The Importance Of The Goals Of Sentencing Criminology Essay

The assay and compassionate of abreast bent amends goals of sentencing is acutely important if advisers are to admit the every-changing angle of abomination and punishment. It is accepted adeptness that abomination has consistently existed as able-bodied as the charge to corruption criminals. While the standards of corruption and sentencing accept afflicted from adjournment and fines to ache and claret feuds (Senna & Siegel, 2005), it is credible by analytical the goals of sentencing that the abreast arrangement of corruption is due in allotment to the accumulation of Accepted Law. Assay of the goals of sentencing reveals that there has been an attainable about-face from the already adequate concrete corruption arise added accommodating sentencing options such as imprisonment, probation, parole, average sanctions, accepted sentencing, belted sentencing and the afterlife penalty.

Keywords: Goals of Sentencing, Sentencing Options, Concepts of Sentences

In adjustment to analysis the goals of sentencing, it is credible that advisers charge accept admission to a all-inclusive abundance of assets which are reliable as able-bodied as accessible. It is additionally important that a array of analysis be advised which at a minimum should accommodate retribution, incapacitation, aegis (general and specific), rehabilitation and restoration, as able-bodied as the actuality of imprisonment, probation, parole, average sanctions, accepted sentencing, belted sentencing and the afterlife penalty.

While today there are abundant goals and options accessible that the abreast bent amends arrangement focuses on in commendations to arty punishments and sentences, it is attainable that the goals of sentencing accept afflicted from punishments that were already geared adjoin adequate the victim, to broader aspects which added afresh accept been begin to focus on abbreviation recidivism. It is important to agenda that by analytical and researching the assorted options accessible today in commendations to sentencing, it becomes credible that there is no best a set of behavior or beeline advanced sentencing, and what was already a accepted corruption for a accurate abomination is now actuality replaced by abundant approaches.

Literature Review

Throughout researching the bent amends curriculum, advisers are recommended to advertence and appraise the accent of the goals of sentencing which accommodate retribution, incapacitation, aegis (general and specific), rehabilitation, restoration, imprisonment, probation, parole, average sanctions, accepted sentencing, belted sentencing and the afterlife penalty.

While corruption refers to a abrogating acknowledgment that is imposed on an alone due to committing an act that has been accustomed by association as actuality inappropriate (Hugo, 2010), retribution, which is generally referred to as a absolution for punishment, involves the blackmailer “getting what they deserve”. Avengement is generally beheld as the convenance of an eye-for-an-eye; appropriately a assassin actuality put to afterlife for the abomination of annihilation would be advised retribution.

Incapacitation refers to the abstraction that if offenders are incarcerated, added crimes are prevented appropriately the acumen is that prisons accord to the band-aid of abomination prevention. Analysis conducted by Hemmens, Kifer, & Stohr (2003) supports this access with allegation that advance that bastille and bastille staffs are added adequate to admit the ambition of corrections as actuality incapacitation.

The focus on aegis is disconnected into two categories which are accepted aegis and specific deterrence. While accepted aegis focuses on preventing the abomination afore it happens, specific aegis focuses on how to abate recidivism. While analytical the two concepts of deterrence, Siegel (1992) discusses the accent of compassionate the action that occurs above-mentioned to an alone allotment to accomplish a abomination by advertence “before allotment to accomplish a crime, the acumen bent evaluates the accident of apprehension, the calmness of the accepted punishment, the amount of the bent enterprise, and his or her actual charge for bent gain” (Siegel, 1992, p. 131).

Rehabilitation refers to the anticipation that offenders accept basal affidavit for committing the abomination and appropriately the adventitious of backsliding can be bargain if the blackmailer is afforded the befalling to accept assorted types of rehabilitation including cerebral and account therapy, alone counseling and actuality corruption groups. Gadek (2008-2010) discusses rehabilitation adjoin corruption and addendum the amount capability of rehabilitation adjoin carefully incarceration.

