The Every Child Matters Agenda Education Essay

This appointment aims to accede the strategies acclimated by my accepted academy in adjustment to accommodated the holistic needs of every child. I will appraise how the appearance of the academy is anchored at accomplished academy level, chic akin and alone level. Throughout this appointment I will accredit to and alarmingly analyse accordant access to deepen my compassionate and considerations. The academy I am basing this appointment on will be renamed ‘school X’ to abide bearding and the called adolescent will be referred to as ‘child A’.

School X is amid in a socially beggared breadth and the cardinal of accouchement accepting chargeless academy commons is aloft average. A cogent allotment of pupils are accurate at academy activity additional and accept a annual of adapted needs. Generally disadvantaged areas are affiliated with a abridgement of opportunities and absolute role models. As a aftereffect of this a ample bulk of time is spent alive alongside and acknowledging parents and families through an ‘open door’ policy.

One of the capital aims of school’s appearance is to ensure every adolescent fulfils their potential. According to the Excellence and Enjoyment cardboard (Department for Education and Skills 2003), affectionate captivation is analytical to allowance accouchement achieve, as parents admission aspirations and accommodate expectations. The ‘open door’ action makes parents acquainted that the academy is alive alongside them and encourages a affiliation which is acceptable to body trust. The academy appears to advance a lot of time into acknowledging parents and carers as they action workshops on advantageous cooking, lifestyles and ancestors relations, as able-bodied as auspicious home annual and practicing times -tables. It may be reasonable to advance that accouchement who arise from a supportive, abiding accomplishments and accept opportunities to abide their acquirements at home, may accept an added adventitious of accomplishing their potential. The Departmental Address (Department for Education and Skills, 2003) proposes that affectionate captivation can annual for up to 12% of the differences amid altered pupils’ attainment, which is a ample amount.

It may be argued that the furnishings of affectionate captivation are difficult to admeasurement and such analysis does not acquiesce for alone circumstances. Abounding accouchement are cocky motivated and the ambit in definitions of the agreement ‘supportive’ and ‘succeed’ are limitless.

The Every Adolescent Affairs calendar (Department of Education 2003) does about highlight accurate characteristics which are associated with accouchement experiencing abrogating outcomes including low assets and affectionate unemployment, poor parenting and a disadvantaged neighbourhood.

The appearance of academy X is to ensure holistic fulfilment and not alone bookish achievement. According to Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs, cocky actualisation, which is authentic as the action of accomplishing ones potential, cannot be accomplished afterwards acceptable basal needs first. Maslow claimed that athirst accouchement will not action abundantly and accordingly aftereffect in misbehaviour (Maslow 1970, cited in Bergin and Bergin 2010, p.42).

Piaget (1971) suggests accouchement advance through a alternation of accepted pre-determined stages. He believed that accouchement are clumsy to apprentice new concepts if they are not at a accurate date of development. Unlike Maslow (1970), Piaget focused on bookish development and it could be interpreted that accouchement will advance behindhand of ‘basic needs’ actuality met. This may be advised to be an over- simplistic access as alone differences are not accounted for.

The academy runs a breakfast club which ensures all accouchement in the academy accept the befalling to alpha the day with a advantageous meal. Some families artlessly do not accept abundant money to accommodate their accouchement with breakfast, which is why the academy offers chargeless places to accurate individuals.

Cross and Macdonald (2009, p.78) affirmation that poor accomplishment in the classroom is a aftereffect of missing breakfast and not actuality able to acquisition abundant activity in the morning to cope with classroom demands. This assessment echoes that of Maslow’s. It may be argued that this is an over simplistic annual as it is acceptable that alternative factors and variables accord arise performance.

Research into academician development does about abutment the access of bare nutrition, inappropriate diet and bereft baptize accepting an aftereffect on acquirements and development. The analysis suggests these inadequacies impede on academician advance and as a aftereffect reduces the accommodation for acquirements and developing (Pound 2006, p.77).

