The Development of the American Economy

Writing Assignment:

This anniversary you accept a cardboard due on the Development of the American Economy. Remember this cardboard will focus on the time afterwards the Civil War. I do not appetite to see a altercation on annihilation above-mentioned to or during the Civil War. This cardboard should be on the industries afterwards the Civil War, application the advice on the Captains of Industry.

This is not a altercation about inventions and/or inventors during and afterwards the Civil War. You appetite to altercate the Captains of Industry and accommodate how these men became acknowledged (more than alleviative their workers poorly). What approach did they use to become successful, not aloof advertence that they had prominent, important businesses. You should altercate at atomic two altered Captains of Industry in this paper, but three or added would enhance the work. The best and easiest to altercate are Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller. Achieve abiding you altercate vertical and accumbent affiliation with attention to the Captains of Industry you are discussing (this is how they became successful).

You additionally charge to altercate activity unions, how they began, why, where, when, and who they are. Achieve abiding you are discussing at atomic two altered activity unions. Again, the easiest to altercate are the Knights of Activity and the American Federation of Labor. You charge to accommodate in your cardboard what their goals were, and how they accomplished these. Do not aloof accompaniment that they had goals and were successful. What were these goals and how did they achieve them? This should be added than aloof the eight-hour day, you should be able to name at atomic three goals, as able-bodied as three successes.

Make abiding you are answering the questions how, when, where, what, and why for all of the capacity in the syllabus. Amuse achieve abiding you are afterward the GCU Appearance adviser for formatting. Additionally achieve abiding you are application spell analysis and proof-reading your appointment afore you submit. You charge abide your assignments to Lopeswrite. Amuse achieve abiding you are appointment your appointment to Lopeswrite, cat-and-mouse for the address to generate, examination the Lopeswrite report, and again finalizing the acquiescence to me. Remember GCU action is that your affidavit do not accept a Lopeswrite account college than 20%. You absolutely should be aiming for beneath than 10%. ALL of your affidavit crave you to advance at atomic three altered sources (whether the abridgement states this or not). Amuse analysis over the comments in all of your accomplished autograph submissions. Many of you abide to achieve the aforementioned errors and are accident accidental points.

When appointment autograph appointment this anniversary amuse save your certificate with the afterward format:

Your aboriginal name aftermost name economy

Create an article of 500-750 words, anecdotic the development of industry, business, and activity afterwards the American Civil War. Address the following:  

1.     Discuss several of the industries of America’s Industrial Revolution in the post-Civil War period. 

2.     What fabricated these leaders of industry successful?

3.     Explain the origins and advance of activity unions. 

4.     What did Activity Unions accomplish?

Use three or added of the sources provided to abutment your appointment and be abiding to adduce the sources.

This appointment uses a rubric. Amuse analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion.

Prepare this appointment according to the guidelines begin in the GCU Appearance Guide, amid in the Student Success Center.



Schultz, K. (2016). HIST 4 (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth.

Brinkley, A. (2015). American history . NYC:NY:McGraw-Hill. (this is the antecedent I accommodate in the Added Questions) (all four pdf abstracts are from this source)

Samuel Gompers Testimony Afore Congress Regarding the AFL

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Knights of Activity Constitution of 1878

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Cornelius Vanderbilt

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Use this armpit if you charge to locate added sources:


 Type your name here

Type your three-letter and -number advance cipher here

The date goes here

Type instructor’s name here

Your Title Goes Here

This is an cyberbanking arrangement for affidavit accounting in GCU style. The purpose of the arrangement is to advice you chase the basal autograph expectations for alpha your coursework at GCU. Margins are set at 1 inch for top, bottom, left, and right. The aboriginal band of anniversary branch is biconcave a bisected inch (0.5"). The band agreement is bifold throughout the paper, alike on the advertence page. One amplitude afterwards punctuation is acclimated at the end of a sentence. The chantry appearance acclimated in this arrangement is Times New Roman. The chantry admeasurement is 12 point. Back you are accessible to write, and afterwards accepting apprehend these instructions completely, you can annul these admonition and alpha typing. The formatting should break the same. If you accept any questions, amuse argue with your instructor.

Citations are acclimated to advertence actual from addition source. Back apery actual from addition antecedent (such as a book, journal, website), accommodate the author’s aftermost name and the advertisement year in parentheses.When anon commendation actual exact from addition source, use citation marks and accommodate the folio cardinal afterwards the author’s aftermost name and year.

Using citations to accord acclaim to others whose account or words you accept acclimated is an capital claim to abstain issues of plagiarism. Aloof as you would never abduct addition else’s car, you should not abduct his or her words either. To abstain abeyant problems, consistently be abiding to adduce your sources. Adduce by apropos to the author’s aftermost name, the year of advertisement in parentheses at the end of the sentence, such as (George & Mallery, 2016), and folio numbers if you are application exact materials. For example, “The developments of the World War II years durably accustomed the anticipation sample analysis as a apparatus for anecdotic citizenry characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes” (Heeringa, West, & Berglund, 2017, p. 3).

The advertence account should arise at the end of a cardboard (see the abutting page). It provides the advice all-important for a clairvoyant to locate and retrieve any antecedent you adduce in the anatomy of the paper. Anniversary antecedent you adduce in the cardboard charge arise in your advertence list; likewise, anniversary access in the advertence account charge be cited in your text. A sample advertence folio is included below; this folio includes examples (George & Mallery, 2016; Heeringa et al., 2017; Smith et al., 2018; “USA swimming,” 2018; Yu, Johnson, Deutsch, & Varga, 2018) of how to architecture altered advertence types (e.g., books, account articles, and a website). For added examples, see the GCU Appearance Guide.


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Yu, M., Johnson, H., Deutsch, N., & Varga, S. (2018). “She calls me by my aftermost name”: Exploring boyish perceptions of absolute teacher-student relationships. Journal of Boyish Research33(3), 332-362.

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