The dangers of biting on a Phish

 Short Newsletter Item: The Dangers of Biting on a Phish Discussion Topic Write a abbreviate "newsletter" commodity (3 to 5 paragraphs) for the non-technical managers and advisers at Sifers-Grayson to explain the following: (a) What is Phishing? (Focus on phishing emails and targeted attacks that accommodate extra phishing and whaling.) (b) What "bad things" can appear back a acknowledged phishing advance gives outsiders admission to aggregation networks and computers? (c) How can advisers abstain "biting" on a "phish?" (d) How should advisers abode phishing attacks? Why is actual advertisement analytical to endlessly the attackers? Since this commodity is for a newsletter, you may use an breezy but able accent (address the clairvoyant as "you," use "we" and "our" to accredit to the organization's perspective). The focus of the commodity should be aloft alteration how bodies anticipate about and acknowledge to computer aegis incidents. Humor is acceptable but should not abate the severity of the problem. Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or added accurate sources. Put the advertence account at the end of your article.

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