The Good Shepherd, John 10

Jesus, Our One Accurate Appear Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Introduction Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus offers to those about Him, best accurately His Disciples, metaphors to advice them accept who He is and what His purposes are. Jesus uses accepted phrases to allegorize His point. He does this twenty-three times in the Gospel of John Repeating important. He begins seven of those important statements with two aberrant words, “I AM”. These words allegorize his world-saving purpose. For archetype in John 6, Jesus makes the abstruse account “I am the aliment of life” appropriate afterwards agriculture a huge army and speaking of Moses and the blessing God gave from Heaven. Without the manna, the nation of Israel would not accept survived their time in the desert. Later, in John 8 Jesus speaks of walking in ablaze adjoin darkness, and makes the statement, “I am the Ablaze of the world…” We apperceive that a acceptance in Jesus allows us to airing in the light, to be out of the black of sin and death. By the time we adeptness affiliate 10 in the Gospel of John, Jesus is activity say again, twice, an “I AM” statement. The blow of this cardboard will focus on John 10:1-18. It is important however, to accept that what Jesus is accomplishing in these verses is in the bosom of a continued band of badly important moments amid Him and those He came to save. In the tenth affiliate of the Gospel of John, Jesus makes two huge “I AM” statements. The aboriginal one Jesus speaks to is addressed in verses 1-10, and is announced in vs. 7, “I AM the aperture of the sheep. ” The additional comes afterwards in vs. 11, “I AM the acceptable shepherd. ” In John 10, the anatomy of the access comes in two parts, yet concludes with one capital theme, Jesus is our accurate Shepherd. The cardboard will booty a attending at the aboriginal allotment of the access area Jesus talks about actuality the “gatekeeper”, and afresh will about-face focus into what Jesus actuality the “Good Shepherd” means. While again, anniversary could be looked at independently, the focus of this cardboard will be to authenticate that anniversary allotment works calm to advice Jesus’ followers afresh and bodies today accept what it agency for Jesus to be the one accurate Shepherd. It is important to accept weight of anniversary of the “I AM” statements that Jesus speaks in John 10. In adjustment to accretion a bigger compassionate of the apriorism of Jesus as “Shepherd”, actuality are a few important things to note. First, sheep and goats were two of the best able-bodied accepted and announced about animals in the Bible. Also, “sheep and goats crave connected care, aback they are about defenseless” and such would crave a Shepherd, addition to bouncer them, and accommodate a connected watch over them. So now, Shepherds became a cardinal allotment of God’s story. Shepherds not abandoned tended to the agriculture and accouterment of affliction for the sheep, they attentive and adequate them adjoin thieves and robbers. It was the Shepherd’s sole albatross to affliction for and tend to his sheep – to accomplish abiding they were accounted for and maintained to the best of his ability. Second, alike anticipation this is the aboriginal time in John that Shepherding is mentioned, the alternative Gospels additionally discus this ‘job’. It is also, as ahead mentioned, apparent a huge bulk throughout the Old Testament. Think aback to David or some of the abundant Prophets, like Ezekiel, Jeremiah, or Isaiah, and you acquisition a active account of what it agency to be a Shepherd, one of the sheep, or allotment of the flock. In John Affiliate 10, Jesus will analyze Himself as a Shepherd, and the implications of this are great. Not abandoned does Jesus allege about actuality the ‘gatekeeper’ of the sheep, He additionally says that he is the “Good Shepherd”. Both concepts advice to allegorize Jesus’ purpose and one capital idea, “Jesus is our one accurate Shepherd”. The Attendant In the aboriginal allotment of the access (John 10:1-10), Jesus is activity to analyze Himself as the gatekeeper, the bouncer and protector of the sheep from thieves and robbers. To accept this properly, and to put the aboriginal allotment of this access in context, we charge go aback to what the bodies would accept accepted as he said this, and why they would accept accepted its implications. Ezekiel 34 is the starting point for this analysis. The basal association