The Entrepreneurial Marketing Manager

  Scenario: Imagine you are an administrator ablution a business planning to accomplish both domestically and abroad. You are currently developing your business plan and strategies.  Develop a 1,050-word assay acclamation the following: Describe your organization's mission, vision, and values. Explain how these belief will be accumbent to your own claimed cast identity, ethics, and belief back accomplishing business, planning strategies, and analytic problems.  Discuss at atomic two concepts from chic that are elements of a business plan and are important accoutrement to your ambitious business' success. Discuss how the concepts advice adjust the organization's belief with your values. Explain the acumen arch to these conclusions. Select two of the afterward departments and explain marketing's role in analogous their audible functions: Distribution Customer Service                                              Advertising and Public Relations            Research and Design                            Sales    Operations or Manufacturing Compare and adverse how ability is acceptable to appulse calm business strategies against what the aggregation may appointment back accomplishing business away such as cultural norms, economics, politics, and acknowledged systems.  Explain the accomplishments the aggregation can booty to ensure that it evolves with the ambition at home and the countries it does business in. Discuss any arising business trends that may affect your business. Cite a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources with one actuality from either the text, video material, or the University Library.  Format your appointment constant with APA guidelines. 

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