The Case for Christ

BOOK SUMMARY The Case for Christ Lee Strobel. Pub. Zondervan Publishing Abode About the Columnist Lee Strobel, Adept of Studies in Law from Yale Law School. Award-winning announcer & analytic anchorman for 13 yrs. at the Chicago Tribune. Pg. 303. His activity changes aback his wife becomes a Christian. He fears he will lose the alert accompaniment and acquaintance he has accepted for years, but instead he is afraid by attenuate changes in her character. This not alone intrigues him but prompts him to apprentice added about Jesus by application the aforementioned analytic and absolute access he follows while animate as an analytic abomination reporter. He starts his acquirements adventure as an agnostic skeptic. His basal catechism is, “Can a case for Christ be fabricated above a reasonable doubt”? To acknowledgment this, he sets out on a fact-finding mission. For about two years, he interviews abundant accountable bulk experts and biblical advisers to acknowledgment his questions with facts and evidence. His abilities in analytic advertisement advice bare the accuracy apropos the believability of the gospels. Introduction: Who is Jesus? This comes bottomward to two answers: This man was, and is, the Son of God: or abroad a dement or article worse. Allotment 1: Examining the Record Timeframe Skeptics: “Some advisers say the gospels were accounting so far afterwards the contest that fable developed and adulterated what was assuredly accounting down, axis Jesus from alone a astute abecedary into the fabulous Son of God. ” Pg. 32 Answers: “The accepted bookish dating is that Acts was accounting by Luke in A. D. 61-63, because Paul was still active and beneath abode arrest in Rome. Aback Acts is the 2nd of a two-part work, we apperceive the 1st allotment - the actuality of Luke – charge acquire been accounting beforehand than that. And aback Luke incorporates genitalia of the actuality of Mark, that agency Mark is akin earlier. So if you acquiesce one year for anniversary writing, you end up with Mark accounting no afterwards than about A. D. 60, a best gap of 30 yrs. afterwards Jesus’ death. Pg. 34 That’s still aural the lifetimes of assorted eyewitnesses of the activity of Jesus, including adverse eyewitnesses who would acquire served as a antidotal if apocryphal article about Jesus were activity around. ” Pg. 33. Eyewitness affidavit is the key here. The two age-old biographies of Alexander the Abundant were accounting by Arrian and Plutarch added than 400 years afterwards Alexander’s afterlife in 323 B. C. , yet historians accede them to be trustworthy. So whether the gospels were accounting 60 yrs. or 30 yrs. afterwards the activity of Jesus, the arise of time is negligible by comparison. Pg. 33. Appearance Test “The actuality writers had annihilation to accretion except criticism, ostracism, and martyrdom. The absolutely had annihilation to win financially. If annihilation this would acquire provided burden to accumulate quiet, to abjure Jesus, to downplay him, akin to balloon they anytime met him—yet, because of their integrity, they proclaimed what they saw. Pg. 48. Eleven apostles were put to abominable deaths, which appearance abysmal aplomb for what they believed and were admonition apropos Jesus. Pg. 45 Consistency “The gospels are acutely constant with anniversary alternative by age-old standards, which are the alone standards by which it’s fair to adjudicator them”. Pg. 45 “If the gospels were identical or too consistent, this would acquire aloft acquaintance that the authors had conspired amid themselves to akin their acceptance in advance, and that would acquire casting agnosticism on them”. Pg. 45 The Adverse Witness Test “Many bodies had affidavit for absent to discredit this movement and would acquire done so if they could acquire artlessly told history better. Pg. 51. Yet, attending what his opponents did say. In afterwards Jewish writings Jesus is alleged a archimage who led Israel astray—which acknowledges that he absolutely did assignment astonishing wonders, although the writers altercation the antecedent of his power. They never say he did not assignment the accounting miracles. If critics could acquire attacked the movement on the base that it was abounding of falsehoods or distortions, they would have. But, that’s absolutely what we don’t see”. Pg. 51 Corroborating affirmation alfresco the Bible Josephus, Jewish historian, A. D. 37-100 • Wrote about Jewish wars that acquire corroborated by alternative historians and archaeological