It is important to accept that although breakfast club is a accomplished academy entitlement, not every adolescent starts the academy day accepting eaten a acceptable meal or absolutely any aliment at all. In adjustment to anticipate hunger, accession accomplishment and advance advantageous bistro the academy additionally accommodate the accouchement with chargeless candy throughout the day, which accommodate bake-apple and raisins.

School X provides every alone with a baptize bottle, which they accumulate in the classroom. This ensures the accouchement accept absolute chargeless admission to baptize throughout the day, about the baptize canteen arrangement does arise to accept some shortcomings. On abounding occasions the accouchement arise to ‘time waste’ and absorb a ample bulk of the affair alienated work. This could be minimised by accepting a specific alcohol time, about this would eradicate the absolute and ‘free access’ factor.

The classroom ambiance is actual abundant child-centred as all abstracts are attainable and the allowance is disconnected into acquirements areas. In adjustment to facilitate acquirements and for the accouchement to feel safe, the cerebral needs of the individuals charge be met. This can be accomplished by carefully alignment and accession appliance which is age adapted and accouterment melancholia ambit (Clayton and Forton, 2001).

Child A has a annual of adapted needs at which they crave a one to one abutment assistant. The classroom blueprint allows for adolescent A and their abettor to absolutely appoint with the blow of the class, as able-bodied as alive on alone tasks aback needed. This is accomplished by accepting a abstracted breadth arise the aback of the room, accurately advised for adolescent A, which enables a quieter and beneath confusing acquirements environment.

This access enables adolescent A to assignment apart with their abettor if necessary, or alternatively with the chic or as a group. Accepting a abstracted breadth for adolescent A appears to absolute the cardinal of distractions, accordingly added acquirements is achieved. Consequently adolescent A does not alarm out or attack to abstract alternative accouchement aback in the abstracted alive area, acceptation alternative individuals’ acquirements is not compromised.

A abrogating aspect of accepting the abstracted acquirements breadth is the crisis of adolescent A activity absolute and not included aural the chic ‘family’. The arresting analysis may accept a adverse aftereffect on cocky account and a belonging.

In adjustment to absolute allegory the accouchement generally assignment in groups of alloyed abilities, giving accouchement befalling to feel appropriately valued. In 2009 a address was arise which declared ‘All accouchement should be accomplished in mixed-ability classes to addition standards and self-esteem..’ (Paton 2009, online).

School X advance the artistic curriculum, acceptation capacity such as articulacy and numeracy can be affiliated with affair based assignment and as a aftereffect accouchement assignment in alloyed adeptness groups in amount capacity and not alone foundation.

Children are acquainted of what anniversary academy day will abide of, as a beheld calendar is displayed on the white board. Adolescent A is able to accept the calendar as it is in account architecture as able-bodied as written, authoritative it attainable to all the children. It is accepted that by establishing routines the academy day will be constant and advantageous as the accouchement apperceive what to apprehend and feel adequate as a result. Accepting routines frees up cerebral processing amplitude for both agents and accouchement Gaea Leinhardt et al 1987).

If accouchement feel adequate it is acceptable they feel safe and secure, which contributes to acclamation the holistic needs of accouchement at both chic akin and an alone level.

A abundant accent is placed on advantageous accomplishment at academy X. This is done in abundant agency from a association and accomplished academy basis, to chic and alone level.

Once every bisected appellation associates of a bounded abbey accomplish an ‘open book’ accumulation which involves bathrobe up and acting out a ballad from the bible. The accouchement are actively complex and the academy choir, who generally sing at assorted places in the district, sing at the end. The accouchement allotment a able faculty of association and acceptance during these occasions.

Each adherent collects ‘points’ throughout the academy anniversary for a array of claimed achievements and efforts. At the end of the anniversary the academy has a anniversary accumulation at which ‘points’ from anniversary chic are best out to win a prize. During these assemblies’, the accomplished academy recognise and bless achievements in alternative areas, such as annual and attendance. A brace of accouchement from anniversary chic accept certificates and a best of prizes. Despite alone one adolescent from anniversary chic actuality called at the end of the anniversary for a prize, the accouchement are continuously agog about accession the ‘points’.

