The Cost of the Health Care Workforce

Assignment Content     Write a 350- to 525-word commodity that evaluates the amount of the bloom affliction workforce. Your commodity should: Identify three key drivers of activity costs aural a specific bloom affliction service, facility, or alternative bloom sector-related activity (e.g., activity supply, abundance improvement, technology, or cadre annual design) Evaluate accepted industry solutions or remediation activities to abode the articular activity costs Predict approaching changes (e.g., policy, funding, or accessible support) that ability aggravate or advance the solutions Publish the commodity on your own amusing media annual (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.), or column it on a bloom affliction bulletin lath of your choice. Include a commendation of the commodity in your assignment. Cite at atomic 3 acclaimed references to abutment your appointment (e.g., barter or industry publications, government or bureau websites, bookish works, or alternative sources of agnate quality). Format your appointment according to APA guidelines.

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