excavations. Pg. 81 • Writes about James, brother of Jesus, who was alleged the Christ. Benumbed to afterlife in A. D. 62. Pg. 78 • Wrote about Jesus the association of his Christian followers that had still to this day not disappeared. Pg. 79 Tacitus, a agent and a historian of the Roman Empire, A. D. 56 –117 • Writes about Christ adversity acute amends during the administration of Tiberius at the easily of Pontius Pilatus. Refers to an immense aggregation of Christ followers accommodating to die for their beliefs. Pg. 82 Pliny the Younger, Roman citizen, and bigoted governor, A. D. 23-79 • Refers to accelerated advance of Christianity amid all classes of people, as able-bodied as Roman citizens that are beatific to Rome for trial. “They acquire aerial ethical standards and if they afresh acquire they account Christ as God they are executed”. Thallus, a Greek historian, wrote in A. D. 52 a history of the Mediterranean apple aback the Trojan War. • Referenced the absolute black at the time of the crucifixion. Pg. 84 Phlegon, a Greek columnist in A. D. 137 • Appear about the greatest concealment of the sun aback it became night at apex in A. D. 33. Pg. 85 The Mishnah, the 1st allotment of the Talmud, an important Jewish assignment aggregate in A. D. 200 apropos Judaism's Oral Law • Refers to Jesus as a apocryphal messiah who accomplished abracadabra and was accurately accursed to death. Pg. 86 Key Findings So if we didn’t acquire any New Testament or alternative Christian writings, we could achieve from non-Christian actual writings that: 1. Jesus was a Jewish abecedary 2. Abounding believed he performed healings and exorcisms 3. Some believed he was the Messiah 4. He was alone by Jewish leaders 5. He was crucified beneath Pontius Pilate in the administration of Tiberius 6. His followers advance above Palestine to there were multitudes of them in Rome by A. D. 64 7. All types of bodies admired him as God. Pg. 87. The Scientific Affirmation Archaeology begin an inscription from the time of Tiberius, from A. D. 14-37 which names Lysanias as tetrarch in Abila abreast Damascus—just as Luke had written. Pg. 97 John mentions the Basin of Bethesda and capacity the basin had bristles porticoes. Aback archaeologists biconcave in this area 40 all-overs beneath the ground, they begin the basin armpit and 5 porticoes (walk ways) absolutely as John had described. A fragment archetype of John 18 was begin in Egypt that papyrologists acquire anachronous to about A. D. 125. Pg. 99 Allotment 2: Analyzing Jesus The Identity Affirmation of Actuality Writings The cross: Pontius Pilate inscribed INRI, an acronym for "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews. Pg. 135 The Psychological Affirmation Gary Collins, Dr. in analytic psychology. “People adversity anatomy psychosis affectation inappropriate affections such as anxiety, abasement or akin anger. Jesus did not affectation any such affections nor did he display the misperceptions that affliction bodies adversity from psychosis. Jesus did not appearance any affection of brainy illness. Jesus accurate what he said by his actions—healing, adopting bodies from the comatose and the casting out of demons. Pg. 153 Adumbrate Fulfillment Louis Lapides, Jewish catechumen to Christianity. Grew up cerebration Jesus was added aspersing than annihilation else. Afterwards abiding from Vietnam War, he experimented with assorted religions and drugs. Was challenged about his atheism in Jesus which led him to apprehend the Old Testament prophesies. Was afraid of all the prophesies that Jesus fulfilled: "Isaiah appear the address of the Messiah's bearing (of a virgin); Micah pinpointed the abode of his bearing (Bethlehem); Genesis and Jeremiah defined his ancestor (a descendent of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, from the association of Judah, the abode of David); The Psalms foretold his betrayal, his allegation by apocryphal witnesses, his address of afterlife (pierced in the easily and feet, although beheading hadn't been invented yet), and his awakening (he would not adulteration but would ascendance on high); and on and on" (p. 179). Lapides goes on to acquire a bachelor's bulk in canon and a adept of divinity of theology. Pg. 173 Allotment 3: Researching the Resurrection To authorize that Jesus rose from the dead, one charge aboriginal authorize that he died on the cross. The Medical Affirmation The gospels acquaint us that Jesus diaphoresis blood. “And actuality in anguish, he prayed added earnestly, and his diaphoresis was like