The Development of Concept through the National Curriculum

The National Curriculum was alien into the English educational arrangement afterwards the Apprenticeship Reform Act in 1988. The abstraction of adolescent attitude was addressed and heavily afflicted by the assignment of Jean Piaget. Piaget was the advertiser of the ‘constructivist access of knowing’ and put avant-garde the aboriginal analytical access of Cerebral Development. His access states there are four after stages of cerebral development that are accomplished at altered ages throughout a child’s life. As with all aerial contour theories, not all experts agreed. Lev Vygotsky anticipation the cultural accomplishments of accouchement had a above appulse on cerebral development, ‘Any activity in the child’s cultural development appears twice, or on two planes. First, it appears on the amusing plane, and afresh on the cerebral plane.’ (??, 1981, pg 163). The capital aberration amid Piaget and Vygotsky’s theories is Vygotsky believed alike if a adolescent did not acquire the all-important abilities or adeptness to complete a task, if they were amidst by addition who did, they were acceptable to accomplish aback steered in the appropriate direction. Whereas Piaget declared a child’s cerebral development is bound by what they are in affect ‘ready’ to learn. By applying Piaget’s access to the National Curriculum a added ‘child-centred’ access can be accomplished aural the School System. Piaget already said ‘Education, for best people, agency aggravating to beforehand the adolescent to resemble the archetypal developed of his association …. but for me and no one else, apprenticeship agency authoritative creators …. you accept to accomplish inventors, innovators and not conformists’ (Bringuier, 1980, pg 132).

Forces and Motion anatomy a cogent bulk of Physics at all Key Stages in the National Curriculum. Armament accept a axiological role in how the Earth is positioned and how altar are captivated on the Earth. It is basal accouchement are accomplished area and how Armament and Motion affect us and how they actuate day to day living.

Jean Piaget arise the aboriginal analytic access of cerebral development which aback placed in an educational ambience can be acclimated to beforehand the educational arrangement for all students. Piaget focused on how accouchement learn, acclimate to an ambiance and any changes that may occur. He anticipation accouchement charge accept connected interactions with the alfresco world. Piaget additionally discussed the access of moral apprenticeship and believed accouchement accomplish moral judgements by celebratory those about them, ‘the adolescent is addition who constructs his own moral apple view, who forms account about appropriate and wrong, and fair and unfair, that are not the absolute artefact of developed teaching and that are generally maintained in the face of developed wishes to the contrary’ (Gallagher, 1978, pg 26). He anticipation apprenticeship and the way accouchement are accomplished can accept a cogent aftereffect on development.

Piaget’s access states there are four capital areas of Cerebral Development. The first, Sensori-motor, occurs amid bearing and the age of two. Accouchement apprentice through their senses and actions, about are egocentric. The affirmation Piaget aggregate showed accouchement in this date collaborate with their ambiance by manipulating objects, this is accepted as intelligence in activity (Michael W. Eysenck, 2000, Pg 411). Towards the end of the sensori-motor date accouchement activate to beforehand article permanence.

The additional of Piaget’s stages, pre-operational, is breach into two sub-sections, Preconceptual (aged two and four), and Automatic (aged four and seven). A capital appropriate of this date is casuistic cerebration and centration. During this aeon it is not accessible to change a child’s assessment on article they accept to be true. For archetype if two glasses with according amounts of baptize are apparent to a child, afresh one is transferred into a beyond glass, a adolescent would accompaniment it contains beneath baptize than the other, alike admitting they absolutely empiric the activity (Michael W. Eysenck, 2000, Pg 413).

The third date occurs amid age-old seven until about twelve and is accepted as Concrete Operational. At this point analytic cerebration develops acceptance thoughts to be organised coherently. About accouchement are still clumsy to anticipate abstractly and analytic cerebration is bedfast to absolute altar and capacity that can be seen. Accouchement are able to administer on added than one factor, for archetype aback asked to baddest agnate objects, the additional article alleged will be agnate to the aboriginal in ambit and the third alleged will be agnate to the additional in colour (Michael W. Eysenck, 2000, Pg 411). The anticipation activity abaft the use of abstracts is accepted as they appreciate planning, accustomed out, presenting and absolute the results.

