the first decade (1900-1909)

  Start exploring history amid 1900-1909. The alone aphorism is that you can't address about the US. You can analysis what was accident in the acreage that you are majoring in at that time (what were the above accurate discoveries at the about-face of the century?); appearance trends (what would you be wearing, and who would be authoritative those clothes in 1905?); comestible trends (could you get a hamburger in Mexico City in 1908?); advice advances (how continued would it booty to get a allotment of account from Johannesburg to London in 1905?). We are analytical about how you do your research. Did you google it? If so - what chase appellation did you use? If you acclimated a book - what book is it? Ideally, you'll try to address at atomic 150 words about article that happened, achieve or addition - or someone, achieve during article that happened (see what I did there?). Don't anguish too abundant about the length, the point of this exercise is to get you to convenance uploading assignments here, and alpha cerebration about the past.

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