drops of claret falling to the ground. ” Luke 22:44 Dr. Metherell, M. D. & PH. D. in Engineering. Pg. 193 “In astringent cases of anxiety, the anatomy releases chemicals that breach bottomward the capillaries in the diaphoresis glands. As a result, there’s a baby bulk of bleeding into these glands, and the diaphoresis comes out brave with a actual baby bulk of blood”. Pg. 195 According to the Dr. , aback Jesus was nailed to the cross, his accoutrements would acquire anon been continued about 6 inches in length, and both amateur would acquire become dislocated. This accomplished the Old Testament adumbrate in Psalm 22, which foretold the Beheading hundreds of years afore it took abode and says, “My basic are out of joint. ” Aback Jesus suffocated on the cross, a Roman soldier accepted it by casting a extra into his side, which acceptable went through his lung and into the heart. Aback the extra was pulled out, bright aqueous and a ample aggregate of claret would acquire appear out. Clear aqueous from the lung and ample amounts of claret from the heart. This was accepted in John 19:34 aback John appear he saw claret and baptize appear out Jesus’ ancillary aback the extra was removed. Pg. 199. The Dr. testified there would be no catechism that Jesus was comatose at this point. Pg. 200. To acceleration up death, Romans would use a animate shaft to blast the victim’s lower leg bones. This would anticipate the victim from blame up with his legs to breathe. Jesus’ legs were not broken, because the soldiers already bent that he was dead, and they aloof acclimated the extra to affirm it. John 19:32-36 This accomplished addition Old Testament adumbrate about the Messiah, which is that his basic would abide unbroken. Ps 34:20. Pg. 200 Roman soldiers had every allurement to ensure crucified prisoners were comatose aback removed from the cross, because they would be put to afterlife if a captive escaped. Pg. 201. “Last of all, if Jesus did not die, and he somehow absolved abroad from the tomb, he would acquire been in such poor action and looked so abject that his followers would acquire acquainted apologetic for him and try to assistant him aback to health. They would never acquire been prompted to alpha a common movement based on the achievement that anytime they too would acquire a adored anatomy like his”. Pg. 202 The Affirmation of the Missing Anatomy Joseph of Arimathea takes to anatomy of Jesus, puts it in a tomb, the tomb is visited by a baby accumulation of women followers of Jesus aboriginal on the Sunday morning afterward his crucifixion, and they acquisition that the tomb is empty. They see a eyes of angels adage that “Jesus has risen" (p. 215). Recorded in Acts 13:29-31 and prophesied in Ps. 16:10. Pg. 219. In the age-old Jewish writings, there was cipher claiming the tomb still independent Jesus’ body. The catechism consistently was, “What happened to the body? ” The Jews proposed the guards of the tomb fell asleep, while the Christians proclaimed the guards were paid off to accumulate quiet. Pg. 221 “The armpit of Jesus’ tomb was accepted to Christian and Jew alike. If it were not empty, it would acquire been absurd for a movement founded on acceptance in the Awakening to acquire appear into actuality in the aforementioned burghal area this man had been about accomplished and buried”. Pg. 20. The Affirmation of Appearances Paul 5 B. C. – 67 A. D. • Wrote in both 1 Cor. 9:1 and in1 Cor. 15:8 area he alone encountered the adored Christ. Pg. 228. • Persecuted Christians until his about-face ancient in A. D. 33. • Refers to the actuality that Jesus was a brood of David, that he was the Messiah, that he was betrayed, that he was tried, crucified for our sins, and buried, and that he rose afresh on the third day and was apparent by abounding people—including James, the brother of Jesus who hadn’t believed in him above-mentioned to his crucifixion. Pg. 8 • “1 Corinthians 15:8 is allotment of an aboriginal abbey creed. In this allocation of Scripture, the post-resurrection Jesus is said to acquire appeared to Peter, the twelve, additional added than bristles hundred bodies some of whom were still animate at the autograph of this epistle”. • Bodies account this at the time could still analysis with eye assemblage and catechism them if they capital to affirm what it said”. Pg. 229. • “This canon can be traced aback to about A. D. 32 to 38 which agency it lends it acceptance as primitive, unembellished affidavit about Jesus actualization to skeptics like Paul and James” Pg. 30. Then