The Collapse of the American Dream

The Collapse of the American Dream “The American Dream has run out of gas,” said JG Ballard, a arresting English novelist. The American Dream was already a reality, a time back the citizens of America were the simple migrants who had immigrated because they approved a abode area they could behest their own fate. It was added developed in the 1770’s, and was referenced to by a abundant certificate through the words “all men are created equal” and that they are “endowed by their Creator with assertive basal Rights” including “Life, Liberty and the following of Happiness. These words are the base of the Dream, which is now authentic by Webster’s concordance as the ethics of freedom, equality, and befalling commonly captivated to be accessible to every American. For generations, accomplishing the dream was the ambition of all Americans. However, this aeon of beatitude did not aftermost long; for times change, and the bodies forth with them. Today, the American dream has acquired into an unachievable illusion, acquired by a capitalistic economy, animal attributes and the government. To alpha off, the American dream is unattainable because of the backer economy. For example, in the Grapes of Wrath, the Joads are clumsy to get jobs because of the assets alterity in the economy. Back traveling the California, a blatant one-eyed man appears. He tells the Joads how the flyers that acquaint job are absolutely fraud. To ample 800 positions they book out several thousand flyers. Employers use unemployment to their advantage and drive ability bottomward added authoritative it absurd for abounding to accomplish the American Dream. The Capitalistic abridgement strives to aerate profits, behindhand of animal consequences. The Joads end up accident their so alleged American dream and their ancestors endures abundant adversity which causes them to breach afar Similarly, In the Abundant Gatsby, Fitzgerald presents the American Dream as a base adumbration of what it already was. The basin of ashes, one of the settings of the novel, is a backer boscage that represents the abasement of the Dream. Fitzgerald compares the basin of ashes with the Eggs, the alternative setting, on abounding occasions. All descriptions of the basin of ashes are grim. The poor alive in the ashes compared to the affluent who alive in apple-pie and absurd communities. This shows the alterity acquired by capitalism; alone the affluent can adore their lives, while the poor charge assignment continued hours of chiral activity in adjustment to survive. The dream is absent to anyone who is not built-in with a argent spoon. The time area one could assignment adamantine and acceleration from rags to abundance is gone. Likewise, in the contempo Muppets movie, the characters are hindered on their way to the American dream by the backer oil baron Tex Richman. He tries to batter Muppet studios and assignment for the oil below it. This already afresh shows that commercialism does not affliction for animal rights; it’s alone ambition is money and power. But naturally, back the Muppets is a children’s movie, Tex becomes a bigger actuality by the end of the movie. Sadly, it is not so in reality. Bodies are not abashed to go out and annihilate anniversary other’s dreams for claimed gain. Next, The American Dream is aloof because of the government. For instance, in To Annihilate a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson is denied the American dream because of the biased system. Continued afore the balloon occurs, Harper Lee makes the clairvoyant admit how biased Maycomb canton is. Atticus acknowledges this actuality back he tells his brother John that the board couldn’t possibly taken Tom Robinson’s chat over the Ewell’s. And later, alike admitting Atticus credibility out affluence of holes and discrepancies with Mayella’s story, the board refuses to accept the chat of a atramentous man. For Tom, the affliction allotment of the accord is actuality confined afterwards the cloister hearing. This, Atticus says, is what led him to try to escape; “he was annoyed of white man’s justice. ” The American Dream is absent to all black association because they were denied their basal liberties by the arrangement that was declared to assure them. Likewise, in the atypical Anthem the bodies of approaching apple are denied their American Dream by the government. Equality, the advocate of the novel, is a actual able actuality who desires alone to be a scholar. Instead, the government assembly him the assignment of street-sweeping. Later, back he discovers the light, the government, instead of praising his accomplishment, shuns him and banishes him from society. Thus, his Dream to arrange flesh and advise them about the wonders of the anathema times is killed. Lastly, The Night Thoreau spent in Bastille presents Henry David Thoreau, an able man, angry for his dream, admitting the government forestalls him at every turn. The Mexican war is activity on in during the novel. Thoreau, the protagonist, does not accept that it is a aloof war and refuses to pay tax. He is so bent to prove his point, that he alike goes and lives in the woods, creating a altar he calls his Walden. Still, the government throws him in jail, and he continues to debris to pay, boycotting the war. Finally, he is kicked out of bastille and finds that he fabricated no impact. The war was as Abraham Lincoln said was “of the sheerest deception,” as the bodies had no best in the matter. So, Henry David’s dream was unfinished, and he died a heart-broken afterlife at the age of 45. Finally, the American Dream is unachievable because of animal greed. Although this abundant nation was founded on the noblest of principles, the founding fathers forgot one acute detail; bodies consistently appetite added than they have. According to Daniel Gilbert, a awful admired assistant and biographer of the Futile Following of Happiness, says that bodies accept a addiction to miswant, or afield assertive that absent article will accompany one happiness. This leads them to anticipate that money, is the best important thing, and soon, they stop at annihilation to accomplish added and added money, generally throwing others beneath the bus. The novel, Afterlife and the American Dream, by Daniel Cano, is about a Mexican advocate who wants to alpha over in America. He is absolutely an American citizen, but his alone identification is his American passport. His friend, atrocious for money, steals his authorization and makes him attending like an actionable immigrant to get a reward. It is a adventure of betrayal, backroom and life; a shockingly absolute assuming of activity today. Similarly, they say that activity is a race. What they don’t say is that if one falls, he is absurd to anytime get up again. In conclusion, the American Dream is now aloof an unattainable dream, instead of a absoluteness because of the capitalistic economy, the government and animal nature. Back this nation was aboriginal created, American believed that wealth, abundance and beatitude could be created through handwork and perseverance. But now, with association on the border of collapse, America needs to stop absent and deathwatch up. Works Cited Cano, Daniel. Afterlife and the American Dream. Tempe, Ariz: Bilingual, 2009. Print Gertner, Jon. "The Futile Following of Beatitude - New York Times. " The New York Times - Breaking News, Apple News & Multimedia. New York Times, Sept. -Oct. 2003. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. Fitzgerald, Francis Scott. The Abundant Gatsby. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin, 1986. Print. Lawrence, Jerome, and Robert Edwin Lee. The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail. New York: Hill & Wang, 1970. Print. Lee, Harper. To Annihilate a Mockingbird. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin, 1973. Rand, Ayn. Anthem. New York: Plume, 1999. Print. Steinbeck, John, and Robert J. DeMott. The Grapes of Wrath. New York: Penguin, 2006. Print.

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