The Hatfields and McCoys: A Comparison To Romeo and Juliet

“To be or not to be? ” I for one say not to be. Both Juliet and Rosanna McCoy rushed into love. I beggarly really, how can you abatement absolutely in adulation with somebody you do not apperceive at all? For Juliet she had said “my aerial accept not yet bashed a hundred words of thy tongues uttering, yet I apperceive the sound. ” (ACT II) Juliet was adage she has not heard Romeo allege 100 words yet she is absolutely in adulation with him. With Rosanna McCoy she did not say the aforementioned activity as Juliet but she fell in adulation with a man she knew annihilation of except that her ancestors hated his and carnality versa. Sometimes the activity you should not accept is an allure in itself. I anticipate for both Juliet and Rosanna that is absolutely what happened. They were in adulation with the adversary of their ancestors and that could accept been actual agitative for them. Although the aftereffect for both of these women were not acceptable Juliet took the accessible way out by absolutely actuality a baby brat and aggravating to deceive everybody by demography adulteration to pretend she was asleep cerebration she would deathwatch up and be with Romeo. Roseanna on the alternative duke jumped into Johnse Hatfield’s accoutrements afterwards absolutely alive annihilation about him and begin out he was a big bilker and would coquette with any woman walking bottomward the road. For Juliet her plan backfired on her and in about-face Romeo concluded up dying for her. Rosanna McCoy assuredly had abundant of the cheating and larboard Johnse Hatfield aback she was abundant because she knew he was a no acceptable man. Rosanna McCoy concluded up dying at the adolescent age of 30 some say from a burst heart. However, while these 2 women had a lot in accepted Juliet took the afraid way out. At atomic Roseanna had approved by abrogation Johnse so she would not accept to put up with his cheating ways. The adage “If you adulation article set it free, if it comes aback to you its yours, if it doesn’t it never was” is actual true. Both of these women should accept done that abnormally because they were so actual young. Roseanna McCoy and Juliet Capulet had abounding things in accepted which included their altercation ancestors situation, their adolescent adulation lives and additionally the sad aftereffect of their loves. Both of these adolescent ladies fell in adulation at a actual adolescent age. Juliet was alone 14 and Roseanna McCoy was not abundant earlier at 19. For Instance one activity these ladies had in accepted were their altercation families. Juliet’s ancestors was altercation with the Montague’s and this had been activity on for as continued as anybody could bethink and for affidavit they could not anytime say. Rosanna McCoy’s ancestors was altercation with the Hatfield’s and this altercation started aback in 1865 aback Asa McCoy had appear aback home from the Union Army and was afterwards begin asleep in a cave. The Hatfield’s were doubtable of killing him. They were additionally altercation over a pig on both of their properties. Both of these families were altercation for so abounding years that best of them could not alike bethink the alpha of the feud. Another activity that Juliet and Rosanna had in accepted was the sad aftereffect of their adulation lives. Juliet concluded up killing herself afterwards Romeo anticipation she was asleep from adulteration she had taken to affected her death. Roseanna had gotten abundant by Johnse Hatfield and concluded up abrogation him while she was still abundant because he was a big coquette and a cheat. Roseanna concluded up dying at the adolescent age of 30 and some say from a burst heart. Roseanna McCoy and Juliet Capulet had absolutely a few things in common, their ancestors lives, their actual adolescent adulation lives and abominably the aftereffect of their loves. In the end both Juliet Capulet and Rosanna McCoy had absolutely a few things in common. With their altercation families and their actual adolescent age and actual adverse aftereffect of both of these ladies adulation lives. While bodies today are adventurous about the Romeo and Juliet adulation activity and the Rosanna McCoy and Johnse Hatfield love, I absolutely don’t. Adolescent bodies who almost apperceive anniversary alternative abatement in adulation with bodies their own families are altercation with. They never already aloof stepped aback and took a acceptable attending at what they absolutely had. Puppy love. They were admiring to article they should not accept which fabricated it added agitative for them. Both of these ladies with all they had in accepted and alike the things they did not accept in accepted with anniversary other. They should accept absolutely anticipation out all the acceptable and the bad things that could appear with these adulation affairs. If they did they aloof may accept had a abundant bigger aftereffect than the ones they did. Juliet was asleep at the age of 14 and Rosanna McCoy asleep at the age of 30 from a burst affection best said. So apprentice from these 2 ladies and do not accomplish the aforementioned crazy mistakes they did. Bethink actuality 14 and falling in adulation with a boy or babe and that you alone apprehend him/her allocution beneath than 100 words is apparently a assurance to apathetic bottomward and nor blitz into anything.

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