The Flowers

”The Flowers” by Alice Walker Summary: “The Flowers” 1973 is accounting by Alice Walker who is an Afro-American author. “The Flowers” is a abbreviate adventure about a babe called Myop. Myop is a atramentous 10-yeard old babe who lives on a acreage with her poor agriculturalist ancestors in the countryside. She staggers about and plays with animals and discovers admirable attributes in her pleasuring amaranthine childhood. But while exploring the acreage she lives abreast with flowers in her easily she accidently discovers a abhorrent crime. The charcoal of a hanged man reveals in the soil. She lays bottomward her flowers and the summer was over. Analysis: Back the benightedness of an innocent adolescent collides with the acrid absoluteness of the afflicted slave-history, will the arcadian life, blooming hopes and dreams of the little ones, anon be gone and forgotten. But this accident of chastity is acceptable to be replaced by maturity, which makes a bright acumen amid adolescent and adult. The adventure is accounting as a 3rd being all-seeing narrator. The agriculture of corn, cotton, atom and annihilate indicates that the adventure takes abode in the Southern states back these crops were frequently harvested there. Myop and her ancestors alive in agriculturalist berth with decayed boards that could announce that they are poor. Therefore it’s acceptable that the adventure is demography abode in the 20th aeon area ancestral bigotry was at its peak. In the alpha of the adventure there is assertive use of absolute argot and the ambiance is declared idyllically. “… Made anniversary day a aureate abruptness that acquired aflame little tremors to run up her jaws. ”3 This arcadian description is additionally agnate to how peaceful Myop is adequate her childhood. She seems to be blind about her attendance in the American association area there was an absolute aberration amid the atramentous and white. The columnist tries to call this ancestral botheration symbolically back she mentions how “tiny white bubbles agitate the attenuate atramentous calibration of soil... ” But the arcadian ambience acutely changes at band 18 back Myop finds herself added than a mile abroad from home. She is walking added abroad from her defended surroundings. Now the there is abrogating use of argot such as; Strangeness, not pleasant, gloomy, cove, clammy air, silence, abutting and abysmal etc. She is no best secure. Back aggravating to escape the aberancy she accomplish on her history and absoluteness and she is affected to face the abolishment for her aboriginal time, this is the allegorical acceptation of the body she accomplish on. The man is acutely atramentous back he has been lying there rotten and absolutely forgotten. His dejected denim all-embracing cloths additionally indicates that he was a atramentous poor agriculturalist or slave. Back in the 1960’s the Ku Kux Klan (KKK) accomplished a lot of executions area they adhere atramentous bodies in the woods. She tries to avoid this ‘reality and suppression’ back extensive out for a blush annual that she assembly with her defended childhood. Back she notices the blind asphyxiate spinning agilely in the breeze she lays bottomward the flowers – laying bottomward the flowers symbolizes Myop absolution go of her chastity and defended surroundings. “And the summer was over" agency that her adolescence is over and she is entering the activity as an adult. T Note 1: Band 1 Note 2: Band 2-3 Note 3: Band 2-3 Note 4: Band 10-11

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