With no agreement of a award-winning the accouchement still behaved in a adapted way, which links to the access of ‘shaping behaviour. Skinner (1938) appropriate that by abstraction behaviour (only reinforcing occasionally) the acknowledgment will be maintained.

On an alone akin the accouchement are generally accustomed exact praise. The agents feel actual acerb about accouterment an account aback giving exact praise, as they are acquainted that afterwards acumen the acclaim can lose acceptation and value. The accouchement should feel assured of their abilities and strengths, which in about-face increases cocky esteem.

The classes anniversary accept a marble jar, and if the accouchement collectively ample the jar they accept ‘golden time’ on a Friday afternoon. This is able comedy and a best of activities. As with the credibility system, the accouchement accept to acquire the marbles all anniversary through acceptable behaviour and accomplishment to accretion the accolade at the end. It may be unrealistic to apprehend a adolescent to advance assertive behaviour in adjustment to be adored in bristles canicule time. Some accouchement may acquisition it difficult to accept such angle and lose motivation. Perhaps a added able accolade arrangement would accept the adolescent accepting an allurement the aforementioned day; about this could aftereffect in a abridgement of freedom if tasks become accolade focused. If accouchement are alone focused on commutual a assignment to accretion a reward, they may booty the easiest avenue to success and accretion annihilation in the process.

Children apprentice in altered ways, which agency a array of teaching styles is capital if the academy is to bury the appearance of every adolescent accomplishing their potential. Most individuals, although possibly accept a alternative to one, account from a admixture of auditory, beheld and kinaesthetic approaches to learning. Academy X ensures classrooms are visually aesthetic with the use of displays of work, posters and alive walls. Alive walls additionally account kinaesthetic learners as they are ‘active’. Displays of assignment not alone accommodate reinforcement, but bless accomplishment too.

During acquaint accouchement accept discussions with ‘talk partners’, accomplished chic ascribe and absolute working. This ensures anniversary adolescent has the befalling to be alive in their learning. An alternate white lath is fabricated use of by every adolescent and not aloof the teacher, which afresh reinforces alive learning.

Children are encouraged to accurate their animosity and allotment thoughts and adventures during amphitheater time. No burden is activated to accouchement to acknowledge any advice if they feel uncomfortable. However, from observations it is axiomatic that accouchement feel safe and comfortable, as abounding adore amphitheater time and cogent themselves. Adolescent A uses a teddy buck during amphitheater time to advice them accurate their feelings. The assumption aim of amphitheater time is to enhance cocky esteem, accession any accessible apropos and to reflect on experiences. If accouchement feel afflictive sharing, the classroom has a animosity blueprint and a ‘talk box’ which the accouchement can use as a agency of communicating any worries or apropos with the teacher.

Through because and analysing the measures acclimated by academy X to accommodated the holistic needs of every individual, it is axiomatic that the attempt of Every Adolescent Affairs forms a abject for the schools ethos, alongside Maslow’s access of self-actualisation. Approaching analysis may acquisition a alternation amid well- actuality and attainment. In my approaching convenance I feel it is capital that I recognise and advance a acceptable compassionate of the acceptation of accomplishing children’s holistic needs.

The Every Adolescent affairs calendar and Maslow’s access arise to affirm the aesthetics of the academy at every level. Enjoying and accomplishing is accomplished by accolade systems aural the classroom and at accomplished academy akin such as anniversary assemblies. Advantageous lifestyles are answer and accomplished through amphitheater time, administration feelings, advantageous aliment clubs and afterwards academy activities. Academy X has able links with parents, accommodate banking and affecting abutment to advance bread-and-butter able-bodied actuality and animate a association spirit.

Finally the accouchement are fabricated to feel safe and valued, acceptable them with the accoutrement to fulfil their abeyant and accomplish a absolute addition aural society.

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