they go on to awning the abundant sightings by alternative eye-witnesses mentioned in the gospels and the book of Acts”. Pg. 234. Were the appearances hallucinations? Dr. Gary Habermas, PH. D. , advised able on the resurrection. He refutes the approach that the appearances were hallucinations because a aberration is an alone acquaintance that happens to one actuality at a time. Pg. 238 The Circumstantial Affirmation J. P. Moreland, PH. D. Assistant and author. “When Jesus was crucified, his followers were beat and depressed. They no best had aplomb that Jesus had been beatific by God, because they believed anyone crucified was accursed by God. They additionally had been accomplished that God would not let his Messiah ache death. So they dispersed. The Jesus movement was all but chock-full in its tracks. ” Pg. 246 “Then, afterwards a abbreviate aeon of time, we see them desert their occupations, regathering, and committing themselves to overextension a actual specific message—that Jesus Christ was the Messiah of God who died on a cross, alternate to life, and was apparent animate by them. Pg. 247 "And aback you've got eleven aboveboard bodies with no ambiguous motives, with annihilation to accretion and a lot to lose, who all accede they empiric article with their own eyes--now you've got some adversity answer that away" Pg. 247. The About-face of Skeptics “The gospels acquaint us Jesus’ family, including James, was ashamed by what he was claiming to be. ” “Later the historian Josephus tells us that James was benumbed to afterlife because of his acceptance in his brother. Why did James’s activity change? Paul tells us: the adored Jesus appeared to him. There’s no alternative explanation. ” Pg. 248 Saul accomplished Christians aback he had the chance. “Suddenly, he doesn’t aloof affluence off Christians but joins their movement. He writes that he saw the risen Christ and heard Christ accredit him to be one of his followers. ” Pg. 249 Revolutionizing Jewish Activity for followers of Jesus Anon afterwards Jesus’ death, 10,000 Jews were accommodating to accord up bristles key practices that had served them sociologically and theologically for abounding centuries: 1. Jewish bodies no best offered sacrifices they had been accomplishing aback the time of Abraham and Moses 2. You don’t become an accessible Jewish affiliate artlessly by befitting Moses’ laws. 3. Worshipped on Sunday (when Jesus rose) instead of Saturday, a 1500 year tradition. 4. Began to adoration Jesus as God (trinity) 5. The Messiah was addition who suffered and died for the sins of the world, admitting Jews had been accomplished to acquire that the Messiah was activity to be a political baton who would abort the Roman armies. ” Pg. 251 Conclusion: So let’s revisit the basal catechism of this book, “Who is Jesus”? Lee Strobel assured the affirmation of history and his own adventures was too able to ignore. He fabricated a claimed accommodation to acquire Christ. Later, his five-year-old babe went up to his wife and said, “Mommy, I appetite God to do for me what he’s done for Daddy. ” This book has helped strengthen my acceptance in Christ, by highlighting abounding arresting actual facts and affirmation that corroborates what is accounting in the Old and New Testament apropos Jesus. I will end with the book’s aftermost branch which cites a adduce from C. S. Lewis, an agnostic and agnostic Cambridge University assistant who was eventually won over by affirmation for Jesus. C. S. Lewis is best conspicuously accepted for his acknowledged book alternation The Chronicles of Narnia. “I am aggravating to anticipate anyone adage the absolutely absurd affair that bodies generally say about Him: “I’m accessible to acquire Jesus as a abundant moral teacher, but I don’t acquire His affirmation to be God. ” That is the one affair we charge not say. A man ho was alone a man and said the array of things Jesus said would not be a abundant moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic…or abroad he would be the Devil of Hell. You charge accomplish your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or abroad a dement or article worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can discharge at Him and annihilate Him as a demon; or you can abatement at His all-overs and alarm Him Lord and God. But let us not appear with any arrogant nonsense about His actuality a abundant animal teacher. He has not larboard that accessible to us. He did not intend to. Pg. 271.

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