The Haunted Mask Ii and Anthology Series

The Apparitional Affectation li and Album Alternation BY pud1992 Goosebumps Episodes Season One: 19 Episodes 1 . The Apparitional Affectation (Part One): Sick of actuality afraid and angled by the boys at school, shy and quiet Carly Beth Caldwell buys a Halloween affectation from a new store, but doesn't heed the storekeeper's admonishing of cutting the affectation for added than three times, which is aback the affectation begins to change its wearer's personality. 2. The Apparitional Affectation (Part Two): Carly Beth visits the man who awash her the affectation to advice her breach its spell over her. 3. The Cuckoo Alarm of Doom: Michael Webster's antic on is assertive little sister involving an aged cuckoo alarm sends Michael backwards in time. 4. The Babe Who Cried Monster: Lucy Dark discovers her librarian's aberrant behavior of bistro flies afterwards closing time and suspects him of actuality a monster. 5. Welcome to Affected Nightmare (Part One): Billy's summer affected cruise turns alarming aback his accompany alpha dematerialization and a monster is accounted to be apart in the woods. 6. Welcome to Affected Nightmare (Part Two): Billy plots animus on the attorneys aback they abuse to go afterwards one of the campers--until he learns the abstruse of Affected Nightmare. Apparition of the Auditorium: A academy assembly of " The Apparition " is threatened by aberrant affairs from a absolute phantom. 8. Piano Acquaint Can Be Murder: Jerry takes piano acquaint from a awe-inspiring man who's bedeviled with burglary the easily of his students--and is apparitional by the apparition of the awe-inspiring man's mother. 9. Return of the Mummy: In the aftereffect to the Goosebumps book, "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (which was never fabricated into an episode), Gabe and his accessory are trapped in a pyramid acceptance to an Egyptian queen who now has ascendancy of the casket from the aboriginal book. 0. Night of the Living Copy II: A babe alleged Amy receives a backup amateur dummy, which she accidentally brings to life. 11 . My Hairiest Adventure: Larry Boyd freaks out aback his easily become bearded apparently as a aftereffect of asleep tanning lotion. Things get weirder aback his accompany activate to abandon and dogs who allotment their concrete actualization arise in their place. 12. Break Out of the Basement (Part One): Two siblings, Margaret and Casey, investigate the aberrant bulb abstracts in their father's basement. 3. Break Out of the Basement (Part Two): Margaret and Casey acquisition a man angry in the basement who laims to be their absolute ancestor who was trapped aback his plant-hybrid carbon bound him up and took over his life. 14. It Came from Beneath the Sink! : Kat finds a blot beneath the bore of her new abode that's absolutely a monster that causes and feeds on bad luck. Directed by David Winning. 15. Say Cheese and Die! : Three friends, Greg, Bird, and Sherri, acquisition a camera that predicts blow on the accountable it photographs. 16. A Night in Terror Tower (Part One): Two siblings, Eddie and Sue, get absent in England afterwards visiting a ache chamber... and are bolter by an executioner. 7. A Night in Terror Tower (Part Two): A astrologer bearded as a 20th aeon man reveals that the two absent ancestors are absolutely a prince and angel who catholic advanced in time to escape actuality murdered. 18. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (Part One): Grady Tucker gets a dog doubtable to be a werewolf afterwards rumors of murdered animals and late-night bawl surface. 19. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp (Part Two): 1. Be Careful What You Wish For... : Klutzy Samantha Byrd gets three wishes from a aberrant woman alleged Clarissa--with appalling results. 2. Attack of the Mutant (Part One): Banana book aficionado Skipper finds out his admired banana book villain is real. Adam West bedfellow stars. 3. Attack of the Mutant (Part Two): Skipper discovers that he has been angry into a banana book actualization alleged to fght a villain alleged The Masked Mutant. 4. Bad Hare Day: Wannabe archimage Tim Swanson steals the bag of tricks from his admired magician--and finds himself clumsy to ascendancy the magic. Colin Mochrie makes a babyish appearance. 5. The Headless Ghost: Two pranksters, Stephanie Alpert and Duane Comack acquisition themselves trapped in a bank abode apparitional by a headless ghost, a sea captain, and the apparition of a boy who died falling hrough a impaired aide aback his birthmark ice chrism didn't arrive. 6. Go Eat Worms! : Todd Barstow's barbarous abstracts on worms backlash aback his analysis animals activate to abode him. 7. You Can't Alarm Me: Two boys (Eddie and Hat) who cartel anniversary alternative to alarm a assured babe (Courtney) acquisition themselves active from swamp monsters. 8. Revenge of the Backyard Gnomes: A backyard challenge prompts a dad to buy two backyard gnomes who account abolition at night. 9. Apparition Beach: Two siblings, Jerry and Terri Sadler ascertain the secrets of a bank abundance cavern allegedly apparitional by a ghost. 10. Attack of the Jack O'Lanterns: Pumpkin-headed aliens force four accouchement into ambush or alleviative in a aberrant town. 11. The Apparitional Affectation II (Part One): In this two-part aftereffect to "The Apparitional Mask", Steve Boswell, one of the boys from the aboriginal adventure takes an old man affectation from the abundance that Carly beth went to and begins to become an old man. Meanwhile, Carly Beth's affectation from the aboriginal adventure allotment to exact his animus on its above wearer. 12. The Apparitional Affectation II (Part Two): Steve and Carly Beth try to breach the mask's spell--and defeat the affectation that approved to acquire Carly Beth. 13. Let's Get Invisible! Max and his brother Noah acquisition a mirror in the attic that turns its users invisible, but on the alternative ancillary is a apple area angry mirror reflections appetite to about-face with absolute people. 14. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight: An old brace is apparitional by aroused scarecrows brought to activity by a farmhand's atramentous magic. 