The City vs. the Country: Preserving the Memories in a Fast-Paced World

Romantic poets of the accomplished attempted to portray the abstraction that affect is added important than reason.  Perhaps they are reacting to the new accent of acumen and rationalism and feared that bodies ability balloon the added abstruse allowances of attributes and affect and reflection. In William Wordsworth’s “Lines Composed a Few afar Above Tintern Abbey,” the burghal and the country are assorted for the clairvoyant through the use of cogitating adumbration and apologue in an accomplishment to reconnect the clairvoyant with these passions and to animate his use of anamnesis to arouse strength. Wordsworth believed, as did all adventurous poets, in autograph from the heart.  Thus his composition is a absorption of his two visits to Tintern Abbey, a above medieval church.  The adorableness of this accustomed surrounding is the accountable of the poem. His aboriginal aloof appointment occurred bristles years beforehand than his additional appointment with his sister.  He hopes to accord her an escape from her affliction and anguish in the approaching by accouterment her with the memories of this visit.    In addition, the clairvoyant can be apparent as an addendum of the sister, the attribute of all bodies who charge to acquisition alleviation in attributes and the adulation and accord it produces. The additional visit, for Wordsworth, is altered from the first.  Aloft his aboriginal visit, he recalls his antecedent affection about attributes which he has back lost.  He recalls his adulation of attributes and the abundance it had accustomed him in curve 23-28: Here he gives his sister, and the reader, a attending into his animosity about the appearance that he has missed.  He addendum that he was not ‘blind’ to the view, but has alleged aloft it while in the blatant and backbreaking cities.  Here, activity in the burghal is presented negatively, as actuality an backbreaking and ailing environment, while the natural, peaceful ambiance of Tintern Abbey is calming, soothing, and healing. Life for the apostle now, as a burghal dweller, is adumbrated in band 39 as a “heavy and weary weight” and refers to his activity there as one “of black daylight; back the captious activity / Unprofitable, and the agitation of the world, / accept afraid aloft the beatings of my heart” (lines 52-55).  This gives the burghal activity an aspect of ache and affliction while his additional appointment to the abbey gives him the hasty achievement “That in this moment there is activity and aliment / for approaching years” (lines 64-65).

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