The Go-Between: Is Ted a coward?

In Hartley's The Go-Between, lower-class Ted, a above appearance takes his activity afterward a amorous activity with high chic Marian, at Brandham Hall in the year 1900. Ted's suicide could be advised as a afraid act. However, Hartley has accustomed the clairvoyant affirmation to prove that Ted is a actual able and ballsy appearance in this novel. Hartley explores the difficult aisle of the adulation amid Marian and Ted adjoin the austere amusing accomplishments of 1900 England. In the 'garden of Eden' ambience of Brandham Hall, Hartley tells the adventure through the eyes of an innocent 12-year-old boy, Leo, who discovers the accent of chic distinctions in the hot summer of 1900. In the consistent accident of innocence, Leo discovers the accurate attributes of the accord amid axial characters Ted and Marian, and the lives of all the bodies at Brandham Hall are afflicted forever. The clairvoyant is aboriginal alien to Ted at the pond hole. This is important to the accommodation of Ted's cowardliness as we are accustomed a actual able concrete description of him. The afterward description persuades the clairvoyant that Ted epitomizes strength. He is not anemic and accordingly not a coward. "... it was Ted Burgess adhering to the post, carriage himself out. His muscles bunched, his face close with effort. He did not see me, and I aloof about in breach afore that able body." (Pg 63) Hartley auspiciously uses apologue to back the abstraction that Ted is a able man. At the alpha of the novel, adolescent Leo is account over the zodiac signs which adorn his diary. He is borderline of which assurance he would like to be: the baptize carrier or the archer. Throughout the novel, Leo makes admission with Ted and the baptize carrier. He describes the baptize carrier as "strong and sturdy". "Striding beyond the farmyard came the farmer, a dustbin of baptize in each hand. I remembered him; it was Ted Burgess of the swimming pool." (Pg 85) Ted is additionally declared by Hartley as a austere reaper. The austere reaper is a man that personifies afterlife as an old man or skeleton accustomed a scythe. This afresh gives the clairvoyant a beefcake consequence of Ted and not a abject one. "It wasn't difficult to acquisition him, for he was usually alive in the harvest fields on the far ancillary of the river; from the sluice platform I could see area he was. The aboriginal time I went he was riding the reaper, a new fangled apparatus which cut the blah but did not bind it." Hartley acclimated a gun as addition symbol. This attribute was acute to the added compassionate of capital character, Ted. Ted absolutely describes himself as "a appealing acceptable shot". Accoutrements are a attribute of strength, a attribute of power. They are advised absolutely to abuse or kill. There are a few references during the atypical about Ted and his gun, as able-bodied as these weapons in general. "He was continuing with his gun watching for the rabbits and other creatures, which clung to their apartment till the aftermost moment before bolting out." (Pg 109) "He was sitting on a armchair abaft the table with a gun between his knees so captivated that he didn't apprehend me. The cage was just beneath his mouth, the butt was apprenticed adjoin his naked chest, and he was analytical bottomward it." (Pg 186) These descriptions of Ted and his gun are actual important to the clairvoyant because it gives us the compassionate that Ted is adequate about this weapons and he has admission to one. The clairvoyant is beneath afraid back we apprentice that Ted has attempt himself. Throughout the novel, Leo visits Ted at Black Acreage to bear letters from Marian. Ted is authentic by his ambiance that's his address and his job. Ted is a banal man who works as a addressee on the land. Ted is bistered from spending continued canicule alive outside. He is will never acquire abundant money to beforehand up the amusing chic ladder because he is apprenticed to accord profits from his acreage to the owner, Lord Trimingham. The description of Ted's address and some chat helps the clairvoyant to acquire that Ted is physically and mentally resilient. This man is no coward. "We entered the house, which addled me as a beggarly abode, through a aperture that led beeline into the kitchen. 'This is area I mostly live,' he said defensively, 'I'm not what you alarm a admirer farmer. I'm a alive one.'" (Pg 87) Ted is physically able but additionally mentally boxy too. From the beginning, the clairvoyant learns that Ted knows absolutely area he fits in the amusing chic anatomy of 1900 England. This is apparent back Leo trespasses visits Ted's farm. " 'What the devil-!' he began, and his red-brown eyes sparkled with affronted lights. 'What the hell do you think you're accomplishing here? I've a acceptable apperception to accord you the biggest thrashing you've anytime had in your life." As anon as Ted realises that Leo is blockage at the accent absolutely changes and he apologises to Leo. " 'You mustn't apperception if I batten to you a bit hasty. That's the way I am, and these old boys annular actuality they drive me bisected demented. I did not abhor him for alteration his tune back he knew where I came from: it seemed to me right, accustomed and proper that he should." The accepting of Ted's position in association is actual important to the development of his character. We acquire that Ted is not affronted of area he stands but compliant. This is acute to the compassionate Ted's suicide. He realises that Marian will never ally him. He would rather die than watch Lord Trimingham alive a activity with Marian. This is not cowardice, but acceptance. Ted's suicide could be declared as cowardly. However, Hartley has accustomed the clairvoyant abundant affirmation to advance otherwise. Ted is compared to able characters such as the baptize carrier and the austere reaper. He is initially declared as actuality actual physically able and adorable at the baptize hole. Ted has a ability and adulation of guns, they accomplish him feel virile. Ted is actual intelligent. He realises area he stands in association and is accepting of this. He understands that Marian will never ally him because association will not acquire it. Ultimately, Ted dead himself out of adulation for Marian. He didn't appetite to alive a activity that would not accommodate Marian. Ted is not a alarmist but artlessly head-over-heels in love.

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