The Holy Bible: the Ultimate Ufo Encounter?

It tells the adventure of the bearing and afterlife of a savior (God's son, Jesus Christ) and the abounding miracles he performed wrought his life. However, to some bodies it is so abundant more. Some bodies affirmation that the Bible disguises a history of article that abounding bodies abatement to recognize. Vehicles in the sky, angels, and akin aberrant abductions are all abundant aural the pages of the Holy Bible, and they acknowledge a alluring possibility; the achievability that it is not alone the angelic argument of Christianity, but additionally accurate affirmation of the world's absolute aboriginal anonymous aerial article (OF) and conflicting encounters. One of the best absorbing aspects of the Bible is the dozens of passages that meme to Indicate some array of "vehicle" In the sky, or what adeptness now be referred to as a OF. One of the best notable belief in the Bible is that of Moses arch the Israelites out of Egypt. Exodus 13:21-13:22 describes a abstruse "pillar of cloud" that guides the Israelites on their Journey, advertence "By day the Lord went avant-garde of them in a colonnade of billow to adviser them on their way and Wagner 2 by night In a colonnade of blaze to accord them light, so that they could biking by day or night. Neither the colonnade of billow by day nor the colonnade of blaze by night larboard its abode in avant-garde of the people. (The Holy Bible New International Version) Imagine actuality from biblical times and aggravating to alarm a OF afterwards accepting the avant-garde words to do so. One adeptness alarm a ample article aerial aerial as actuality affectionate of like a cloud. However, clouds do not advance bodies to safety, and they do not afford a fire-like afterglow by night, so it is ablaze that these verses are not apropos to a accurate cloud. By acumen that this article aerial aloft the Israelites and arch them to assurance could not accept been a accurate cloud, it charge be advised that there was some affectionate of avant-garde technology acceptable them on their Journey. In biblical runes, this blazon of avant-garde technology was absolutely not of alluvial origin, and that can advance to alone one conclusion; If there was, In fact, some affectionate of article aerial aloft the Israelites, lighting their way, and arch them to safety, the technology had to accept appear from a planet alternative than Earth. In the book of Ezekiel, there Is afresh a advertence too "cloud. " Ezekiel describes his appointment in ballad 1:4 by adage "l looked, and I saw a windstorm advancing out of the north-?an immense billow with aflame lightning and amidst by a ablaze light. The centermost of the blaze looked like aglow metal... He continues in ballad 1 6 anecdotic "This was the actualization and anatomy of the wheels: They sparkled like chrysalises, and all four looked alike. Anniversary appeared to be fabricated like a caster intersecting a wheel. (The Holy Bible New International Version) In these passages Ezekiel has apparent a huge brownish attractive billow amidst by ablaze aflame lights which appears to be a "wheel intersecting a wheel". Toys Wagner 3 In comparing what Ezekiel witnessed with a avant-garde day OF sighting, the similarities are astounding. The accustomed description off OF is appealing standard. Beholder counts usually focus on the aerial amount of acceleration at which the article travels; the bright, aflame lights; the shiny, silvery, or brownish color; its ample size; and the actualization as actuality disc shaped with a annular center. By comparing beholder descriptions such as this with the description that Ezekiel gave, it is ablaze that the two descriptions are uncannily similar. Buffo's biking at a aerial amount of speed; the "cloud" that Ezekiel saw came out of the arctic like a "windstorm. " Buffo's accept bright, aflame lights; Ezekiel "cloud" had "flashing lightning" and was "surrounded by a ablaze light. " A OF is brownish in appearance, Just like the "glowing metal" of Ezekiel "cloud. " A OF is disc-shaped with a annular center, or one adeptness alarm it as "a caster intersecting a wheel. " In this passage, Ezekiel has apparent article that he has no chat for. The article that he saw was article that he could not identify, so he has to alarm it to the best of his adeptness instead. The article that he saw was additionally acutely aerial out of the arctic like a "windstorm". Therefore, by definition, Ezekiel has apparent a OF. One of the best able-bodied accepted belief in The Bible is the bearing of Jesus Christ and the actuality astute men who followed a brilliant to Bethlehem to see the bairn King. Matthew 2:9 says that "After they had heard the King, they went on their way, and the brilliant they had apparent in the east went avant-garde of them until it chock-full over the abode area the adolescent was. Aback they saw the brilliant they were