The Great Gatsby from Daisy’s Point of View

Daisy's point of view In this affiliate of The Great Gatsby, starts out with Tom and Nick on the train, their way to New York City. On their way Tom makes them get off of the alternation so that Nick can accommodated his "girl". Tom takes them to a abode in the "valley of ashes" which Is the atomic allotment of the city. They access at George Wilson's house. George Is affiliated to Tom's lover Myrtle. Myrtle afresh leaves the abode to Join Tom and Nick on their cruise to the city. Afterwards Myrtle buys a dog In the city, the accumulation active to Myrtle's sister's house. At her place, they accept a baby activity with a brace alleged the Emcees. At this party, Nick gets bashed for the additional time In his life. Later that night Myrtle starts talking about daisy and aback she won't stop Tom punches her In the face and break her nose. Immediately afterwards the activity stops and Nick finds himself on the 4 am alternation aback to Long Island. Daisy Is The Great Gatsby best "mysterious", and conceivably additionally the best disappointing, character. She Is Aloof a selfish, low, and hurtful, woman. Afterwards marrying Tom, a affluent man, she moves to East Egg, Long Island. Daisy is a woman who brand to "play" with men, she loves to overstress and improvise. Best men are absorbed by her and daisy enjoys it, actuality the centermost and get attention. At the aforementioned time Daisy wants to be admired and accepted amid all the men about her. Daisy's point of view: Today, we had my accessory Nick appear over for dinner. It had been absolutely some time back I aftermost saw him. My acquaintance Jordan and I were sprawling on the couch on a hot summer afternoon, and at the aforementioned time, he came. Nick's academy years were over and had aloof accelerating from the University of Yale, and were attractive or work. He had afflicted a lot, he was added of a adolescent complete man. We couldn't bother to angle up and acceptable him, so instead, we talked, while still sprawling. I knew he came to alive in the West Egg, I bet he will appointment us absolutely often. Nick had this aboveboard attending on his face, which I couldn't be agitated to ask why, but fabricated him attending so bruised like that. Yesterday, I had so abundant fun. Nick got ashamed aback I asked him that he was affianced and accepting affiliated soon. The way he denied it and got flushed, it was account to be apparent and remembered aback I appetite a beam on a afflicted day. I'll consistently bethink that. Anyway, today Tom and Nick went calm to see a "friend". I bet it's that "Myrtle woman" again. I don't apperceive what he finds In her. I'm so bent aback he has an activity with alternative women aback he has a wife Like me. How could he do such a affair like that? I don't see why he Is demography Nick either. What's It to Nick anyway? Introduce Nick to her as well? Tom Is so barnyard to me. He doesn't amusement me as I deserve at all. I ambition he was consistently loyal to me, I aloof ambition that we could chance love.

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