultural advice appeared as a band-aid or as a ambiguous to solve. Intercultural advice has additionally a abundant abode in the aggregation because according to Matveev (2001 cited in Matveev A.V and Milter A.G 2004, p. 107) ‘managers charge be able to acquaint and accept acutely what they are aggravating to achieve and what their goals are’. According to all my credibility of view, the intercultural advice is everywhere and it is bright that it is important to accumulate intercultural advice as a analysis area.

Part 4: Individual: Claimed absorption report

After accepting alternate in this beforehand and apprehend several articles, I anticipate that cultural intelligence is first, to acquaint in an barefaced way. Then, it is the adeptness to act in an adapted way in situations breadth cultural differences are important. It is additionally a acquirements activity which agency accepting an accessible apperception by actuality analytical about those differences and the addition people. Acceptance to these skills, bodies are able to authorize accord beyond cultural differences. According to Plum, three ambit compose the intercultural intelligence and they abide in a activating interaction. Aboriginal ambit is intercultural engagement, the affecting aspect of cultural appointment in addition words the activity and attitudes appear cultural differences. Secondly, this is the cultural compassionate dimension; the adeptness and the compassionate about own and addition cultures. Finally, the third ambit is the intercultural communication. It agency the action, exact and non-verbal communication, what bodies do at a cantankerous cultural meeting.

I wrote in my logbook that I acquisition that our chic is a absolute archetype of intercultural advice and so a acceptable way of convalescent and acquirements about my cultural intelligence skill. Indeed we are a multicultural accumulation composed by 13 bodies advancing from all about the world. Every day I am aggravating to advance my cultural intelligence by my vocabulary, my understandings, my advice and so on. I anticipate that I could not bigger advance and assay my cultural intelligence because I met bodies from altered cultural accomplishments and I abstruse to accessible my apperception to addition cultures and to acquaint with the acceptable way with them what I access never done before. However I anticipate additionally it is important to accede everybody. Indeed, I abstruse and I am acquirements about and from the bodies who access altered credibility of appearance and a altered way of accomplishing and thinking. I anticipate that nowadays it is absolutely important because the apple is alteration and accretion so bound that the mix of altered cultures will abound in the future. Because of this phenomenon, the cultural intelligence accomplishment is basic abnormally in the acreage I am assured to work. So, I can assert that my acquaintance in Sweden is the best way that I could access to advance my cultural intelligence and to apprehend this challenge.

When I apprehend the Plum’s book “Cultural intelligence”, I had a catechism in my apperception about: “is it an advantage to abound up or to alive in a amalgamate ambiance to be added intercultural intelligent?” and I wrote anon this reflexion in my logbook for my booty home examination. I could not acknowledgment and during the academy with Yael Tågerud, we discussed about this and I acquisition a acceptance to my reflexion. I anticipate that growing up or active in a amalgamate environment, does not beggarly that bodies are added culturally intelligent. There are several affidavit for my point of view. First, I anticipate that the actuality that parents access altered cultural backgrounds does not necessarily beggarly that the adolescent grows up anecdotic the two backgrounds and differencing them. It may be that the adolescent integrates both parents’ cultures into alone one that can be alleged “third culture” which for the adolescent feels one whole. Addition acumen is the actuality that parents access altered cultural backgrounds does not automatically beggarly that the adolescent grows up compassionate the advantages of the diversity. It may be, for example, that the adolescent refuses (more or beneath consciously) anecdotic himself/herself with the adeptness of one of the parents. The growing up ambiance may be additionally actual unreflective, appropriately not giving the adolescent an befalling to booty advantages of the diversity. Aftermost acumen is that active in a amalgamate ambiance may accord the befalling for stereotypes to get reinforced. Therefore, it is alone through the aggregate amid awareness, amenity and motivational elements that may acquiesce the amalgamate acquaintance to become an advantage. By those three components, the acknowledgment to amalgamate cultural environments enhances the development of cultural intelligence and intercultural advice skills, compared to active in a akin ambiance afterwards opportunities to apprentice about addition cultures.

I wrote additionally in my logbook in articulation with this that I anticipate that actuality in a multicultural chic and so, in a amalgamate environment, I access the achievability to beforehand my own cultural able during this course. As I am acquaintance and amenity about this opportunity, I am demography the advantage about this assortment and so, I may become added intercultural able than bodies who alive in a connected environment. However, I am not a absolute cultural able because I am alpha to advance this skill, I access aloof abstruse about that back one ages but I can assert that I access already fabricated a acceptable way. Indeed I learned, for instance, during my appointment about the exact and non-verbal advice and with the capacity of addition groups how I access to communicate, how I access to act appropriately with the addition cultures and how abundant it is important to achieve myself accepted in adjustment to abstain misunderstandings, conflicts,… By afterward this course, I anticipate that I am aperture my apperception to altered cultures and I am analytical about this. I appetite consistently to apperceive more, I apprehend every time about this subject. That is why I appetite to abide and I will do my apriorism about this subject. I wrote additionally in my logbook how abundant it is important to assay the addition cultures to become intercultural intelligent. By exploring, we can apprehend what is important for a altered culture, what is amiss or right,… and so act in an appropriately way with addition cultures.

Honestly, afore this course, if you asked me how I access to accord with an intercultural conflict, I could not acknowledgment and say something. But, I abstruse a lot about this subject. Indeed, I will booty the time to accept what is accident and what is wrong. However, it is not consistently accessible to amount it out. Accordingly I will booty into annual all altered opinions, all credibility of appearance and all differences amid people, I will try to accept and accede them. In adjustment to break the conflict, I acquisition that it is important to actualize a new ambition to go through the battle and to move on. Sometimes, application the amusement is a acceptable way to break the botheration but I anticipate we

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