The Competition Leading To More Creativity Education Essay

This affiliate presents an cold assay and altercation of the allegation generated in the research. This Affiliate letters on the allegation that arise from this research.

Perceptions of Teachers

The agents I accept interviewed conveyed their angle apropos antagonism and there is a accepted accord amid them that schools and colleges are the places area antagonism is best prominent. 60% of agents agilely feel that antagonism at academy prepares acceptance for the complexities of the avant-garde world. Afterwards antagonism acceptance would get a ambiguous apperception of what the apple is absolutely like. They would misunderstand that there is no charge to be added alive than others aback everybody would be accepting the aforementioned rewards anyway.

When an atmosphere of antagonism prevails in schools, acceptance advance the attitude of “well, I didn’t do so able-bodied on this analysis but abutting time I’ll accomplish added efforts and do better”. Academia brand antagonism because there is the charge for apprenticeship to actualize an adaptive and adjustable workforce in the ever-changing avant-garde world.

When asked about the affidavit why antagonism should not be eliminated, best of 60% of agents came with the abstraction that eradicating antagonism from schools would betoken not acquainted acceptable or accomplished performance, and that would be carrying a bulletin to acceptance not to bother aggravating because they will not win whether they win or lose. And the losers would be accepting the bulletin that they do not accept to try because they are not activity to accept their animosity aching and they will not accept to accord with any affectionate of accident animosity no amount what they do.

One abecedary affirmed that “Not allocation acceptance would be arbitrary to acceptance who assignment absolutely adamantine to become accomplished or to become abreast and skillful. Their efforts would not be paid off”.

Hence, eliminating antagonism is beheld as an childish attack at ensuring that no one’s self-esteem gets crushed. Self-esteem is believed to be added by accomplishing baby ‘victories’, and that is area antagonism serves a purpose. “The appropriate dosage of antagonism can advice to activation acceptance to do added than they knew they were able of”, a abecedary stated.

Teachers agreed that the animosity accomplished by acceptance who accommodated connected discouragement could be cutting and demanding for them but, with every ambition comes a struggle. Moreover, the agents altercate that the accretion competitiveness is believed to be the artefact of a meritocratic arrangement and at the aforementioned time it actualizes the ethics of meritocracy. While the aggressive apprenticeship pushes the approaching ‘elite’ to their limits, it additionally keeps best alternative acceptance on their toes.

The actual 40% of agents did accede that antagonism has become allotment of accustomed activity yet they presented antithetical angle apropos the account of competition. It was argued that antagonism is abortive and damaging and it leads to ‘acidic attitudes’ amid aggressive students. This altercation goes in band with Kohn’s (1987) account that antagonism breeds an atmosphere of hostility. One abecedary claimed that if we sit aback and reflect, antagonism can be absolutely ‘arbitrary’. She was civil that if we try to anticipate a lot broader, we adeptness reflect on the affair of what is a acceptable life. It is affirmed by the abecedary that the advantage of people’s lives should not be abstinent by their ranks or titles. It was acerb argued that instead of auspicious competition, there is the charge for agents to alternation acceptance to accept the blessings in their lives and accept how abstruse those blessings are so that they do not aloof tie themselves to acceptable or to added cachet and prestige. As accurately acicular out by a teacher, “There is added to activity than aloof actuality the ‘first’ or the ‘best’ consistently and we should not let aloof a appellation drive the accomplished character accumulation process”. Here, Gandhi’s bounce of antagonism and his accent on alternative aspects of activity like cooperation, alternate adulation and account to others arise actual relevant.

Perceptions of Students


As depicted in the pie chart, alone 36% of the acceptance in the sample citizenry accurate competition. According to them, antagonism plays a effective role by auspicious them to apprentice how to be the best of the bests, appropriately acceptable acquirements process. It is claimed by the learners that aback ‘everyone cannot win a award-winning or a scholarship at the end of the bookish year’, antagonism acts as a able aesthetic agency which promotes astronomic efforts and maintains ‘high standards’. In the focus accumulation interview, it was said that the purpose of antagonism is to actualize winners and losers and this is how the apprenticeship arrangement aims to approval achievement, abet adeptness and appraise students’ progress. These allegation accede with Lawrence’s (2004) arguments that antagonism encourages alive acquirements and addition students’ motivation.

Students altercate that they do their homework, abstraction adamantine for exams and tests, and assignment for weeks on projects not because they adulation to apprentice but because the aggressive atmosphere motivates them to do so. Back asked to announce the absolute agency that keeps them motivated to thrive, they mentioned about acceptable scholarships, actuality ranked at civic level, accepting teacher’s acknowledgment and prizes. It is noteworthy that what makes the approval adorable is the actuality that abounding acceptance are allusive for the aforementioned rewards.

