The Founding Father of Jazz: Louis Armstrong

Foundations of the Founding Ancestor of Jazz: Louis Armstrong Actuality heard in movies, the radio, television, and alike elevators, applesauce music has fabricated its mark in aloof about every distinct breadth of the world. As accepted as applesauce is about the world, its aboriginal roots and foundations in the African-American ability are generally forgotten. One of the best affecting applesauce musicians, Louis Armstrong, additionally accepted as Satchmo or Pops, is advised to be amid the founding fathers of applesauce music. His career launched in the aboriginal 1900s, breadth his bequest would anatomy aboriginal to actualize a complete foundation for aboriginal applesauce music that was absolutely exceptional. Louis Armstrong was such an capital allotment of the applesauce age during the 1920’s that his music created a close foundation, paving the way for Applesauce musicians everywhere. His affecting singing, forth with his abundant dexterity, intricate lyrics, and abstruse melodies accomplish it accessible for him to affirmation his appellation as “The Founding Ancestor of Jazz. ” Demography his aboriginal animation in the apple on August 4, 1901, Louis Armstrong was built-in to William and Mary “Mayanne” Albert Armstrong in the “Battlefield” of New, Orleans, Louisiana – one of the atomic areas of boondocks (Old 15). Shortly afterwards his birth, he was deserted by his father, a branch worker, to be larboard with his mother, disturbing to accomplish ends accommodated (Old 16). Armstrong’s adolescence was rather boxy because the actuality that he had been deserted by his father. Also, as times worsened, he was deserted by his mother as she angry to corruption to acquire added cash. He and his adolescent sister, Beatrice Armstrong Collins, were generally larboard in the affliction of his affectionate grandmother, Josephine Armstrong and their Uncle Isaac (Old 16). At age five, he confused aback to alive with his mother and ancestors and actual rarely saw his father. Armstrong had abundant account for his mother; he wrote, “She captivated up her arch at all times…What she didn’t have, she did without. ” (Old 22) As a youngster, Armstrong was generally apparent singing in the streets with his accompany to acquire money. He was a actual acute boy, but he generally fabricated the amiss decisions. He skipped from kindergarten into the additional brand and grew up in a asperous breadth area he would apprentice to shoot dice for pennies and comedy blackjack (Old 23). He abounding the Fisk School for Boys in 1906 breadth he was aboriginal apparent to a ample array of music and brought in added money as a paperboy, affairs aliment to restaurants, and carriage atramentous to Storyville. However, he was not able to advice his mother from axis to prostitution. Generally times, adolescent Armstrong explored bounded ball halls breadth he would absorb in assorted aspects to the music business, including the music itself, performances, and dancing. The abominable Storyville is breadth Armstrong generally listened to bands and musicians which included Joe “King” Oliver and alternative acclaimed choir (Old 36). A fast advanced to the year of 1912 brings us to the ancestry of Armstrong’s captivation in active music. In this actual year, he alone out of the Fisk School for boys and began to accomplish a active by singing on the streets of New Orleans with a quartet group. During the time Armstrong performed with the quartet, Joe “King” Oliver able him how to comedy the cornet. Because Armstrong did not accept abundant ancestors support, he was generally larboard to his lonesome. However, a actual affectionate Lithuanian-Jewish family, the Karnofskys, who gave him odd jobs from time to time took him in and advised him as their own. Eventually, the Karnofskys loaned him money for his aboriginal actual own cornet, which would accord him one of the all-important accoutrement bare to be a acknowledged artist – an apparatus (Morgenstern 100). Although Armstrong’s absolute angel and career angle began to advance in a abundant way that anon took a change in 1914 aback he was beatific to the New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs, a crime home (Old 27). During that time, he was best accepted for his arrest due to battlefront his stepfather’s pistol into the air at a New Year’s Eve celebration. While at home, he was appointed to be the bandage baton for The Home bandage as they played all about New Orleans at the age of 13 years old. His agreeable career became added accepted as he acquired absorption from the accessible eye for his axiomatic cornet arena skills. At the age of 14, Armstrong was appear from the home, alternate to alive with his ancestor and stepmother, and anon to alive with his mother again. Affective aback with his mother put him in an ambiance that led him aback to assuming on the streets and actuality tempted by the red-light commune lifestyle. Shortly afterwards affective in with his mother, he got his aboriginal ball anteroom job (Henry Ponce’s) breadth he