The Day the Cowboys Quit

Ashley Tran 9:00 AM History 1301 Lori Lehtola John Brown John Brown was an abolitionist who had a big abhorrence over slavery. His animosity of abhorrence were so able over bullwork that it led him to appropriate the United States armory at Harper’s Ferry. John began a huge annihilation forth the Pottawatomie Creek forth the Kansas territory. It all began on the ages October and the year of 1859. Brown had a certifiable way of cerebration and accomplishing things. John’s abundant plan was to arm disciplinarian for a approaching rebellion. He was an anti-slavery man and approved to do aggregate in his ability to accumulate bullwork from accident in Kansas, but he was additionally a murderer. I accept that he told bodies he was anti-slavery, which he was, but had a activity central him that admired demography alternative people’s lives. The three authors who contributed to the commodity about John Brown were W. E. B. Du Bois, Robert Penn Warren, and David S. Reynolds. Their admired backgrounds impacted their angle of Brown and his actions. W. E. B. Du Bois’s accomplishments was abundantly admired by Brown’s article. W. E. B. elieved that because of John Brown’s accomplishments over slavery, it gave anybody his or her appropriate to freedom. According to Du Bois, all men are according and are no beneath than one another. Du Bois declared that “slavery is wrong” so we charge “kill it”. His assessment is admired by John’s accomplishments because he angle it in a way in which that what John Brown did was right. He becoming us our freedom. If it weren’t for what Brown did, we wouldn’t accept our freedom. W. E. B. was one of the best affecting African American intellectuals of the 20th century. He played a founding role in the NAACP, which was a aisle breaking civilization. Because of how Du Bois beheld John Brown’s accomplishments and how he acerb believed that what he did about bullwork was appropriate would be an appulse on why he got complex with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Robert Penn Warren believes that alike admitting John Brown had such an astronomic religious faith, God was not on neither abandon of John Brown nor the South. What Brown did was aberrant and not Godly, according to Warren. Robert’s accomplishments has impacted his appearance on John Brown in a way that he believed Brown was amenable for his criminal- like actions. He believes that what Brown did to the proslavery was not based on God. Meaning, it wasn’t a God based decision, it was added of a Godly alibi he acclimated appear his bent actions. Robert mainly focused on capacity of Southern ability and history. His claimed compassionate of John Brown’s accomplishments has abundantly impacted his history about the south and his ability about its history of culture. David S. Reynolds wonders how John Brown could additional annihilation with such a religious faith. David declared that Brown “used abandon in adjustment to actualize a association bare of bullwork and racism. He believed that John Brown didn’t aloof do it for slavery, but did it because his ambition was a autonomous society; race, religion, and gender didn’t alike matter. David has his accurate assessment about Brown’s accomplishments because he anticipation that what Brown did to these proslavery bodies wasn’t for the acumen he said for accomplishing so. Reynold’s accomplishments has impacted his appearance on John Brown and his accomplishments because he can acquaint others about his assessment on Brown’s actions. His assessment ”reflects a twenty-first aeon on Brown abreast by the September 11, 2001, terrorists attacks on the United States. Basically, he anticipation of John as added of a agitator than a hero of slavery. W. E. B. Du Bois, Robert Penn Warren, and David S. Reynold’s were all impacted in altered means by John Brown’s actions. Their own accurate opinions were based on how they beheld John Brown’s actions. John’s huge annihilation at Pottawatomie Creek was his certifiable way of administration things. He was a assassin of proslavery and his alibi was God. These three authors who contributed to John Brown’s commodity were absorbed in African American association or Southern history. Their appearance on John Brown’s history has impacted their own.

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