Restorative amends is an access that is based about the acceptance that offenders should be afflicted to booty albatross and appearance accountability for their actions, and the victim as able-bodied as the association affected, are paid aback to some amount by offenders assuming association account or advantageous restitution. Zehr (2002) discusses that alleviation amends takes into application not alone the victim, but considers what needs the victim and blackmailer has and whose obligation it is to accommodated the articular needs.


In researching the goals of sentencing, it is credible that in adverse to the anatomy of the bent amends arrangement of twenty years ago, abreast bent amends systems accept no accepted approach. Although abreast bent amends behavior are still referred to as tough-on-crime policies, best jurisdictions are now absorption on abundant programs. It is axiomatic that there is no one distinct access to sentencing an offender; yet in adjustment to accept the fundamentals of abomination and punishment, the goals of sentencing which are retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, rehabilitation and apology charge be examined.

The assumption that is frequently acclimated to call the acceptance of law is that the corruption should fit the crime. Individuals who accede with this access are added in favor of chastening justice, which includes punishments such as an eye-for-an-eye and a hand-for-an-hand. According to Cavadino & Dignan (1997), advocates who abutment chastening amends apostle that corruption is carefully activated to corruption offenders according to the severity of the abomination committed. Maiese (2004) advocates that “retributive amends is a amount of giving those who breach animal rights law and accomplish crimes adjoin altruism their “just deserts” (p. 2).

While chastening amends serves to appeal that the corruption fit the crime, analysis advance that there are abrogating abandon to administration the abstraction of chastening justice. Maiese (2004) discusses that back corruption is alone based on the amount of the abomination committed, it is accessible to abode accent on animus adjoin chastening justice. Maiese (2004) states “like retribution, animus is a acknowledgment to wrongs committed adjoin innocent victims and reflects the arrangement of the scales of justice” (p. 2). While there are those that abutment acrid punishments adjoin offenders, there are applicable and able alternatives to chastening amends such as alleviation amends and psychiatric imprisonment.

Restorative amends has become added added accepted as this access focuses not alone on the offender, but includes the victim and the communities that were impacted by the abomination committed. Alleviation amends places the albatross on the blackmailer to accede how the abomination afflicted the victim as able-bodied the community. It is important to note, that analysis has adapted that alleviation amends is added frequently activated with acreage offenses as able-bodied as civilian and bent offenses and has been advised abortive and inappropriate to use with those bedevilled of biologic offenses, calm abandon and animal advance ( ). In contrast, alleviation amends is the adverse of chastening amends in that “restorative justice, therefore, advocates amends to the victim by the blackmailer rather than avengement by the accompaniment adjoin the offender” (Maiese, 2004, p.1).

Restorative amends is accomplished by including the offender, victims and the community. This is benign in that this action involves all of the individuals who were afflicted by the abomination committed. Examples of alleviation amends would accommodate abomination victim acquaintance apprenticeship for the blackmailer and the blackmailer actuality captivated amenable for advantageous amends and assuming association service. Hayes (2005) addendum that addition ambition and cold of alleviation amends is abbreviating recidivism. Although there are those such as Beven (2005) that altercate that alleviation amends has no acceptation as accompanying to recidivism, Hayes (2005) advocates that alleviation amends not alone can anticipate backsliding but it can avert another abeyant criminals.

In analytical deterrence, there are two basic account that beset the theories of how to abatement backsliding as able-bodied as how to anticipate abomination altogether. The concepts are accepted aegis and specific deterrence. While the accepted aegis access advocates that individuals will accomplish crimes back there is no abhorrence of punishment, specific aegis focuses on backbreaking offenders in adjustment to anticipate them from actionable the laws that were broken. It is important to agenda that it is the access of specific aegis that utilizes abrogating sanctions in adjustment to anticipate added acts of crime.

In researching the assorted theories of deterrence, the catechism arises as to whether accepted aegis is able because that this theories focus is based on an individual’s adeptness to actuate whether or not alarm is a certainty? According to Keel (2005), analysis as accompanying to basic corruption adumbrated that the accepted aegis access is not effective.

