The Constant

"The Constant" is an adventure from the fourth of six seasons of the alarmingly acclaimed ball series, Lost, which aired on the American Broadcasting Company amid September 2004 and May 2010. The antecedent aperture of Absent begins with a even blast on a bare island. Throughout the admeasurement of the series, the survivors of the blast are challenged by abhorrence of the alien island, agony for aliment and water, and best importantly, anniversary other. The bare island in which the alternation takes abode is not Just any island - that is, it is not able to be begin by anyone active alfresco of it - and already the characters are iving there, they about accept no way out. They are trapped, and can be begin by no one. There is a abstruse accumulation of civilians who are alleged "The Others" active on the island aback Oceanic flight 81 5 crashes. This accumulation of "Others" is allotment of the accurate analysis alignment alleged the "Dharma Initiative" which has placed several stations at differing locations on the island, a arrangement of numbers that seems to arise in lives of characters from the past, present, and approaching and claimed access amid characters of which they are unaware. The capital appearance of focus in the adventure "The Constant" is Desmond Hume, a man who was captured on the island continued afore Oceanic flight 81 5 crashed. He is residing in the hatch, an underground allowance that allegedly releases an electromagnetic allegation to anticipate a ample accretion of electromagnetic energy. Desmond is affected by the agency of adaptation to bite numbers into a computer for several years, told that if he refuses to bite the numbers the apple as he knows it will appear to an end. At one point, Desmond misses the timer on the computer and does not bite in the numbers on time. As a result, a massive electromagnetic acreage is released, alluring all metal article to the hatch, and consequentially causing Oceanic flight 815 to blast on the island. Desmond manages to stop and accordingly cautiously banish the electromagnetism by punching the cipher into the computer afterwards it hits zero, but is too backward to anticipate the even from crashing. By division four, Desmond has already amorphous to collaborate with the survivors on the island. In the antecedent season, Charlie, addition survivor from the Oceanic 81 5 crash, had appear into acquaintance with Desmond's old adherent Penny, and informs Desmond hat a baiter which a woman by the name of Naomi had brought to the island, did not in actuality accord to Penny as Naomi had claimed. Charlie afresh drowns, abrogation Desmond with several changing questions. Realizing that Naomi's adventure is false, Desmond gets on a helicopter with Sayid and Frank to fly to the freight. As the helicopter flies through a storm, Desmond begins to accept flashbacks of a accustomed absoluteness to his accomplished in 1996 afore his activity on the island. Shifting aback and alternating amid the accomplished and the present armament Desmond to lose all anamnesis of the island and Sayid, who is accompanying him on the helicopter. Sayid's affair leads him to acquaintance Daniel Faraday, a man on the island from the freighter, in adjustment to accept some affectionate of acknowledgment to what Desmond is experiencing. Daniel explains that what Desmond is experiencing is actually a anatomy of time travel, and explains to Desmond that aback he reverts aback to 1996 again, he needs to acquisition Daniel at Oxford University and seek out his help. Here, Daniel performs a analysis on his pet rat, Eloise, and realizes that Desmond is experiencing a about-face of alertness through time travel. Eloise dies aural beneath than two hours due to the accent to her brain. Daniel informs Desmond that in adjustment to stop the time travel, he charge acquisition a 'constant', article that exists in both 1996 and 2004, the present year. A man beggared to a bed on the freighter by the name of Minkowski is experiencing the aforementioned alertness biking as Desmond but for a best aeon of time, and due to the aerial accent already afresh acquired by the time travel, and the actuality that he is clumsy to acquisition a constant, Minkowski additionally dies. Frightened, Desmond chooses Penny to be his connected and realizes that in adjustment to accomplish it, he charge access Penny's buzz cardinal and alarm her from the freighter on December 24, 2004, that day. Aback Desmond campaign aback in time already afresh to 1996, he finds Penny affronted and afraid to allege to him, but explains himself and pleads, adage he needs her buzz cardinal and promises not to alarm for eight years. With the advice of Sayid, Desmond uses a buzz amid on the freighter to alarm Penny and finds out she has been analytic for him for the accomplished three years and she knows about the island. Back on the island, Daniel is analytic through his old Journal in which he wrote addendum during his time at Oxford, and begin an old not he had written, "If nything goes wrong, Desmond Hume is my constant. " This adventure of Absent is an accomplished assignment and is abounding of several aesthetic and abstruse hallmarks, some of which are displayed best in the concrete and affecting affliction Desmond adventures through his time biking amid 1996 and 2004. It is accessible throughout the adventure until the end that Desmond is accepting abounding difficulties authoritative his accomplishments due to the actuality that he is clumsy to ascendancy aback his anatomy switches amid the two years. In 1996, he wants to obey his baker major's commands aback he is in the army, but his alertness is reacting in means he is nable to ascendancy and he is accordingly clumsy to accomplish any of his responsibilities. Desmond's abridgement of absorption causes the baker above to become so affronted that he armament all of the army men to complete added concrete labor. Desmond afresh leaves to acquisition Daniel Faraday and is afresh clumsy to ascendancy his acquainted actions. He is atrocious to acquisition an acknowledgment to what is accident to him, and begs Daniel for his help. Desmond assemblage Minkowski die on the freighter due to the aforementioned problems he himself is having, and recognizes that if he does not acquisition a constant, he will anon die. Aback Desmond needs to acquisition Penny to be his constant, he afresh adventures abundant annoyance because she is initially afraid to allege to him. However, aback she assuredly gives in and offers Desmond her buzz number, Desmond allotment to 2004 and anon calls her to acquisition that she has been analytic for him for three years. The adventure afresh presents to the eyewitness a glimpse of Desmond afresh in 1996, area he is animated with gratitude. Harmony is present already Desmond is able to affix with Penny and he is assuredly able to complete his mission and accompany an end to the already unstoppable and exceptionable time travelling experiences. The Constant" is not adapted until this point in the episode, aback Desmond realizes that his long-lost adulation is analytic for him and knows about the island. This additionally represents an aspect ot 'Lite and Death' because aback Desmond assemblage Minkowski's realizes it is actually all-important to acquisition a connected in adjustment to survive. Both the acting and cinematography in this adventure as able-bodied as in the absolute alternation is incredible. It is a axis point in the alternation because it alien time biking as no best a catechism in the apple of Lost, but an absolute that is absolutely possible. This abandoned answered several questions for the viewer. The adventure explained why Desmond absent his anamnesis and why time biking occurs; and new, important characters are alien as well. Faraday is conspicuously in this adventure one of the best important characters because he is able to explain the time biking Desmond is experiencing - and how to stop it - and seems to accept the island bigger than anyone else.

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