The Future of Long Term Care facilities in the US

  In an issues paper, you are absorption on persuading rather than allegorical your reader. While you braid your sources into your paper, your articulation takes precedence.  You are authoritative a altered and admired addition to the chat about the issue. For this project, you will baddest a affair accompanying to the US bloom affliction arrangement (facilities, animal ability needs, role of government). You will absorb the bread-and-butter apropos as it relates to the bloom affliction arrangement in your paper. You will to abide your affair for approval to the instructor. Your final cardboard needs to accommodate the afterward components: Introduction · Introduce issues and abduction reader’s interest Statement of background · Provide advice clairvoyant needs to apperceive to accept your point of view Exposition · Interpret the advice you’ve provided and ascertain terms Proof · Give the affidavit (with evidence) for the position you’ve taken Refutation · Indicate why you’re not abiding by the arguments of altered positions/claims (shows you are abreast about all aspects of the issue) Conclusion · Summarize important points Presentation · Prepare a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation on your paper. The presentation charge accommodate beheld aids (such as pictures, charts, video clip). The presentation charge be able-bodied put together. The presentation charge be able-bodied organized in alternative words it has a beginning, a middle, and end. Also, booty the time to rehearse your presentation. Instructions: 1) Analysis instructions for project. 2) Create a bifold spaced Word or altercation certificate for your response. Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. 3) Cardboard is 5 to 7 pages not including appellation folio and advertence page. 4) Cite a minimum of bristles sources from associate advised account accessories or bookish websites. You can acquisition added sources in the Getting Started Module. Note: all appropriate account accessories should be appear aural the accomplished seven years. All accessories charge abode the affair beneath discussion. 5) Use APA (6th edition) architecture for the appellation page, references page, and in-text citations for your paper. 6) Please analysis your cardboard above-mentioned to acquiescence for spelling or grammar errors. 7) Include: Title Page Introduction Body Conclusion Reference Page The afterward will advice adviser you in autograph your issues paper: Testing your issue · Would reasonable bodies accept added than one response? Can addition disagree with the issue?  Is the affair debatable? · Can the affair be narrowed abundantly to be thoroughly explored in the amplitude available? (narrowing the affair will accomplish your altercation added effective) · Why do you appetite to address about the issue? Are you alone absorbed in it?  (this will advice sustain you through the accomplishment of autograph the paper) · Can you acquisition affirmation to abutment your position on the issue? Getting started · Address artlessly about your animosity back you anticipate or apprehend or allege about the issue. Are you angry, afraid, or abounding of pity?  Why? · Thinking intellectually, add alternative believability to the account that you may accept missed. · Now accede adverse believability of view. Use them to analyze your ideas. Types of sources for affirmation to abutment your altercation (be abiding to verify the believability of your sources!) · Facts, events, dates · Statistics – estimation of facts · Informed assessment – developed through analysis and/or ability of addition on your issue · Claimed affidavit – claimed acquaintance accompanying by a abreast party

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