The Company Is Walmart And The 3 Years Needed Is 2016, 2015, 2014

   Pro-Forma Financial Statements (I/S, B/S and Statement of Banknote Flows) with deltas out 3 years and analysis Each year charge accept 2 columns: 1 with your activity and 1 after your strategy. a. Include Pro-Forma ratios for the aboriginal year out with deltas allegory from the best accepted year’s ratios. 2. Net Present Amount assay of proposed strategy’s new banknote breeze and EPS/EBIT analysis NOTE: To assemble the aboriginal banknote breeze (cf1) at the actual minimum, the new acquirement from your strategy(s) charge be discounted aback to the present amount by artful EBIT and that amount will be your cfn for anniversary year. cf0 (initial amount of your strategy), cf1 (discounted banknote breeze aboriginal year), r (opportunity amount of capital, the amount of the abutting best another use of cash/debt/equity resources). 3. Specific recommended activity and continued appellation objectives Explain why you chose the strategy, and altercate how abundant the activity will amount to apparatus and how abundant new acquirement your activity will create. Include your activity calendar calendar for accomplishing your strategy. 4. Proposed new business model

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