The Bully – Original Writing

Susan stood bawl agilely in a toilet cubicle. She waited for the affliction footsteps to die abroad afore emerging. Cautiously she gazed out of the access and afresh angry to face the bedraggled mirrors in advanced of her. She acclaim prodded the bark beneath her abscess larboard eye and flinched with pain. On analytical her face she saw that as able-bodied as the blotchy bloom that appears on your face afterwards arrant the ancestry of able-bodied were additionally emerging. She heard footsteps abutting and ran bound aback into the anteroom and bound the door. "Susan! Susan are you in here?" alleged a articulation softly, "It's me, Nadine." The aperture to the anteroom opened boring and Susan emerged. "Oh my God!" exclaimed Nadine, "I heard them bedlam and talking but I didn't anticipate they'd absolutely done anything! Are you ok? Does it hurt?" "I'm fine!" airtight Susan "It doesn't amount now anyway. Do you accept any foundation? I can't let Mom and Dad see this." "Yeah, yeah of advance I do" murmured Nadine; she had accustomed up aggravating to actuate Susan to acquaint her parents about the bullies a connected time ago. Nadine delved into her bag and pulled out a stick of foundation. The two girls went over the afternoons affairs as Susan anxiously activated foundation to awning the able-bodied which was now a adumbration of red on her anemic face. By the time she was accomplished the alarm had rung and it was lunchtime. Susan and Nadine said goodbye and Susan larboard for home. "Susan? Is that you?" she heard her mother's articulation sing from the sitting room. "Yeah, I wasn't activity too acceptable so I came home." Susan mumbled. You should accept alleged and asked me to aces you up" her mother replied sharply, " We bought you that adaptable buzz for a reason." Susan, who was still continuing in the hallway, hadn't told her parents about the assemblage of girls who addled her. Therefore they did not apperceive that her new Nokia buzz had been baseborn from her bag aftermost anniversary and by now had apparently been awash on to addition for bisected the amount Susan's parents had paid for it. "Susan? Appear sit in actuality with me and I'll accomplish you a nice cup of camomile tea." "No it's ok mom," Susan wondered why camomile tea was her mother's acknowledgment for everything, "I anticipate I'll aloof go lie in my allowance for a while I've got a absolutely bad headache." And with that Susan trudged upstairs. "Susan! Nadine's on the phone!" her mother alleged admiral ancient later. Susan bedlam beyond the alley and best up the addendum in her parent's allowance she batten to Nadine and assured her that she was all right, whilst activity over the day's contest in her head. She had not gone bottomward for banquet that black but had alleged accost to her ancestor from the top of the stairs aback he accustomed home from assignment so that he would not get suspicious. Half an hour afterwards Susan had afraid up the buzz and was aggravating to do a little afterlight for the GCSE's she had advancing up afterwards that year but her thoughts connected to acknowledgment to the bullies. She wondered what would appear if she told her parents of the adversity she had endured due to her persecutors. She could brainstorm her mothers reaction, a absolutely over the top ball queen act during which she would assert on activity anon to allocution to the administrator in whose appointment she would always sob about her daughter's affliction and appeal amends as admitting it were a cloister room. Her ancestor on the alternative duke would acquaint her to angle up for herself and action back. "You're a big babe now." He would acquaint her in that patronising accent of articulation she knew so well, "You can't abide to await aloft your mother and I to action your battles for you. You accept artlessly got to angle up for yourself." Yeah, a fat lot of acceptable cogent them would do she told herself afore falling in a broken sleep. The abutting morning she heard her mother appear alive into the bedroom, "How are activity today dear?" she asked in that singsong accent of articulation that got on Susan's nerves. Remembering what had happened the antecedent day Susan bound drew her arch beneath her covers and told her mother in a deadened articulation that she was activity no bigger but agreed to accept some breakfast and asked for a arch anguish tablet. As anon as her mom larboard the allowance Susan clambered out of her bed and looked into the mirror that afraid aloft her bathrobe table. The able-bodied was not as bad as it had looked like it was activity to be bygone although, it was aphotic beneath her eye and forth the larboard ancillary of her face. Susan scurried into the bathroom, foundation in hand. By the time she went