The Crucible: Abigail Williams Character Analysis

In Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the capital appearance Abigail Williams is to allegation for the witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts. Abigail is a beggarly and avenging actuality who consistently wants her way, no amount who she hurts. Throughout the comedy her accusations and lies annual abounding bodies affliction and suffering, but she seemed to never affliction for any of them except John Proctor, whom she had an activity with seven months above-mentioned to the alpha of the play. The lies activate to break as the clairvoyant dives into the book. John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth acclimated to apply Abigail, until Elizabeth begin out about the activity amid her bedmate and Abigail. Immediately she threw Abigail out. Although John told Abigail that the activity was over and he would never blow her again, she approved badly to restore their romance. "Abby, I may anticipate of you cautiously from time to time. But I will cut off my duke afore I'll anytime ability for you again. ” She claimed that she admired John and that he admired her. Afore the comedy began, Abigail approved to annihilate Elizabeth with a curse. She anticipation that if Elizabeth were asleep John would ally her. Further into the play, Abigail accused Elizabeth of witchcraft. She saw Ally Warren authoritative a poppet. Mary put a aggravate into the doll, and Abigail acclimated that for her accusation. She stabbed herself with a aggravate and claimed that Elizabeth's body had done it. Although Abigail claimed she admired John, she may accept aloof admired the affliction and absorption he gave her. John cared for her like no one abroad had. In a way he could be declared as somewhat of a ancestor amount to her. Back Abigail was aloof a child, she witnessed her parents' barbarous murders. "I saw Indians accident my baby parents’ active on the pillow abutting to mine... " After her alarming experience, she was aloft by her uncle, Reverend Parris. In the comedy it was said, "He was a widower with no absorption in children, or aptitude with them”. Parris admired accouchement as adolescent adults who should be "thankful for actuality acceptable to airing straight, eyes hardly lowered, accoutrements at the sides, and mouths shut until bidden to speak”. Therefore, it is accessible to see that Abigail grew up after any adulation or nurturing. She additionally was after any absolute mother or ancestor figures. Abigail grew up to be artful and treacherous, defective trustworthiness. On annual of the abhorrence for her life, Abigail began to allege the bodies abutting to her of witchcraft. After she and the alternative irls were apparent in the backwoods dancing, she knew that they would be aerated and possibly hung. Abigail said that they were bewitched, and began to name those who were allegedly alive with the devil. Nothing would stop her from attention herself. Back John affected Mary Warren to acquaint the accuracy about the lies that she, Abigail, and the blow of the girls were telling, Abigail proclaimed her chastity and again began to allege Mary of actuality a witch. She claimed she saw Mary authoritative a poppet of her, and afraid Abigail with a needle. "But God fabricated my face; you cannot appetite to breach my face. Envy is a baleful sin, Mary. Abigail feared for her activity so abundant that she adequate it alike back John was accused of abracadabra and was bedevilled to be hung. Although she admired him, she would not cede herself for him. In conclusion, the annual of the witch trials was Abigail Williams. Considering the facts about her adulation for John, alarming childhood, and abhorrence for her activity it is accessible to see that it was Abigail's accountability that the tragedy occurred. As the abhorrent actuality that she was, Abigail fought to get her way no amount who she hurt, and abominably in the end she did. Her web of lies circuitous anybody she anytime cared for.

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