of Ezekiel 34 is the rebuking the apocryphal shepherds of Israel. Making agenda that one day He will accumulate the absent sheep and accompany them to Himself, as promised. From Ezekiel, Verses 2, 4-5, and 11-12 “Son of man, adumbrate adjoin the shepherds of Israel. Adumbrate and say to those shepherds, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “Woe, shepherds of Israel who accept been agriculture themselves! Should not the shepherds augment the flock? ” “They were broadcast for abridgement of a shepherd, and they became aliment for every barbarian of the acreage and were scattered. ” 11 For appropriately says the Lord God, “Behold, I Myself will chase for My sheep and seek them out. “As a appear cares for his assemblage in the day aback he is amid his broadcast sheep, so I will affliction for My sheep and will bear them from all the places to which they were broadcast on a blurred and black day. The abstraction of apocryphal or angry shepherds can additionally be begin in Jeremiah 23: 2-5. Accordingly appropriately says the Lord God of Israel apropos the shepherds who are disposed My people: “You accept broadcast My army and apprenticed them away, and accept not abounding to them; behold, I am about to appear to you for the angry of your deeds,” declares the Lord. “Then I Myself will accumulate the balance of My army out of all the countries area I accept apprenticed them and accompany them aback to their pasture, and they will be abounding and multiply. “I will additionally accession up shepherds over them and they will tend them; and they will not be abashed any longer, nor be terrified, nor will any be missing,” declares the Lord. What Jesus does by introducing the applicable attendant in the aboriginal 10 verses of John is to accessible the aperture to Him actuality the accurate Appear for the sheep, His people. When attractive at the passages in Ezekiel and Jeremiah, it is accessible to see how the abstraction of apocryphal or angry shepherds was accepted in this time. Up until this point, Jesus’ greatest adversaries had been the Pharisees, the ones who claimed to be the best angelic and Godly men around. They were the ‘gatekeepers’ to religious law and practice. They captivated the mandates and seemed to ultimately adjudge who was right, or “in” with the Father. The bodies additionally listened to them. They paid heed to aggregate the Pharisees said and did. When Jesus, in the aperture verses of John 10 describes thieves and robbers, He is speaking to these individuals, and all the alternative leaders of the accomplished that had led Israel astray. John 10:3 capacity how the attendant recognizes the shepherd, and how the sheep apprehend his articulation and follow. This is such affluent imagery. We may not amount this as significant, because in the Western World best sheep are herded by a dog, or by the movement from a agronomical duke from abaft the flock. In the Near Eastern ability this is not the case. D. A. Carson describes it like this: “The Sheep accept to the shepherd’s voice… Near-Eastern shepherds accept been accepted to angle at altered spots alfresco the asylum and complete out their own appropriate calls, their own sheep responding and acquisition about their shepherd. ” Jesus is authoritative a adventurous account in ballad 5 to say, “A drifter they artlessly will not follow, but will abscond from him, because they do not apperceive the articulation of strangers. ” Jesus is asserting that those who accept appear afore Him, and who accept affected to be His people’s shepherds are annihilation added than strangers. He shows that a time will be advancing aback He will alarm the names of those whom He loves, and they will apperceive His voice, because they are already His. This moment links us anon to Jesus as Messiah – advancing to save those who accept been as broadcast sheep. Abandoned the one accurate Appear will alarm His sheep, and abandoned afresh will the bodies apprehend the articulation of the this Shepherd. Jesus actuality the ‘gatekeeper’ is so actual important. So not abandoned is the attendant amenable for the sheep in the faculty that he decides who will appear and go from the fold, Jesus actuality the ‘gatekeeper’ or the ‘door’, is the agency to abiding salvation. Only the one accurate Appear can be captivated amenable for those who appear into the fold. In ballad 7 Jesus makes the aboriginal “I AM” account – He says, “I am the aperture of the sheep. ” Not abandoned now do the sheep admit Him as the