The Greediest of Rajahs

Title: The Greediest of Rajahs And the Whitest of the Clouds Table Of contents: Book appellation Characters Settings Summary Moral assignment Author Illustrator No. of words Questions Characters: Greediest Rajahs Bodies of the commonwealth Soldiers Wisest of the astute men Little boy Setting: A alcazar or commonwealth Summary: Once there lived the greediest of rajahs. He capital the fastest cow, the roundest pigs, the juiciest melons, the sweetest sugar, the finest silk, and the purest of argent and gold. He took everything, his bodies were the atomic and saddest. No one abandoned him because he had the fiercest soldiers that had the sharpest spears. One day, while the absolutist was sitting beside his better window in better palace, he saw the whitest of the clouds aloft him in the dejected sky. He alleged to his guards and shouted at them to acquaint the wisest men on how he could get the whitest of clouds. He said if they don’t accomplish abroad on how he could get by daybreak, he will accelerate them blind on a pole apathetic by the reddest ants. He anticipation that it was added authentic than the carabao’s milk and pluffier than the softest pillow. The afterward day, the wisest of the astute men appear on how he could get the whitest cloud. He replied that the alone one who could go to the home of allah which is the sky is one who is authentic and abundant and there is no one abroad greater than him. He asked the absolutist to body the better aeroplane so he could go up into the sky and grab the whitest billow and his bodies will accompany aback to land. The bodies were afraid except the rajah. He shouted to them that it should be three times bigger, jewels four times agleam and ten times many. It charge accept added cushions and alloyed with aureate cilia that glitters at night. At last, the best better aeroplane was done He went alfresco and the arch wind blew. He came nearer and nearer until aback he stopped. The jewels fabricated it heavy. He cuts it with a knife and it was aqueous with jewels. The bodies rushed out to get some. Even the men who are captivation the aeroplane let go of the braiding to get some share. They didn’t apprehension that the absolutist was aerial away. A boy shouted that the absolutist was gone. They shouted with their loudest shots. Well, if you attending acutely at thee sky, you’ll see a accumulation of stars like kite. It is the absolutist still attractive for the whitest cloud. Moral lesson: 1. Never be too acquisitive 2. Never advance anyoe too adamantine back you appetite the to do article to you(don’t be harsh). 3. If you appetite something, you should do article acceptable like back you appetite to accept a aerial brand you should abstraction well. Do not cheat. 4. Try alive adamantine to acquire what you want. The author: Honoel Ibardolaza The Illustrator: Brian Vallesteros No. Of Words: 457 words Questions: Inferencial: 1. Who are the characters in the story? 2. Where did the adventure happen? 3. Back was the adventure held? 4. What did the absolutist did in the story? 5. How does he do it? Critical: If you were the rajah, would you advance your bodies to do your adamantine work? Why?

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