The House of My Dream

Many bodies dream. Dream to appointment the alien countries, dream to fly by a airship or to cantankerous ocean on a sailing vessel. Bodies dream of what that they don’t have, but would actual abundant like to accomplish or get. Bodies dream of much, alone not consistently their dreams appear true. And I’m an exception! I a big admirable abode is about everyone’s animal one of the sweetest dreams. My abode of dream is a big alone house, anchored far from burghal activity at the bank of ocean. It charge be a actual adorable and admirable place, so I could absorb there my chargeless time and booty a rest, alert to buzz of the ocean and boscage life.My abode should be an irreplaceable allotment of a attributes and my able-bodied being. It should accept big windows through which attractive the window I should see the absurd panorama of angry ocean and the buzz of the approach trees. In short, it should be the acceptable abode with all claimed belongings. In the abode of my dream there should be not beneath than eight apartment - a vestibule, a cartoon room, a dining room, studies for the work, four - bristles apartment on anniversary affiliate of family, and additionally kitchen and two bathrooms.It would like to me that in my abode necessarily is the broiler on a arena attic about of which all ancestors would gather. And that the appliance in the abode was wooden. And of advance a big pool, admitting the actuality that ocean is anchored not far from. There I can bathe back the ocean is algid or the acclimate is stormy. I would like, that about of my abode grew a lot of copse as approach copse and alternative close plants. In accepted I would like to alive about in south afterpiece to the arctic and equator, the countries of sun and hot weather. [pic] Ilia Ovchinnikov 2010

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