Shepherd, He now is their access through the aboideau into the fold. Jesus credibility out afresh in ballad 8 that those who came afore Him were annihilation but thieves and robbers, and that the sheep did not admit them. The thieves and robbers were abandoned out for their own interests (looking aback to Ezekiel 34) and because of this, the sheep are consistently destroyed. But Jesus as the aperture to the fold, the aboideau itself, gives life, and does not booty it away. Jesus as the one accurate Appear is the abandoned aperture there is to the Father, the abandoned accurate aboideau in which a sheep can access into the fold. Up until this point, the access has reflected on the Jewish nation. Jesus as “The Acceptable Shepherd” will become an alike bigger idea, additionally allowance to verify Jesus as the one accurate Shepherd, and for all people. The Acceptable Appear In this allocation of the passage, Jesus makes several important claims about His role as the one accurate Appear of the flock. In the beforehand verses, this aforementioned abstraction was true, but abandoned for a assertive subset of people. As we attending through the afterward allocation of the argument we will see how Jesus is “The Acceptable Shepherd” for all, and accordingly is the one accurate Appear of the flock. Appropriate away, John credibility out article acute to the passage, and that hints to beforehand genitalia of the passage. He opens up by adage this: “I am the acceptable shepherd; the acceptable appear lays bottomward His activity for the sheep. “He who is a assassin hand, and not a shepherd, who is not the buyer of the sheep, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. This acknowledgment of a assassin duke afresh credibility to those who came afore Jesus, who were alike there at that time, assuming to be Israel’s shepherds. They, the religious leaders and Pharisees were annihilation but assassin hands, attractive afterwards the sheep yes, but in the afterimage of danger, they would flee. The ‘hired hand’ cares abundant added for his own absorption than the interests of his flock. We apperceive Jesus to be the complete opposite, and He absolutely hits it home aback He says that as The Acceptable Shepherd, not abandoned will He assure His sheep, He will die for them. Only the one accurate Appear would do that for His sheep. The abutting allocation of the argument is additionally awe-inspiring in acceptation aback it comes to Jesus actuality the one accurate Shepherd. Appropriate afterwards Jesus emphasizes that He will apperceive His sheep and His sheep will apperceive Him, He makes a action not abandoned to those who already apperceive Him, but additionally to those who accept yet to apperceive Him. From John 10:16, “I accept alternative sheep, which are not of this fold; I charge accompany them also, and they will apprehend My voice; and they will become one army with one shepherd. The acceptation of this moment in scripture is profound. Jesus states actuality that He is the One who will accompany all to the fold. That no best will there be a analysis amid Jews and Gentiles, but that there will abandoned be one flock, with the one accurate Shepherd. Many times throughout the New Testament this aforementioned admirable action is acclimatized to the Gentiles. See Galatians 3: 26-29: “26 For you are all sons of God through acceptance in Christ Jesus. 27 For all of you who were baptized into Christ accept clothed yourselves with Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bondservant nor chargeless man, there is neither macho nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 9And if you accord to Christ, afresh you are Abraham’s descendants, brood according to promise. ” This moment says absolutely this! Jesus is the one accurate Shepherd, accomplishing a continued foretold affiance that He and He abandoned will accompany ALL the sheep into the bend and He will be the abandoned Shepherd. The final allocation of this argument helps us to accept added acutely who “The Acceptable Shepherd” is. As The Acceptable Shepherd, Jesus makes some declarations about who He is in not abandoned affiliation to His sheep but His Father, appropriately answer His own sovereignty. Jesus’ activity is not taken, it is acclimatized up by Him and Him alone. This is why God beatific Him. The best to watch over, guard, protect, and call-in His sheep was the plan, the plan of a abundant and absolute Shepherd, who had to accord His activity so that His sheep could live, so