overjoyed. (The Holy Bible New International Version) Stars do not move and stop, Just as clouds do not advance bodies to safety. Attractive up at the night sky if is generally absolute accessible to aberration an aeroplane for a star. However, they acutely did not accept airplanes in biblical times, Wagner 4 o whatever was arch the astute men to babyish Jesus had to accept been article that was not of this world. The Holy Bible additionally includes passages that acquaint of God's angels visiting apple to accompany letters to our biblical ancestors. To abounding these accounts of angels bottomward from the blast act as added affidavit of conflicting existence. "By analogue angels are otherworldly. Angels are extraterrestrials. They're not from this planet. So really, by definition, E. It's and angels are the same. Now our avant-garde conceptions of E. It's accept changed, but go aback bags of years aback angels lived amid our biblical ancestors. They didn't alarm them E. It's. They alleged them angels, but they knew they were not of this world... Not of this planet. " (Barnes) Bill Bribes, columnist and administrator of OF annual said in an annual on the History Channel's alternation Age-old Aliens. Aback asked to alarm an angel best bodies would alarm a actuality that looks absolute abundant like a animal with wings on its back. However, the absolute biblical argument rarely describes angels as accepting bird-like appendages, which causes abounding bodies to admiration area this delineation of angels as accepting wings originated. Jason Martial, columnist of Knowledge Apocalypse, revises an absorbing theory. "If they saw someone, a animal actuality or humanoid, aerial in the skies they could alone accord it a accustomed review... Giving it wings. I don't anticipate they absolutely had wings. It was age-old man's way of adage they had the ability of flight" (Martial) he states in an annual for an adventure of Age-old Aliens. Erich Von Daniel, columnist of Chariots of the Gods? Adds "Use the chat extraterrestrials Instead AT ten chat AT angel . Use ten chat AT a baton AT extraterrestrials Instead AT archangel. If you change a few words in the old text, a few key words, you change the appear of the old text. " (Daniel) Bodies in biblical times did not allege the way we do in this avant-garde day and age, not to acknowledgment the actuality that capacity Wagner 5 sometimes get absent in translation. By compassionate this it becomes absolutely ablaze that the words angels and aliens could absolutely possibly be apropos to the aforementioned thing. The Bible additionally includes accounts of "fallen angels". Genesis 6:1-6:3 states "When men began to access in cardinal on the apple and daughters were built-in to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they affiliated any of them they chose. (The Holy Bible New International Version) The book of Enoch, begin amid the Dead Sea scrolls in the backward sass's, gives a agnate account. Enoch 6:1-6:3 states "And it came to canyon aback the accouchement of men had assorted that in those canicule were built-in unto them admirable and attractive daughters. And the angels, the accouchement of heaven, saw them and lusted afterwards them, and said to one another: 'Come, let us chose us wives from amid the accouchement of men and afford us children. " The book of Enoch additionally refers to these angels as "watchers" or "guardians of the sky' (Ancientness. Org). The accouchement built-in from these unions of the sons of God and the daughters of man produced the Oenophile, which the book of Enoch and the Bible both accredit to as a chase of giants. However, the chat Oenophile has additionally been translated to beggarly "mighty men" (Dictionary. Com). Ancient astronaut theorists agree. They advance that the appellation refers not to the Nephritis's size, but to their super- animal abilities. Giorgio A. Outclass, administrator of Legendary Times annual presents the catechism "Were they giants or is that the amiss chat and the actual chat should be extraterrestrial? Because then, in my opinion, it makes added faculty annual so far I accept not apparent an aboriginal deposit of a behemothic bone. " (Outclass) The actuality that these collapsed angels, or "watchers" were acutely not from this planet is already affidavit that, by definition, they are aliens. By because the achievability that the adaptation of "mighty men" Wagner 6 refers not to the concrete admeasurement of these beings, but to their super-human backbone or intelligence it can alone added actualize this claim. Enoch himself, it seems, had abounding interactions with these angels, and with God. Affiliate 5 of Genesis is a accounting annual of the birth from Adam to Noah. It additionally states how old anniversary actuality lived to be afore they died, all except for Enoch. The annual of Nosh's activity in affiliate 5 of Genesis is absolute altered from the accounts of his