The Count of Monte Cristo Persuasive Essay

Albert, Franz and the Count of Monte Cristo John D. Rockefeller already said, “A accord founded on business is bigger than a business founded on friendship” (http://www. brainyquote. com/). In the book The Count of Monte Cristo, a atypical accounting by Alexandre Dumas, a man by the name of Edmond Dantes is wrongfully accused by his so alleged “friends” and is put in the abominable prison, Chateau d’If. Afterwards his acceptable pal Abbe Faria dies, he escapes and finds a treasure, with the money he swears to get animus in the best aching way possible, all are activity down. When he is out of bastille he makes his way to Carnival in Rome, Italy, there he meets Albert and Franz; through that time aeon abounding opinions formed about one addition and gave them the befalling to anatomy what Albert and Franz anticipation was a friendship. Albert absolutely had a aboriginal consequence and an assessment formed of the Count, but afterwards the Count adored his activity he acquainted the charge to accord him for his gratitude. “That is what I should alarm assaulting us with politeness. Signor Pastrini, your Count of Monte Cristo is a actual civil fellow” (Dumas 186). Albert has the aboriginal consequence that the Count is actual accommodating and kind. The way the assistant conducted the Count fabricated him assume like a absolute gentleman. “‘You are absolutely a best admired friend, and I achievement you will accede me as consistently answerable to you in the aboriginal abode for the carrying and now for this service[of extenuative his activity from the Italian gangsters]” (Dumas 213). He cannot be added beholden for all that the Count has done for him. “‘… I owe you my life…. My father, the Count of Morcerf, who is of Spanish origin, holds a aerial position both in France and in Spain, and he and all who adulation me will be alone too Gates 2 admiring to be of any account to you’ (Dumas 215). His activity flashed afore his eyes and giving him that blazon of account was the atomic he could do for the Count. Albert consistently looked at the Count in a absolute light. Franz had his doubts but absolutely they angry positive. “‘It seems to me that if this man is as accommodating as our host says he is, he would accept conveyed his allurement to us in some alternative way, either in writing…” (Dumas 186). Franz was actual capricious about affair him because he anticipation that he was not the best man to be apparent with. From what he saw at the Colosseum, the Count seemed dangerous. ‘I anticipate he is a absorbing man who does the ceremoniousness of his table to perfection; a man who has apparent much, advised much, and anticipation much; who, like Brutus, belongs to the academy of the stoics, and who possesses best accomplished cigars” (Dumas 193). Afterwards accepting through that assurance barrier, he acquainted as if the Count was like royalty. “‘… all but eight hundred piasters. ’ The Count went to his desk, opened a drawer abounding with gold and said: … ‘Thank you. Take what you please. ’” The Count gave Franz what he bare to pay the bribe to get Albert aback from the Italian gangsters. Franz at aboriginal had issues with the Count but after absolutely trusted the Count; abundant to accede him a acquaintance of his. During the Carnival in Rome, Italy, the Count meets Albert and Franz. Aboriginal impressions and opinions were shaped about one addition and gave them the adventitious to actualize what Albert and Franz would anticipate was a friendship. Aristotle said, “Friendship is a distinct body abode in two bodies” (http://www. brainyquote. com/). Gates 3 Works Cited BrainyQuote. Xplore. Web. 14 May 2012. Dumas, Alexandre. The Count of Monte Cristo. New York: Modern Library, 1996. Print.

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