The Era of New Freedom

For abounding people, today's agenda era represents the era of new abandon and opportunities from accustomed struggles. Smartphones, amusing media, TV shows are one of abounding circadian activities bodies adore admitting the axiomatic abridgement of abundance anniversary activity creates. Neil Postman, a amusing critic, foresaw similarities amid the dystopian association in Aldous Huxley's atypical Brave New World and today's technology based American culture. Although the atypical 1984 depicts the achievability of a absolute government demography over alone freedom, Postman's affirmation apropos Huxley's anticipation is added authentic due to the change in acumen of ball and beatitude in the American society. Technology in assorted means serves as an aperture for cogent emotions, account and memories. However, such media outlets additionally actualize addictions for abounding due to its connected acknowledgment and updates. Novels like Fahrenheit 451 not alone accommodate acumen to the after-effects of such addictions but additionally adumbrate peoples' change in behavior due to such activities. According to the novel, technology and media advertising will eventually actualize a association appetite "for amusement [and] titillation" (Bradbury 59). Through connected diversions, the accessible eventually loses acquaintance of their surroundings, alone amorous by "TV parlors" in the novel. Such dystopian societies added prove that distractions can gradually alter the accuracy while abrasive the force of important situations. Pleasures begin in amusing media and television accordingly not alone activity opportunities for accumulation bribery but additionally lessens the accent of accessible affairs. When interests as such are created, it is anticipated that bodies would eventually abort to see accumulation threats like government corruption, wars or amusing issues. Ray Bradbury's atypical ultimately supports Postman's affirmation that peoples' captivation with ball will in actuality be the antecedent of their oppression. Similarly, peoples' acumen of beatitude in avant-garde day association and in the atypical Fahrenheit 451 added proves Postman's claim. In Huxley's dystopian future, the accessible obtains amusement through sex, drugs and privileges. Likewise, in today's society, bodies adopt to escape absoluteness and struggles through assorted forms of amusement and indulgences. Sadly, the assimilation of drugs and alternative substances to seek accomplishment is normalized in today's youth. The media's advertising of alcohol, biologic acceptance and animal activity through Hollywood, amusing media and magazines are accepted in abounding peoples' lives today. Moreover, the accessible avalanche for such distractions to balk circadian issues or confrontations not account overcoming. In fact, the atypical Fahrenheit 451 focuses on the after-effects of such practices and the accessible temptations ball based advertising will impose. In the novel, abounding characters would rather avoid the brainwashed reality, alone to "be afar out in altered [TV] parlors, with no acquaintance between" anniversary alternative (Bradbury 104). Eventually, amusing alternation itself becomes attenuate as bodies become bedeviled on all forms of abstruse accessories for happiness. Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 are one of abounding possibilities of America's approaching societies that fulfil Postman's assertion. The present ball industry and cultural normalcies not alone indicates that Huxley's eyes is added applicative to avant-garde day association but proves that ball based pleasures accept added ability than government authority. While George Orwell's 1984 predicts the government's absolute ascendancy through media propaganda, both Huxley and Bradbury's novels abnegate such methods. In the twenty aboriginal century, avant-garde technology allows the possibilities of advancements in communication, ball and ability access. However, entertainments that are begin in such technologies alignment from amusing media to TV networks additionally acquiesce the abuse of animal capabilities by abbreviation interaction. While Orwell's 1984 apprehend the possibilities of absolutist subjugation, Postman's affirmation apropos Huxley's affected association not alone seems applicative to in this era but in activity as well.

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