The Incident Command System (ICS)

   1. The Adventure Command System (ICS) is a apparatus for:      A. Command, control, and allocation at an incident B. Interagency responses only C. Multi-jurisdictional responses only D. Responses involving first-response cadre only 2. ICS can be acclimated to administer all types of incidents.           A.     True B.     False 3. Federal law requires that ICS be acclimated for all accustomed disasters.       A.     True B.     False 4.The ICS General Staff includes: A. Branch, Division, Group, and Unit managers B. All managers of operational resources. C. Planning, Operations, Logistics, and Finance/Administration Area Chiefs D. Adventure Commander and the Information, Safety, and Liaison Officers 5. All incidents, behindhand of size, will accept an Adventure Commander.       A.     True B.     False 6. In an ICS environment, the optimum amount of ascendancy is:     A. Two (2) resources B. Five (5) resources C. Eight (8) resources D. Ten (10) resources 7. Which area is amenable for accouterment adventure facilities? A. Planning B. Operations C. Logistics D. Finance/Administration 8. Which area is amenable for documenting the cachet of resources, adventure response, and developing the IAP? A. Planning B. Operations C. Logistics D. Finance/Administration 9. The Adventure Commander is amenable for all the afterward EXCEPT:     A. Protecting activity and property  B. Controlling assets assigned to the incident C. Maintaining accountability D. Coordinating the community-wide response 10.  Given what you apperceive about your agency, your job and you capabilities, area would you best acceptable be assigned in an ICS structure? To whom would you report? Be abiding to accommodate what your job is or would be during an event.

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