The company name is Bizzi

BizziB Charwoman Specialists Ltd has been accustomed back 1989, they strive to accommodate a different charwoman account to all of our audience whether they are ample or small. They acquire claimed management, able agents training and actual supervision, they action the actual best account aural the charwoman industry they additionally do armpit inspections and ability administration and landscaping. Bizzib is a clandestine bound company. A bound aggregation is area you alone acquire bound accountability such as if the aggregation went apprehension again they would alone acquire to pay what they invested into the business. Handyman home band-aid provides acreage aliment which includes painting, tiling, plastering and abounding more. Aims and Objectives * Accommodate aerial affection account at reasonable prices. * To survive. * To accomplish a profit. Size of the business Handyman home solutions are a baby business as it is aloof Mr Dave Melon. Basildon board accommodate abounding casework such as benefits, decay collection, recycling, ecology health, housing, and planning. The aggregation aims to be accustomed through Essex and accumulation alike bigger casework to the association beneath them.

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