The decline of enrollment in college and universities in America

 Select three accessories accompanying to your called topic. They charge be either peer-reviewed or from a credible news source. Complete the Annotated Bibliography Graphic Organizer Template for anniversary article. You may accommodate all three entries in a distinct document.      Graphic Organizer for an Annotated Bibliography Entry  Before you begin, analysis the Annotated Bibliography overview provided by the Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL):     Title:    Author(s):    Date of Publication:   Source:   Full Citation:  Use actual APA formatting,   including a blind indent.    Summary: Summarize the source. Consider   the author’s purpose, evidence, and capital ideas. This should be 5-10 sentences   and accounting in your own words.   Assessment: Analyze and explain why this   source is (or is not) aboveboard and why (or why not) this commodity is admired   to your research. This should be 5-8 sentences   and accounting in your own words.   Reflection: Describe in detail how the   information in this antecedent is activity to be acclimated in your paper. Does is abutment   your argument? What has it contributed to your ability of the topic?  This should be at atomic 3 sentences and   written in your own words.   Potential Quotes: List absolute quotations that you authenticate   key account and/or acerb abutment the author’s argument.  For the purpose of this exercise,   you may not paraphrase. Provide the abounding citation in actual APA formatting,   including the folio number.    Following Up: What questions do you accept afterwards   reading the article? Are there sources referenced that you should read? What   terms or concepts do you charge to explore?

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