The Coffee Company Database Analysis Project

  Project Summary: The Coffee Company Database Assay Activity comprises three capital tables; A Customer List (Company’s Table); An Orders List; Products List (Coffees). I’ve created the Relationships for all three tables. I’ve included a cardinal of Quires in an Excel format. You will not be adapted to accomplishing annihilation abroad to the Database alternative than assay the abstracts and complete the listed tasks below. This is a assay of your abilities as an Analyst. Your Rep[ort will be presented to Senior administration to advice them accomplish a business decision. There are Excel Worksheets you can use to assay the company’s business actions. Project requirements: 1.  Analyze the after-effects (findings) from the Excel Queries and tables. You will charge to accommodate the Excel Tables and Quires in your Report. 2.  You will charge to accomplish a cardinal of business decisions based on your findings. Administer the adapted PESTeL, Geographic Factors, SWOT factors if all-important that may affect your findings. 3.  Clearly analyze and call how you would abode anniversary point back you administer your analysis. 4.  The architecture of your address will be agnate to the antecedent case studies: Cover page, Table of Contents, and ALL the requirements in your Final Report. 5.  Review How to Build a Case Study Architecture on eLearn, Your Personal Reflections, etc. Review the Files on eLearn. 6.  You are adapted to accommodate a Personal Reflection Report. (See the Reflection Address Guidelines). 7.  You charge upload a softcopy of your assay to eLearn. 8.  This is not a accumulation project. 9.  I charge admonish you NOT to archetype or accommodate a archetype of your Address to addition student.  

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