hauled atramentous by day and played cornet at night, authoritative his abilities acclaimed already again. Armstrong frequently performed as a cornet amateur which eventually helped him advance his own appearance and a added austere attitude against music. He played in the city’s assumption bandage parades, riverboats and steamboats, and took addendum from alternative musicians with every change he got. Perfecting his ability was article that was actual important to him. Some affecting musicians that afflicted Armstrong’s career included Buck Johnson, Buddy Petit, Kid Ory, and Joe “King” Oliver. King anon became a coach and somewhat of a ancestor amount for the adolescent artist who seemed to accept no accordant ancestors relationships or able ties. His accord in arena on steamboats about New Orleans led him to biking with the accepted band, Fate Marable. As he and the well-regarded bandage toured up and bottomward the Mississippi River, abundant acquaintance was acquired by alive with accounting agreeable pieces and arrangements. In 1917, Armstrong began arena with Kid Ory’s bandage until 1919 aback Joe Oliver absitively to move arctic and abandon his position in the band. 1919 marks the year Armstrong became an official bandage affiliate and replaced the “King. ” Also, in that year, he became the additional trumpeter for the Tuxedo Assumption Bandage in New Orleans. In amid his time arena with Kid Ory, Armstrong affiliated Daisy Parker (Gretna, Louisiana) on March 19, 1918 (Old 39). About that time Louis’ cousin, whose mother, Flora, died anon afterwards giving birth, had been taken in by the newlyweds. The three-year-old boy, Clarence Armstrong, who was mentally disabled, became one of Louis’ capital responsibilities. Although both Daisy and Louis were parenting Clarence, the alliance did not aftermost actual long. They bound afar and filed for divorce. However, Parker died anon afterwards the divorce. As Armstrong’s career began to advance alike more, some acclimation had to be fabricated to absolute his ability alike more. In 1921, Louis Armstrong abstruse how to calmly apprehend music. His improvements led to abundant advancements as he abutting Oliver’s Creole Applesauce Bandage in Chicago in 1922. While alive with the band, he took absorption in Lillian (Lil) Hardin, the pianist, and they anon got married. His alliance with Lil lasted abundant best than his aboriginal and they able abundant things together. Although Louis Armstrong is acclaimed for his absurd applesauce records, it is not broadly accepted that abounding of his greatest hits were accounting and abiding by his wife at the time. She played the piano, composed, and abiding music for best of the important bands from New Orleans at the time. Lil Armstrong was a above contributor to her husband’s success as she composed hundreds of annal and created agreeable successes (Kallen 32). In 1923, as paychecks connected to cycle in, Armstrong’s career began to booty a about-face for the better. His advantageous career provided the able affairs for his abundant affairs maintained in Chicago, breadth he met Hoagy Carmichael. A alternate friend, Bix Beiderbecke, alien the two to anniversary alternative and they after collaborated on several projects. Applesauce music began to advertisement and advance through speakeasies, ballrooms, and dancehalls of Chicago (Kallen 30). It was actual important that Armstrong would move to Chicago during the 1920s in adjustment to accumulate up with the times. African-Americans confused abroad from the South to automated states in the North; this was accepted as the Abundant Migration (Kallen 28). The burghal nicknamed “Chi-Town” became the above hub for gangsters, actionable nightclubs (speakeasies), and actionable liquor trade. The speakeasies were a above ablution abode for atramentous musicians because they provided a abode for the musicians to perform, acquire advantageous paychecks, and led to a aureate age of accession (Kallen 28). Although Armstrong thoroughly enjoyed alive with Oliver in Chicago, his wife appropriate that he seek added admonition in adjustment to advance and aggrandize his newer appearance which was absolutely altered from Oliver’s. Listening to his wife, Armstrong larboard Oliver’s band, and began to comedy in Fletcher Henderson’s bandage in Harlem, New York, 1924. The Henderson band, actuality awful respected, played in alone the best venues and generally for white-only crowds. While in Henderson’s band, he acclimatized to their controlled complete and appearance of comedy and congenital storytelling and singing into his acts. Armstrong additionally fabricated abounding ancillary recordings which included the brand of Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Alberta Hunter. Abounding of these collaborations were abiding by an old acquaintance aback in New Orleans, Clarence Williams. Although he fabricated absolutely a name for himself in the big city, his break in New York did not aftermost long; he eased on bottomward aback to Chicago in 1925 in achievement of advocacy his career, access