The consequences of Polypharmacy and the Elderly

Analyze the added complication of affliction amid earlier adults.Your administrator needs to accomplish abiding that anniversary of the in-service capacity will be covered by someone, so she is allurement the agents to acquaint their affair preference. Below is the account of problems your administrator wants the nursing agents to be able to advise earlier developed audience (and/or their ancestors members) about.In-service Affair Options:HypertensionDiabetesCoronary avenue diseaseDepressionDementiaPolypharmacyIncreased accident of fallsVison/hearing impairmentNutrition and hydrationYour administrator has asked you to abide a 1-page proposal, accounting application able spelling, grammar, and APA, which addresses the following:Identify the applicant botheration your in-service will address.Describe at atomic 5 after-effects of the applicant botheration as it relates to the health, safety, and abundance of earlier adults.Explain your account for allotment the applicant botheration you selected.

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