ancestors and predecessors. Genesis 5:21-5:24 states "When Enoch had lived 65 years, he became the ancestor of Methuselah. And afterwards he became the ancestor of Methuselah, Enoch absolved with God 300 years and had alternative sons and daughters. Altogether, Enoch lived 365 years. Enoch absolved with God; afresh he was no more, because God took him away. " (The Holy Bible New International Version) The aboriginal affirmation abduction case is broadly appear to be that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1964. However, age-old astronaut theorists disagree. They point to this access in Genesis as affidavit that Enoch was the absolute aboriginal conflicting abduction case. Chapter 5 of Genesis makes it absolutely ablaze that Enoch did not die like his alternative relatives. It is additionally ablaze that he did not Just go missing. He absolved with God, and afresh God took him away. In 2nd Kings, affiliate two there is afresh acknowledgment of a actuality actuality taken abroad afterwards along. Ballad 11 AT accompanist two tells ten adventure AT Elijah Delving taken up to axis Ana ascribes that as Allies and Elijah were "walking forth and talking together, aback a agent of blaze and horses of blaze appeared and afar the two of them, and Elijah went up to Heaven in a whirlwind. (The Holy Bible New International Version) Again, in biblical times they did not accept a chat for this "chariot of fire" that descended bottomward from the skies and took Elijah away. Wagner 7 They could alone alarm what they saw in their terms, so they alleged it a chariot, acceptation a So clearly, what is actuality declared in this access is a OF; it was an article that they could not analyze aerial through the skies, and it took Elijah p into Heaven. In the book of Psalms there is a absolute absorbing description of God. Affiliate 18 gives the annual of how God adored David from the duke of all his enemies and from the duke of Saul. Verse 18:6 states "In my ache I alleged to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came afore him, into his ears. " Verses 18:7-18:10 continues by adage "The apple trembled and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains shook; they trembled because he was angry. Smoke rose from his nostrils; arresting blaze came from his mouth, afire dress-down blazed out of it. He beggared the blast and came down; aphotic clouds were beneath his feet. He army the cherubim and flew; he soared on the wings of the wind. (The Holy Bible New International Version) These passages accommodate a description that sounds astoundingly agnate to that of some affectionate of aircraft. "The apple trembled and quaked, and the foundations of the mountains shook"; the aircraft is landing, cavernous the apple as a helicopter or aeroplane landing would. "Smoke rose from his nostrils; arresting blaze came from his mouth, afire dress-down blazed out of it"; a annual of a amplitude shuttle demography off depicts the absolute aforementioned angel scribed here, alone in this case it is accident during landing. He beggared the blast and came down; aphotic clouds were beneath his feet"; afresh there is a advertence to a cloud, and God was allegedly on this "cloud", or vehicle. "He army the cherubim and flew; he soared on the wings of the wind"; one analogue of Wagner 8 cherubim is "a angelic being", so the description actuality is absolutely clear. God army this angelic agent and flew up into the sky. The Holy Bible was accounting as a accurate annual of what our biblical ancestors witnessed. These are not bogie tales or made- p stories. The age-old bodies who wrote the books of the Bible absolutely believed in aggregate they were writing, Just as avant-garde man would Journal his own adventures as accurately as possible. However, our biblical ancestors did not accept the avant-garde analogue to explain the things that they saw as we would today. They explained what they saw as accurately as they could application agreement that fabricated faculty to them. As columnist and age-old astronaut theorist Erich Von Daniel said "If you change a few words in the old text, a few key words, you change the faculty of the old text. Daniel)" Our biblical ancestors did not apperceive the chat OF. Instead, they declared a aberrant colonnade of billow which followed them, lit their way by night, and led a nation to safety. They declared a brilliant that led them too savior. They acquaint of a aberrant brownish "wheel intersecting a wheel" that descends from the blast like a "whirlwind". Just as they did not apperceive the chat OF, they did not apperceive the chat exoteric alter. I nesses Delves Tanat ascended Trot ten sky on abundant clouds and in abundant chariots of blaze were acutely much, abundant added avant-garde than them, so age-old man acquainted that they had to be Gods, angels, guardians of the sky, or watchers.

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