income, and accretion added publicity. Alien as “the World’s Greatest Trumpet Player,” Armstrong began to comedy with the Lil Hardin Armstrong Bandage but eventually began to almanac beneath his own name instead of collective projects with his wife. He recorded beneath Okeh and formed with his own groups, the Hot Bristles and the Hot Seven. Accepted hits during this time accommodate “Potato Arch Blues,” Muggles,” and “West End Blues. ” Several hits, including “Muggles” had references that adumbrated Armstrong’s adept affection of recreational bulb use with marijuana. Afterwards alive with the groups Hot Bristles and Hot Seven, Armstrong went into abundant ventures basic accession bandage – Louis Armstrong & the Stompers. The bandage toured with the archetypal musical, Hot Chocolate, and had notable performances. He additionally fabricated adornment appearances as a vocalist, generally demography the spotlight with his arrangement of “Ain’t Misbehavin. ” Armstrong’s adaptation of the song was quick to accretion acceptance and became his better affairs almanac of all time. Armstrong eventually confused to Los Angeles in 1930 and played in the Cotton Club with busy attic shows and celebrity guests. At the Cotton Club, he had notable success with his articulate recordings and alike renditions of alternative acclaimed songs. His recordings took a adventitious of advance with the accession of the RCA award microphone in 1931. Intrinsic music appearance change showcased Armstrong’s different articulate appearance and gave him a added avant-garde access to singing. It would not be connected afore Armstrong would accomplish appearances in film. In fact, in 1931, he appeared in his aboriginal movie, Ex-Flame. However, anon thereafter, he was bedevilled for ascendancy of marijuana, induced battle aloft himself with the mob, confused aback to New Orleans, and eventually fled to Europe. As a improvement attempt, which was successful, Armstrong and his bandage formed with Joe Glaser to almanac with the Mills Brothers, Louis Jordan, Tommy Dorsey, and alike Ella Fitzgerald. He after appeared in the film, “Pennies from Heaven” with Bing Crosby in 1936 and in 1937, he became the aboriginal atramentous to host a sponsored, civic radio broadcast. Louis Armstrong’s career began to acceleration again; however, his alliance did not acquaintance the aforementioned thing. Afterwards accepting a array of issues with his wife, Lil, they absitively to annulment in 1938 and he began his third alliance with a woman called Alpha and his angel to the accessible became a above concern. In accession to Armstrong’s marijuana usage, he admired to eat aliment and address in his journal. Several account entries ambit from absolute to absolute addendum which accommodate several accounts apropos his sex life, music, adolescence memories, and alike a few jokes. He additionally went into abundant detail to call aliment – the aftertaste of it, the aroma of it, the textures, and the way it fabricated him feel on the inside. Aliment absolutely fabricated him a soulful man with a smile on his face. However, his adulation for aliment became a botheration aback it came to bloom concerns. Armstrong was at above accident of aerial claret pressure, affection disease, diabetes, and alike obesity. It became his primary ambition to ascendancy his weight. Generally times, he would be apparent demography laxatives and alms them to his bandage mates. It was actual important to him to advance a assertive angel that he would be perceived as a fit man; actuality in abounding films aggressive him to do so. Some who formed with him additionally recalled times he would abolition him in adjustment to ascendancy weight. Armstrong’s activity as not alone an entertainer, but a arch personality, fabricated him a abundant man adored by Americans in the 1900s. He gave alike the greatest performers article to apprentice from. His affecting applesauce styles forth with his admiring personality gave him the career of a lifetime and absolutely a abundant experience. Louis Armstrong and his bequest as a Applesauce artist abide on. “The Founding Ancestor of Jazz” larboard a mark in music history that cannot be erased. Works Cited Armstrong, Louis. Satchmo: My Activity in New Orleans. New York, NY: Da Capo, 1986. Print. Bergreen, Laurence. Louis Armstrong: An Extravagant Life. New York: Broadway, 1997. Print. "Jazz . Applesauce Greats . Louis Armstrong | PBS KIDS GO! " Jazz . Applesauce Greats . Louis Armstrong | PBS KIDS GO! PBS Kids, n. d. Web. Nov. 2012. <http://pbskids. org/jazz/nowthen/louis. html>. Kallen, Stuart A. The History of Jazz. San Diego: Lucent, 2003. Print. "Louis Armstrong. " Musician (Trumpet) @ All About Jazz. N. p. , n. d. Web. Nov. 2012. <http://musicians. allaboutjazz. com/musician. php? id=3483>. "Louis Armstrong. " Musician (Trumpet) @ All About Jazz. NPR, n. d. Web. Nov. 2012. <http://musicians. allaboutjazz. com/musician. php? id=3483>. Old, Wendie C. Louis Armstrong: King of Jazz. Springfield, NJ: Enslow, 1998. Print.

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