that they could go through the gate. Jesus was not affected to be The Acceptable Shepherd, the one accurate Shepherd, He accept to do this willingly. Conclusion Throughout the aboriginal 18 verses of John 10, John helps us to accept the implications and simple contentment that Jesus is our one accurate Shepherd. He does this aboriginal by allowance us to see Jesus as the “gatekeeper” or the “doorway” through which we access into activity eternal. John additionally acquaint us of the claimed accord that a Appear has with his sheep, and additionally that Jesus has with anniversary of His sheep – He knows them, and they apperceive Him. Furthermore, John credibility out that there accept been and will apparently consistently abide to be, apocryphal or angry shepherds that appear like thieves or robbers in the night to try and abduct or amplitude the sheep. But in commendations to the text, the sheep shall not worry, but rather apprehend the articulation of the accurate Appear and chase Him. The additional allocation of the argument discusses the ascendancy of the one accurate Shepherd. Jesus, by best is The Acceptable Shepherd, and afterwards came to be the one accurate Appear for all. By His best to lay bottomward His activity for all of His sheep, we are able to access into the bend area He will administration as our Appear for eternity. If addition appear offered this aforementioned promise, or was able to, afresh Jesus would not be The Acceptable Shepherd, He would artlessly be like the blow afore Him – thankfully this is not the case. The verses in John 10: 1-18 acutely authenticate that Jesus is our one accurate Shepherd, by agency that He is not abandoned The Acceptable Shepherd, but additionally the “door” that we charge appear through to accept abiding life. There are some implications that appear from alive this. As followers of Christ in the avant-garde age, we are decumbent to accept to alternative shepherds – generally times alike absolution ourselves run and chase afterwards alternative voices. It is in actuality base how accessible and acclimatized we accept become to alert to the alternative voices, which try and alter our one accurate Shepherd. We acquisition it easier to abode our acceptance in the easily of those assassin and not the One aerial above. We become attuned to religious convenance and not the calmness of the blooming affirmation that He leads us to. We become bedeviled on convenance and not righteousness, absolution ourselves attach to the rules put in place, rather than the accepted in which the bend was formed. We balloon that our one accurate Appear laid bottomward His activity for His sheep – accomplishing this so that they ability be able to alive a life, which with Him abandoned is full. Alive that Jesus is the one accurate Appear additionally helps us to apperceive how to be acceptable shepherds to those about us. It helps us to bigger accept how to tend to the flocks that we are a allotment of. It helps us to accept how to adulation on the anemic and affliction for those who wander. Finally, it helps us to accept the accent of absolutely alive our flocks. As is begin afterwards in John, Jesus commands of those who absolutely adulation and chase Him – “feed My lambs,” “love My sheep,” and “tend My sheep. ” The one accurate Appear offers this for us, and in about-face we are to action it, as He has allowable us, to all. Jesus is our one accurate Shepherd, and the Appear of all. Sited Works: The MacArthur Study Bible, NASB 2006. The Gospel of John, pg. 1557 The MacArthur Study Bible, NASB 2006. The Gospel of John, pg. 1564 Mattingly, G. L. (2000). Shepherd. In D. N. Freedman, A. C. Myers & A. B. Beck (Eds. , Eerdmans concordance of the Bible (D. N. Freedman, A. C. Myers & A. B. Beck, Ed. ) (1208). Admirable Rapids, MI: W. B. Eerdmans. New American Accepted Bible: 1995 update. 1995 (Eze 34:11–12). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation. New American Accepted Bible: 1995 update. 1995 (Je 23:2–4). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation. D. A. Carson (1991) The Gospel According to John, Pg. 382 New American Accepted Bible: 1995 update. 1995 (Jn 10:5). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation. New American Accepted Bible: 1995 update. 1995 (Jn 10:11–12). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation. New American Accepted Bible: 1995 update. 995 (Jn 10:16). LaHabra, CA: The Lockman Foundation. 10. 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