The British East India Company

As a Joint Banal Aggregation I accept Chosen The British East India Company. It was accepted a aristocratic allotment in 1600 with the ambition of accepting barter with India for England by Elizabeth I. A Joint Banal aggregation has two or added individuals own all the shares of a company. Shares of banal are accustomed in acknowledgment for anniversary banking addition and the shareholders are chargeless to alteration their buying at any time by affairs their shares to alternative allotment holders. These are accepted as clandestine companies and the shares are not accessible to accessible auction or trading. Any accumulated losses accept to be paid by the shareholders so there is absolute liability. Encyclopedia Britannica)| Bound Accountability Company| Basically a bound accountability association agency if the aggregation goes abdomen up, the wealth, and backing of the owners cannot be taken to accord any debts of the business, alone assets in the name of the business can be acclimated to pay off the debt. To my admiration I begin that McDonalds is a Bound Accountability Corporation. (McDonalds, LLC Accumulated home)| Partnership| A affiliation is aloof as it sounds two, or more, bodies own a business equally. They allotment all albatross for the business amid them. An archetype of a Affiliation could be the aboriginal Johnson and Johnson Company. Now it is a LLC and sells stock, but originally it was a actual baby aggregation started by 3 brothers in 1886 authoritative surgical dressings. When originally started this was a partnership. (Johnson &Johnson )| Sole Proprietorship| A sole cartel is a one man show. Owned, operated, and amenable for all debts by one person. This does not beggarly they ability not accept employees, but all the operations of the business are the albatross of the owner. A acceptable archetype of this that we ability apperceive of is The Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones owns the stadium, the team, and the affairs with the players, and all the rights to the aggregation and the name including the cheerleaders’ name. (NFL 2011)| National Football League Dallas Cowboys. com Johnson and Johnson Association McDonalds USA Encyclopedia Britannica inc. absorb 2011

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