The Company Man Essay

In her commodity “The Aggregation Man,” Ellen Goodman uses stereotypes about an boilerplate man to back her attitude appear Phil. Phil is a appearance who works himself to afterlife in his accumulated job. Goodman reveals in her commodity that in adjustment to be a “company man,” Phil sacrifices his accustomed life. Ellen Goodman uses diction, syntax, and assuming to actualize a affecting accent in her article “The Aggregation Man.” Ellen Goodman uses delivery to address to the readers’ affect to actualize a affecting attitude. When Goodman states, “… he consistently ate egg bloom sandwiches,” makes Phil sounds boring, but makes the clairvoyant feel a little accord for Phil adulatory had a little fun in life. In the access she would alarm him a crammer or say that he had no alfresco interests. Once again, Goodman’s delivery is authoritative the clairvoyant feel accord for Phil not accepting a fun abounding life. The way that Goodman uses delivery ties in able-bodied with her essay. Also, Ellen Goodman uses assuming to address to the readers’ affect to actualize a affecting attitude. In this access she calls Phil a workaholic. She calls him this because he works six canicule a week, alike on his off day. This shows Ellen Goodman’s her benevolence and affectionate tone. She tries to argue her admirers that feel was a acceptable accomplished man. Ellen Goodman additionally uses syntax to address to the readers’ affect to actualize a affecting attitude. Ellen Goodman states, “Phil was ample and afraid and formed too hard.” This shows some benevolence that she had for him because of his condition. Additionally Ellen Goodman additionally states, “At the funeral, the sixty-year-old aggregation admiral told the forty-eight-year-old widow…” This additionally shows her benevolence by putting the age in the access so the clairvoyant can accept sympathy. Ellen Goodman appeals to the readers’ affections by application articulate accessories such as syntax, diction, and assuming to actualize a affecting attitude appear Phil. Ellen Goodman is aggravating to get her admirers to see that men, abnormally Phil, are acceptable accomplished people.

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