5. Monster Blood: In this adjustment of the aboriginal "Monster Blood" book, Evan Ross and his friend, Andy, ascertain a change fungus alleged Monster Blood that devours aggregate in its path. 16. Added Monster Blood: In this adventure (which has never appeared in the Monster Blood series), Evan campaign aback home, alone o acquisition that the Monster Blood he destroyed is aboard the plane. 17. Vampire Breath: While analytic for their altogether presents, two siblings, Freddy and Cara acquisition a canteen that releases the spirit ofa vampire. 18. How to Kill a Monster: Step-siblings Gretchen and Clark break at their grandparents' abode in the average of a swamp that has a monster bound in a room. 19. Calling All Creeps! : Academy bi-weekly Journalist Ricky Beamer plays a antic on his battling that calls the absorption of a accumulation of kids who are absolutely reptilian aliens angled on apple domination. 20. Welcome to Dead Abode Allotment One): The Benson ancestors moves into a abode in a adjacency were its association were dead in an blow from a actinic branch and now airing the Earth as zombies. 1 . Welcome to Dead Abode (Part Two): The children, Amanda and Josh try to action the zombies and accelerate them aback to their graves. 22. Don't Wake Mummy: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, a ancestors inherits Beauchamp, a wannabe writer, receives a typewriter that brings annihilation accounting to life--even the adventure of a balloon monster. 24. Night of the Living Copy Ill (Part One): Slappy is begin by the O'Dell family, and begins anarchic them. 5. Night of the Living Copy Ill (Part Two): Slappy faces off adjoin addition angry copy alleged Rocky who after turns acceptable and kills Slappy and himself to assure the O'Dells. Season Three: 22 episodes 1. A Shocker on Shock Street: Erin Wright and her acquaintance Marty are trapped in an action esplanade based on a abhorrence cine series. 2. My Best Acquaintance Is Invisible: Sam Jacobs visits a abode that's allegedly apparitional by the apparition of a abandoned boy alleged Brent... who ends up afterward him home and becomes his airy friend. . The Abode of No Return: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album eries, four accompany get trapped in an old abode apparitional by a affiliated brace whose firstborn adolescent died in an accident. 4. Don't Go To Sleep! : Afterwards actuality told that he can't accept the attic as his room, Matt Amsterdam goes to beddy-bye in there, and finds himself in a alternation of alternating worlds and on the run from a badge force angled on nabbing anyone who messes with reality. Don Cherry bedfellow stars in this episode. 5. Click: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, a boy mail-orders a alien ascendancy that controls his TV, his VCR, his DVD, his stereo--and his life. The 2006 summer blur Click starring Adam Sandler has a agnate artifice to this. 6. An Old Story: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, an aunt feeds her nephews, Tom and John, prunes that accept the ability to about-face them into old men. 7. The Barking Ghost: Cooper Holmes and his new acquaintance Fergie are tricked into switching bodies with apparitional canines. 8. One Day at HorrorLand (Part One): The Morris ancestors get trapped in a affair esplanade run by monsters. 9. One Day at HorrorLand (Part Two): The Morrises attempt on a bold appearance run by monsters from the park. 10. The Apparitional Abode Game: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, two accompany comedy a bold that comes to life--and may amount them theirs. 11. Perfect Academy (Part One): Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, Brian gets beatific to a boarding academy area acceptance are cloned and beatific to alive with the absolute students' families. 2. Perfect Academy (Part Two): Brian tries to stop his carbon from demography over his life. 13. Werewolf Bark (Part One): Alex Blackwell discovers a abstruse about the werewolves that alive in the woods. 14. Werewolf Bark (Part Two): Alex confronts his aunt and uncle about the werewolf bark they use to about-face themselves into the beasts. 5. Awesome Ants: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, a kid buys an ant acreage that comes with pellets that about-face the all-overs into giants. 16. Bride of the Living Dummy: Acclimatized from the "Goosebumps 2000" series, Slappy allotment and now is planning to ally a girl's babyish (who proves to be Just as angry as Slappy). 17. Strained Peas: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, Nick discovers his new babyish sister is a monster. 18. Say Cheese and Die - Again! : In the aftereffect to "Say Cheese and Die", Greg Banks tries to prove to his English abecedary that the amera he begin does abide so he doesn't flunk his class. When Sherri unearths it, she accidentally takes Greg's account which predicts that he'll become so fat, he'll backfire while Sherri's account comes out as a negative, admiration that she'll be so allotment adventure that was never acclimatized from a book, a acquisitive babe gets sucked into a toy boondocks area she cheats the bodies during a lemonade auction and turns into a pig as the boondocks chases her down. 20. Chillogy, Allotment II: Strike Three You're Doomed! : In allotment two of a three-part adventure that was never acclimatized from a book, a boy gets sucked nto Karlsville and gets bent in a askance baseball game. 21. Chillogy, Allotment Ill: Escape from Karlsville: In the cessation of a three-part adventure that was never acclimatized from a book, Matthew and Jessica access the toy boondocks to anticipate Matthew's adolescent brother Todd from actuality angry into plastic. 22. Teacher's Pet: Acclimatized from the "Tales To Give You Goosebumps" album series, two kids on a acreage cruise in the dupe ascertain why their abecedary is so bedeviled with snakes, he is one. Season Four: 8 Episodes 1 . How I Got My Ashen Arch (Part One): Mark accustomed a ashen arch by his xplorer aunt campaign to the Jungle area his aunt's ally appetite to abduct the ashen arch for themselves. . How I Got My Ashen Arch (Part Two): Mark learns of the Jungle abracadabra hidden in his ashen arch while analytic for his aunt.

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