The Development of English Literature

Usually, English abstract is disconnected into seven periods from the bookish angle: The aboriginal aeon is Aboriginal and Medieval English literature. And this aeon can be disconnected into two parts. The aboriginal allotment is Anglo-Saxon Aeon (449-1066). The capital arcane addition of this aeon is the Epic, and its masterpiece is the civic ballsy The Song of Beowulf. It is the oldest composition in the English accent and the oldest actual ballsy in Anglo-Saxon literature. Next is the Anglo-Norman Aeon (1066-1350). The abstract of this aeon is abundantly afflicted by the Norman Conquest.After the conquest, the community and ethics accepted as courage was alien by the Normans into England and can be reflected in literature, such as the chivalry code, the adventurous absorption in women , amore and admiration paid to Virgin Mary etc.. The prevailing anatomy of abstract in the Feudal England was Romance (?? ,???? ). The best acclaimed Romance was Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The additional aeon is the English Renaissance. The 16th aeon in England was a aeon of the breaking up of feudal relations and the establishing of the foundations of capitalism. The aftereffect is an bookish movement(???? accepted as the Renaissance. The key-note of Renaissance is humanism and the greatest humanist is Thomas More, the columnist of Utopia. The assembly in abstract are Shakespeare and Bacon. The 17th Aeon is the Aeon of Anarchy and Restoration The abstract of this aeon was abundantly afflicted by the ancestry anarchy adjoin monarchy. The politically agitated aeon fabricated the abstract one of abashing in the Puritan Age. The greatest assembly of this aeon are the “Three Johns”: John Milton, John Donne, the adumbrative of the Metaphysical School and John Bunyan, a abundant book writer. The 18th c. is alleged the Age of Enlightenment, which, on the whole, was an announcement of attempt of the again accelerating chic of ancestry adjoin bullwork . In literature, Classicism, or Neoclassicism, bedeviled this century. The average of this aeon in England sees the birth of a new arcane current– sentimentalism. At the about-face of the 18th and 19th centuries, Pre-Romanticism emerged. Romanticism in England came into actuality in the closing bisected of the 18th aeon with William Blake and Robert Burns apery the spirit of what is alleged Pre-Romanticism.With the advertisement of Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge in 1798, Romanticism began to blossom in the history of English literature. This is an age of poetry. The (Critical) Realism of the 19th aeon flourished in the forties and fifties. The assignment of the realists is criticizing backer association from a autonomous viewpoint. In the fifties and sixties the astute atypical enters a date of decline. The 2nd bisected of the 19th aeon in England produced a cardinal of outstanding poets such as Alfred Tennyson, Robert Browning etc.The greatest of them was Browning. The 20th Aeon is a aeon of Modernism and Post-Modernism. The acknowledgment adjoin the ethics of Victorian association and the affair of its abstract that began in the 1890’s, was embodied in the aboriginal decades of the 20th aeon by desperate changes in form, cant and image. The movement has appear to be alleged Modernism. The best important aeon for Modernism was amid 1910 and 1925. After WWII , it achromatic into what has been termed Post-Modernism (Contemporary Abstract ).

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