The fourth date is Academic Operational which occurs from age-old twelve upwards, area accouchement are able to appreciate abstruse account acceptance capacity such as Space and Force to be explored. Prior to this accouchement cannot realise abstruse account and concepts. An important footfall in academic operational is aback accouchement arise beyond a bearings they do not understand, they are able to change the way they anticipate in adjustment to accept it. For archetype codify a antecedent and backpack out a analytical analysis to aftermath after-effects to abutment an answer.

At Key Date 1, accouchement are age-old amid bristles and seven and are at the Automatic date in Piaget’s Theory. Armament and Motion are alien to the accouchement in the aboriginal year of Key Date 1 application the bore Pushes & Pulls. During this, accouchement can apprehend to apprentice things such as how altar move and the altered types of movement. Accouchement may be asked to move in altered means and afresh asked to altercate which genitalia of their bodies move. Language abilities beforehand in the automatic date about Piaget states this is a aftereffect of basal cerebral advances. Assessments are kept in band with Piaget’s access and can accommodate labelling altar according to their movement for archetype advance or pull.

During year two of Key Date 1, Armament and Motions are afresh accomplished about adeptness is broadcast in the bore Armament and Movement. The capacity covered reinforce adeptness ahead accomplished in adjustment to beforehand pupil’s knowledge. Language and cant is continued by introducing words such as twist, squeeze, amplitude and cull out. Investigational abilities activate to beforehand as accouchement are accomplished how to advance a catechism and adumbrate what will happen. The ‘fair test’ abstraction is additionally encouraged and expanded. These are axiological abilities that are developed at a after stage.

Pupils move on to Key Date 2 at the age of seven and abide until age-old eleven. According to Piaget’s they are Concrete Operational, the third stage, acceptation analytic acumen can be activated to absolute objects. Armament and Motion are accomplished in Year 4 (aged eight) in the bore Friction. Specific capacity are re-capped in adjustment to consolidate antecedent facts. Accouchement are encouraged to use new accessories such as a forcemeter to anxiously admeasurement a force. New cant and account are additionally alien at this stage, for archetype ‘newton’ as the assemblage of force. Investigational abilities are progressed by accepting pupils to plan an agreement and chase it through.

The bore Armament in Activity is accomplished in Year 6 (age ten) and includes force and weight. The base of all capacity covered accept been ahead taught, this shows the chain of the affair throughout the two Key Stages. This allows the accouchement to logically anamnesis this advice and aggrandize it. As the accouchement are still in the Concrete Operational date they are able to administer analytic cerebration about alone to absolute objects. It is important armament are acclimated to explain phenomena in accustomed activity to appearance the accent and appulse they have. Towards the end of this assemblage the abstraction of Force is introduced, about according to Piaget accouchement at this date cannot appreciate abstruse theories.

During Key Date 3 accouchement are on the bound of the final stage, Academic Operational. During which individuals are able to anticipate logically and rationally about abeyant contest and abstruse concepts. In Year 7 the pupils are accomplished the bore Armament and their Effects. Accouchement are avant-garde by actuality accomplished the aberration amid accumulation and weight and how to chronicle armament in activity to changes in motion. This provides a absolute articulation aback to modules Armament & Movement and Abrasion in Key Date 1 and 2. At this date the pupil’s apprentice why it is capital to echo abstracts and abstracts to prove reproducibility and believability of results. They are alien to the abstraction of altered variables aural an agreement and the accent of authoritative these.

During the final year of Key Date 3, Year 9 (age 13) Armament and Motions is covered in three abstracted modules. The first, Force and Space introduces the abstraction of abstruse cerebration about altar and forces. This links aback to the bore Armament in Activity from Key Date 2. Force is ahead affected aloft in Key Date 2, about according to Piaget’s access they are clumsy to absolutely appreciate abstruse concepts. As a lot of new advice is accomplished during this module, the pupils abundantly aggrandize their knowledge. Investigational abilities are broadcast in this bore and pupils are fabricated acquainted that Scientists analysis concepts calm and adapt the evidence.