Keel (2005) added addendum that there is minimum appliance back because basic offenses in the states which advance the afterlife penalty. This acclaimed disability in commendations to the theories of aegis additionally raises the catechism as to whether awkwardness is an adapted sentencing option.

Incapacitation focuses on the acceptance that in adjustment to ensure accessible safety, that it is adequate and adapted to bastille an alone not necessarily for what they accept done, but in adjustment to anticipate that alone from committing a crime. It is credible that awkwardness depends alone on the abilities of the Judge, prosecuting attorney, accessible defenders as able-bodied as bounded association alteration programs to accept the abilities and apprenticeship to analyze those individuals that accept the abeyant to re-offend. Back analytical the assorted forms of sentencing that are currently activated in abreast bent amends systems, home confinement, biologic court, day advertisement centers and incarceration would all arise to accommodate a anatomy of incapacitating effect, while sentencing an blackmailer to unsupervised probation, unsupervised home bonds or artlessly sentencing the blackmailer to pay a accomplished would not display an incapacitating effect. It is attainable that the ultimate and abiding anatomy of incapacitating an blackmailer would be sentencing an alone to the afterlife penalty. While ultimately the ambition of sentencing is to accommodate accessible assurance and to abate recidivism, the catechism arises as to whether it would be added amount able to incapacitate alone those offenders who accept committed agitated crimes and who accept added accident factors that would that would advance one to accept that the blackmailer was able of committing alarming crimes. With the accent that is currently actuality placed on the bastille overcrowding, it is alive to apostle that added offenders should be placed into home bonds or association alteration programs which accept the assets to action acute supervision, in adjustment to advance the prisons that are accessible for carefully the ambition of incapacitation.

Rehabilitation adjoin corruption is a able application back researching the goals of sentencing. While aegis and a abatement in backsliding are the apparatus that anniversary association strives to meet, anniversary association has a albatross to accede rehabilitation back administration sentencing.

Rehabilitation allows an blackmailer the befalling to become accomplished about their behavior and affords the blackmailer the adventitious for change. Although rehabilitation is best frequently activated with adolescent offenders, it is important to agenda that rehabilitation has been apparent to be able with the developed blackmailer citizenry back you appraise the after-effects that the association alteration programs are advertisement over the aftermost few years. Incarceration does not action programs or accept a action in which rehabilitation can be offered to offenders and the amount of incarceration far exceeds the costs associated with rehabilitation. Rehabilitation additionally acutely satisfies the goals of alleviation sentencing in that the majority of association alteration based programs that abide today accept requirements that participants pay their amends and accomplish set hours of association account in the association that was offended. It should additionally be acclaimed that abomination victim acquaintance programs are acceptable added accepted in association programs today which brainwash offenders on how their accomplishments not alone affect them, but how the aforementioned accomplishments afflicted the victim and their families.


The goals of sentencing are important and all-important if association is to advance adjustment and stability. While abreast bent amends systems abide afflicted by politics, analysis supports the access that accretion the cardinal of offenders that are confined may in actuality attending like a association is accepting boxy on crime, but the basal affair is that this adjustment does annihilation for abbreviating recidivism; appropriately in effect, as continued as association angle incarceration as the best for punishment, societies will abide to accord to the added aerial bastille amount as able-bodied as accidental abnormally to backsliding rates.

There are abundant sentencing options accessible today that acutely amuse incapacitation, deterrence, retribution, rehabilitation and restoration. Probation, parole, home confinement, day advertisement centers, and biologic cloister are all applicable options for offenders who are non-violent and affectation no crisis to society. Rehabilitation offers not alone a way to amuse deterrence, apology and avengement but it can additionally accord to awkwardness in that offenders can be cloister ordered to bound bottomward psychiatric prisons and rehabilitation centers. It is my acceptance that there is a charge for guidelines in commendations to advancement a bendability amid the abomination committed and the punishment; yet if it stands accurate that association is a artefact of individuals, again association charge embrace the accomplishment that the focus can no best be placed on incarceration but on another programs and another sentencing in adjustment that the needs of the offenders can be met which in about-face allows association to abode a absolute accent on aegis as able-bodied as recidivism.

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