Here, it can be apparent that learners are extrinsically motivated aback they strive for the baronial and their focus about-face from acquirements and adeptness of capacity and abilities to adeptness in affiliation to others, in adjustment to win the scholarships.

Furthermore, it was acicular out that the aggressive attributes of apprenticeship and exams actuate not alone them but additionally ancestors and agents who accommodate them with academic, banking support, as able-bodied as actualize accessory ambiance for study. Another admired anticipation that acceptance accept aggregate is that afterwards competition, acquirements would be an blank process. From antagonism emanates action and activity to consistently improve. Acceptance declared that the antagonism that prevails aural the academy prompts them to accede their faults, weaknesses, their areas of improvements and additionally acquisition artistic means to apprentice added about the assorted subjects.


Students put advanced that with the antagonism and pressure, they accord the best of themselves and accomplish acceptable grades, which eventually accord them a faculty of accomplishment and accomplishment. If there was no competition, acceptance would artlessly be agreeable with their grades or their assignment instead of demography pride in it. These abstracts afresh accord to Lawrence’s (2004) viewpoints and Fulu’s (2007) affirmation that the afar outcomes of antagonism are that students’ accretion acknowledgment for their learning; their action and self-esteem are raised.

According to allegation from questionnaires and focus accumulation interview, it can be said that acceptance acceptance to feel discouraged, downcast and fatigued but additionally boastful and acknowledged will advice them abound and adapt them for the absolute world, area they adeptness adventures these affections often. It is a actual big albatross of the apprenticeship arrangement to appoint acceptance in the afterwards contest they will face in their lives.


With antagonism in education, acceptance are encouraged to be added artistic in adjustment to angle out from their adolescent students. If acceptance are not in a aggressive environment, they adeptness be agreeable to accept agnate ideas. On the alternative hand, aggressive environments advance acceptance to accomplishment their specific strengths and intelligences, be it linguistic, kinesthetic, or musical, in adjustment to acquisition their artistic ancillary that would accredit them to abound into added activating individuals. The adherence of acceptance to accord added efforts in their acquirements action while in a aggressive ambience matches what Fasli and Michalakopoulos (2005) accept put forward.


Data generated from the acceptance and agents shows that the affiliation amid aggressive education, the arrangement of examinations and accent seems to be a abreast truism. Some acceptance candidly accepted that antagonism places so abundant accent to bookish adeptness that in adjustment to buck the burden of the ordeal, they generally resort to cheating. Alternative aggressive approach accommodate concealing one’s own goals and interests, actuality hostile, abusive or arduous others, criticizing, blowing or exact aggressiveness. Approach that are acclimated to accord with antagonism are absolutely arrant and this is area antagonism can be apparent to accept slid into a annihilative scenario. And this is back antagonism can prove to be added adverse than accessible as the ambiance that is created does not accord due accent to basal ethics such as kindness, benevolence and sincerity. These qualities are actuality beneath and beneath embodied in career pursuits and in claimed relationships while egocentric and aloof patterns of behavior are glorified. These allegation accede with Gandhi’s arguments about how antagonism breeds arrogance and immorality.

The majority of acceptance (64%) who alternate in the focus accumulation account and questionnaires did not favor competition, yet 55% still affianced in a antagonism with their friends. This is illustrated in the pie blueprint below. The affidavit that were accustomed for such a best are presented afterwards.


It is account advertence actuality that 45% attempt with themselves because it accustomed them to break focused in the mission of actuality educated; if they are ranked well, they would be blessed but their aim is not to win a scholarship. Their ambition is not to sustain any affectionate of approval and to enhance their self-image. They were rather aggressive appear adeptness and the acquirements process. They acquaintance a faculty of accomplishment back they feel they accept learnt article new every day. For them, ancestry is all about learning, growing and the adventitious to apprentice more, and do bigger than their aftermost performance. They seek not to beat others but to advance their own adeptness and mastery. These learners can be said to be intrinsically motivated. They accept that they would accomplish themselves afflicted if they fabricated comparisons with others. Absolute beatitude and accomplishment is said to be begin in anecdotic and acquainted one’s own adeptness and talents rather than absorption on others’ successes. The acceptance affirmed that antagonism prevents individuals from developing a self-acceptance and it renders bodies clumsy to do simple and apprehensive accomplishments such as actuality nice to others or actuality at the account of others. It encourages them to be like everybody abroad or bigger than everybody abroad and acceptance cannot be themselves.

Another important acumen why the acceptance accurate ‘self-competition’ is the actuality that it induces them to set a ambition and this paves the way to a assertive amount of charge and discipline. However, ambience a ambition does not necessarily backpack success. As declared by the students, sometimes they do accomplish their goal; alternative times they do not get the grades or the marks that they were expecting. Acceptance accept that this is what makes self-competition advantageous – antagonism is advantageous back it is not aloof about acceptable but additionally acquirements how to accord with disappointment or losses. Hence, ‘self-competition’ provides acceptance with the amplitude to acquaintance animosity of triumph, and discouragement which eventually enhances the acquirements environment.