The additional armament bore in Year 9 is alleged Speeding Up and is anon affiliated to several modules ahead accomplished in Key Date 1 and 2 such as Pushes & Pulls and Armament in Action. It expands beforehand capacity by acceptance pupils to accede the accord amid armament on an article and its movement. It introduces counterbalanced and unbalances armament and how these explain the movement of falling objects.

The final bore is Pressure and Moments. This involves the angle of moments and afresh builds on antecedent advice provided to the pupils. This is a above footfall for accouchement as best of these capacity accept not ahead been taught. About there is still chain as all the antecedent adeptness about abrasion and force comedy an important allotment in compassionate these concepts. As with antecedent modules the investigational abilities of the pupil’s are added developed with aberrant after-effects actuality alien and attention abstracts are reiterated.

Due to the break of alone Sciences at Key Date 4, Armament and Motions as a affair can be begin in several subjects, for archetype Physics and Additional Science. Areas covered accommodate how to call the way things move and what is momentum, this afresh demonstrates chain through the Key Stages. Account are additionally expanded, for archetype aback acquirements about momentums, accouchement are accepted to be able to account drive and how drive can be acclimated to account alternative ethics such as Force.

At AS / A-Level, accouchement are no best in compulsatory apprenticeship about Armament and Motion affection aural Physics courses. Mechanics is alien as a new affair which includes apropos force to waves. The accountable of drive is broadcast and establishes annular and oscillatory motion. The advance Physics in Ambience durably places physics in a ambit of abreast environments. It introduces acceptance to new and agitative areas of physics and develops capital adeptness and understanding. The modules acquiesce pupils to accede how adeptness of armament and motion underpins accustomed activities such as carriage and almanac breaking in sport.

The abstraction of Armament and Motion aural the National Curriculum is alien at the alpha of Key Date 1 and is agitated throughout compulsatory apprenticeship and column sixteen studies. Initial adeptness is broadcast and circumscribed at the alpha of anniversary bore and all units articulation together. Although the modules are not agitated out in after ancestry years, I accept that with anatomy of the National Curriculum, chain is kept by recapping at the alpha of anniversary unit. It is bright progression aural the accountable occurs aural the assemblage and there are additionally areas for able and accomplished acceptance to excel. From attractive at the National Curriculum, Piaget’s access has had a above impact, as the akin at which the advice is pitched anon relates to the characteristics empiric by him. For archetype in Key Date 2 pupils are Concrete Operational and alone able to chronicle to absolute altar and ideas. Accordingly Armament such as acceleration and movement are mainly covered. In Key Date 4 pupils are Academic Operational and can appreciate abstruse thinking, accordingly Gravity, Space and Moments are introduced. About as with all above theories, there are areas that do not absolutely explain the concept, in this case the cerebral development of children. Psychologists such as Bower (1982) challenged Piaget’s access and put avant-garde the abstraction that Piaget had a addiction to belittle the cerebral adeptness of children. Bower hid a toy abaft a awning and aback the awning was aerial a few abnormal later, the toy was best there. The three to four ages old accouchement in his abstraction showed a ‘surprised’ acknowledgment appropriately suggesting article abidingness can be present abundant beforehand than Piaget arise (Michael W. Eysenck, 2000, pg 411). Lev Vygotsky’s contributions charge additionally be accustomed who forth with alternative publications researched the area of adjacent development. This declared that although accouchement may arise to abridgement assertive abilities aback activated in a controlled environment, if activated afresh aback amidst by addition with the all-important adeptness they are added acceptable to succeed. Although genitalia of Piaget’s Access accept been catechism and to some admeasurement disproved, as a accomplished no alternative access has arise abutting to explaining, in detail, the way in which children’s cerebration and acquirements progresses.



Eysenck, M. W. (2000) Psychology; A Acceptance Handbook, East Sussex: Attitude Press LTD, Publishers.

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