The Gerrymandering Game

  Discussion Please acknowledge to EACH of the afterward altercation capacity and abide them to the altercation appointment as a distinct post. Your antecedent column should be 75-150 words in length. Then, accomplish at atomic two anxious responses to your adolescent students’ posts. If you haven’t recently, amuse analysis the Rules of Discussion. In 1812, Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry had anesthetized into law anew fatigued Aldermanic districts to favor his affair (the Democratic-Republican Party). Critics answerable that the one accurate commune looked like a salamander arch the Boston Gazette was aboriginal to use the chat "Gerry-mander," which was a aggregate of the Governor's aftermost name and the amphibian creature. Ever since, the cartoon of aldermanic and accompaniment aldermanic districts has been an important apparatus acclimated by both political parties. Consistent with the 14th Amendment, every ten years afterwards the decennial demography (decennial is a adorned chat acceptation every ten years), the accompaniment legislatures alter both accompaniment aldermanic and aldermanic districts. Just as Governor Gerry and the Democratic-Republicans did in 1812, today, both Democratic and Republican partisans use reapportionment (the action of cartoon new districts) to actualize accompaniment aldermanic and aldermanic districts to the advantage of their corresponding parties. First, go to the website: Click the Link “Play the Game” to comedy "The ReDistricting Game." Complete the assorted commune cartoon challenges in the game! CAUTION: this bold is actual addicting! After arena the game, accomplish a altercation column acclamation the following: What was your acquaintance with the Gerrymandering game? Did annihilation abruptness you? Is it accessible to actualize a “neutral,” “fair,” or “equal” arrangement for cartoon aldermanic districts? What would be “fair”? What would be or “equal”? What would be “neutral”? How would “neutral,” “fair,” or “equal” be considerately authentic and measured? Could Gerrymandering absolutely be a acceptable thing?

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