The 55% of acceptance who are adjoin antagonism but still aggressive to win a scholarship laid accent on how antagonism ruptures relationships. They would adopt their mates to “cooperate and assignment together”. For them, antagonism represents a action in which individuals anon or alongside aim to abort or abuse alternative parties in adjustment to get a adapted reward. The relationships that antagonism fosters are not congenital on a alternate absorption to interact. Rather, these relationships may able-bodied accommodate conflicts and acceptance aggressive generally try to abstain interaction. Acceptance chronicle their own acquaintance of associate relationships as actuality hostile.

One apprentice benign antagonism accompanying how she got into a ‘hidden’ brainy non-violent blazon of antagonism with her best acquaintance to ‘prove’ to the closing that she could accomplish bigger and she formed added adamantine to ensure the atrophy of the allusive other. Alike admitting the ‘hidden’ battle leads to bigger performance, the apprentice accepted that the adeptness was at the amount of moral ethics and advantageous associate relationships and complete mentality. Aggressive behavior can accordingly generally run the area of unpleasant, unseemly, bent behavior.

Based on the affirmation of acceptance that antagonism has a adverse aftereffect on relationships, it can be said that the altercation produced by Johnson and Johnson (1989) is actual relevant. Antagonism does act as a barrier block in convalescent relationships amid acceptance and this hinders advantageous acquirements and advantageous attitudes.

A abundant cardinal of acceptance accounted for the abrogating after-effects of antagonism by emphasizing on the accent of alternative aspects of our lives. Their point is that it is a actual acceptable affair that bodies attention success in their career as important because they appetite to advocate a acceptable accepted of living, abnormally back they will be basic a family. That appetite for success is apprenticed by the abstraction to abutment to the best of their adeptness their ancestors or admired ones in the future. However, this accompany causes them to access a aggressive chase to accomplish and this bliss them added and added from their ancestors and accomplishment relationships becomes a difficult task. The actual affair that is actuality done for the account of their approaching ancestors becomes the force that currently takes them abroad from their kin. The acceptance fatigued on the accent of animal love, animal contact.


The overheated antagonism for scholarships affects acceptance alike added than I thought. There is anecdotal affirmation that accepting a scholarship requires abundant sacrifice, which includes “work on appointment best on weekends because clandestine tuitions took a lot of time during weekdays”, “watch beneath TV, accept beneath beddy-bye in adjustment to additional abundant time for the learning”, “burning the midnight oil”, “staying at home during third appellation and charge for exams”. Concisely, acceptance spent all their time whetting their aggressive bend for the exams. The acquaintance of one apprentice who alternate in the focus accumulation account is a affidavit to that lifestyle. While in primary school, she had to assignment adamantine for 2-3 hours per day afore she could accompany a brilliant accessory college. There also, she bare to accomplish awful because as a apprentice of a brilliant school, blowing and affliction were cat-and-mouse for a low achiever.

Some of the acceptance who are absolutely into acceptable affirmation that they absolutely do not adore the acceptable because they are consistently analytic themselves about “what should I do to accumulate on winning?” This can be explained by the actuality that they tend to ascertain themselves by the cachet and appellation that they hold. However, the connected astriction of addition out how to advance the position and bulge eventually takes abroad the joy of the laurels.

As a aftereffect these aggressive learners are added decumbent to a ambit of stress-related illnesses in the long-run. Issues such as attempts of suicide, agitation attacks, abridgement of creativity, poor concrete bloom and disproportionate accent on elitism and academy baronial are all diagnosed by the acceptance as articles of a aggressive apprenticeship system.

Students declared that they had to consistently ensure a authoritativeness in the hours they bare for perfecting their knowledge. What I assume the acceptance were alluding actuality is that the alertness to be laureates or ranked afterwards laureates is aching and the affliction is enormous. This attempts to define the antecedent that accountable acceptance to blot ability instead of accepting a added agreeable time. Moreover, the accent is additionally placed on cerebral accomplishment that is accepting knowledge. Antagonism makes ancestry and teaching alone exam-oriented, a arrangement in which agents and acceptance cannot allow to lose any time in authoritative the teaching-learning action a ‘fun activity’. Classes become teacher-centered, subject-centered and the melancholia area is disregarded.

Certain acceptance are acceptable to attempt in about all activities, and they will feel threatened and affronted if they acquisition themselves backward behind. One amazing yet actual absorbing detail provided in the check is that acceptance alike attempt on the cardinal of accompany they accept on their Facebook page.

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