The Impact of Group Membership

  Use your textbook, Sue and Sue's Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, to complete the following: Read Chapter 2, "The Superordinate Nature of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy," pages 37–65. Read Chapter 9, "Multicultural Evidence-Based Practice," pages 283–314. Read Chapter 13, "Culturally Competent Assessment," pages 429–451. Remember, your e-books are accessible for account via VitalSource Bookshelf. You can admission Bookshelf from the larboard Course Tools card or via the alternative downloaded application. Use the Capella University Library to complete the afterward readings: Buckingham, Frings, and Albery's 2013 article, "Group Associates and Social Identity in Addiction Recovery" in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, aggregate 27, affair 4, pages 1132–1140. Pedersen's 1991 article, "Multiculturalism as a Generic Approach to Counseling," in Journal of Counseling & Development, aggregate 70, affair 1, pages 6–12. Sacks and Peled's 2008 article, "The Self-Perception of Women Who Live With an Alcoholic Partner: Dialoging With Deviance, Strength, and Self-Fulfillment," in Family Relations, aggregate 57, affair 3, pages 390–403.   The Appulse of Accumulation Membership Sue and Sue (2016) illustrated similarities and differences amid people, and the able access of perceived accumulation associates on how we appearance others and how we appearance ourselves. Read the Buckingham, Frings, and Albery commodity provided in the Resources section, and altercate the appulse of accumulation associates or memberships as they chronicle to the analysis of addiction.

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