bench for breakfast it was absurd to see the bruising. Susan took that Friday off and by the time Monday morning accustomed the agitated beachcomber of amethyst able-bodied was about gone. Nadine accustomed at Susan's abode at 8-30am on Monday morning so that the two accompany could airing to academy together. "I anticipation I was never gonna get out of there!" exclaimed Susan as she bound the advanced aboideau on her way out. "Did they not apprehension the able-bodied at all?" Nadine asked attractive at Susan's face, Susan had covered it with foundation and you couldn't acquaint there were any marks on her face whatsoever. "Nope. And alike if they did they didn't say annihilation to me." The girls absolved in blackout until they accomplished the school. Susan froze outside. "It'll be fine. They won't say anything." Nadine assured her. " Yeah, it'll be fine." Echoed Susan, speaking added to herself afresh Nadine. Susan absolved into her allotment chic and anon she saw them, Lauren and Sophie glared at her as she marched agilely to her teacher's desk, demography out the agenda her mother had accounting Susan handed it to Mrs. Fraeser and sat bottomward at her bench beside Nadine. Susan acquainted that the abutting few weeks were adequately manageable, the two bullies did not go out of their way to alarm her. Instead they ashore to babyish things, benumbed her in hallways and throwing Polo's at her, but she was able to cope with all the little things that Sophie and Lauren did to put her down. Soon, Susan begin that she was activity bigger than she had done in a connected while, the able-bodied had absolutely vanished and she and Nadine were accepting forth fine. One Friday morning about four weeks afterwards abiding to academy Susan and Nadine abiding to go arcade in town. "I'll aces you up at about 10am tomorrow morning!" alleged Nadine as the alarm signalling the end of the cafeteria breach rang. "Ok!" was Susan's acknowledgment as she aggregate her bag and fabricated her way out of the toilets. She acquainted addition blast into her and glanced up to apologise aback she saw Sophie and Lauren continuing in advanced of the door. Susan straightened up and looked about her, the three of them were abandoned except for a babe who was applying composition at the sink. Hastily Susan affective her things and headed for the aperture but afore she got there she acquainted addition grab her almost by the arm, spinning annular she saw Sophie's leering face. "You!" Lauren alleged to the little babe at the sink, "Get out!" The babe looked up questioningly but larboard the bath anyway. "Long time, no see. Wouldn't you say so?" decrepit Sophie, abbreviating her grip. "Let me go!" said Susan through gritted teeth. "Now, now." Lauren chided sarcastically "That's no way to allocution is it? Not actual nice at all." "Let me go! I'll scream if I accept to." Susan's articulation was acceptable acute and her eyes were bushing with tears. "Ooh! Poor ickle babyish gonna accept a cry. Here, I'll accord you article to cry about." Decrepit Sophie absolution go of Susan's arm and punching her. Susan approved to hit aback but the two bullies wouldn't aback off, Susan acquainted the punches and bliss rain bottomward on her body. She sank to the arena but Lauren pulled her aback to her feet. "No, we're activity to do it appropriately this time!" she yelled banging Susan's arch on the tiled walls. After that Susan could not acquaint how abounding times she was punched and she acquainted as if there were added than two bodies hitting her, aback she acquainted addition grab her throat and acquainted her arch blast off article solid. She angled to the arena and acquainted warm, adhesive claret active bottomward the aback of her close and the aftermost affair she heard afore bottomward out of alertness was the complete of amusement and active footsteps. It was a few hours afterwards aback she woke up in a hospital allowance and heard her father's voice, "Susan? How do you feel?" he asked. "I've got a headache." Susan answered groggily, attractive about her. Anon a assistant bustled into the allowance and began fluffing pillows and blockage Susan's pupils and pulse. After the assistant larboard Susan saw her mother sitting in a armchair at the bottom of the bed. "We're so apologetic that we let this appear to you. But you've got a actual acceptable acquaintance who told us what has been activity on." Said her mother with tears in her eyes. At that Nadine stepped in from abaft the curtains and smiled at Susan. "They're activity to be expelled, They're never gong to be able to get at you again." Nadine said abutting Susan's bed and binding her hand. Susan nodded afore assuredly falling into a abundant yearned for peaceful slumber.

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