The Cardiovascular System: Factors That Affect Blood Pressure

NAME: _ MAP Instructions: Select “Study Area (myA&P) Select “Interactive Physiology” (left tab) Select “Chapter 19: Cardiovascular System – Factors that Affect Claret Pressure” Click “Topic,” watch the tutorial, and again acknowledgment the afterward questions. 1. What are the three capital factors that access absolute borderline attrition (TPR)? a. Turbulence b. Vascular Attrition c. A change in claret viscosity 2. Name three hormones that act as vasoconstrictors. a. Epinephrine b. Angiotensin II c. Antidiuretic Hormone 3.Name two hormones that anon access claret volume. a. Antidiuretic Hormone b. Aldosterone 4. Track the aftereffect on claret burden by abbreviation venous return. Go through all the steps. VR abatement in achievement aggregate (SV) --> abatement in cardiac achievement (CO) --> abatement in claret burden (BP) 5. Categorize the afterward into: A. Factors which access claret burden B. Factors that abatement claret burden _A___ arterial diameter_A___ absolute barge breadth _B___ barge elasticity_B___ claret epinephrine _B___ claret volume_B___ claret angiotensin _A___ achievement volume_A___ claret ADH B___ claret viscosity_B___ parasympathetic dispatch _A___ claret volume_A___ affectionate dispatch Use arrows in the spaces for questions 6 through 10. 6. A in hematocrit will aftereffect in ____ claret bendability and ____ claret pressure. 7. Growth will aftereffect in ____ absolute barge breadth and an ____ claret pressure. 8. Arteriosclerosis will aftereffect in ____ barge animation and an ____ claret pressure. 9. Excessive afraid will aftereffect in a abbreviate appellation ____ in claret aggregate and a ____ in claret pressure. 10. An in epinephrine will aftereffect in ____ barge bore and an ____ in claret pressure.

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